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Hello! I'm Drago! You might have previously known me as Red Snapper. I've been contributing here since 2014. If you need anything, have any questions about the wiki or Discord server, or have some other reason to contact me, you're welcome to do so! Please visit my talk page or send me a direct message on the Discord server! Drago PC icon.png


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I created an account here because I thought the overall quality of articles here could improve a lot. They were well behind the times and Nookipedia's Wikia rival (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about) had more complete information. I became a Trustee shortly after joining for good edits, then a Patroller on April 24, 2014, an Administrator on January 18, 2015, and later a Bureaucrat on January 24, 2017.

In late August 2014 I became a member of Project Furniture, too, but that project has gone kind of inactive again. I was also a moderator on Nookipedia's very own Bulletin Board Forums for the last 21 months of their existence.

I joined Nookipedia's Discord server on June 12, 2017.


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Articles I created (not including redirects)

Drago's BJAODN

Welcome to Drago's Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense! This section, inspired by MarioWiki, Wikipedia and Nookipedia's very own Bazooka Mario, consists of some funny things that I found (and corrected or removed) in articles. If one of these edits was yours and you're offended by its inclusion here, please contact me and I'll remove it from this section.


He often causes fights with people with his cranky behavior.

  Sounds overly violent in an E rated game.


They cannot be sold, dropped, traded via Re-Tail, wear Wet Suits, mailed, or eaten.

  Even Wendell wouldn't eat a mannequin!

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Explore all the songs you can listen too.


In Wild World, he has a plant, a petrol thing, a modern lamp and sofa, a white chess piece and a candle.


  "TWO heads are better than one!"
Siblings Second of 1 Kid
Skill Cosplay
Goal Illustrator
Fear Blank
Clothing   Sporty
Color None
Type Blue Mountain
Milk Lots
Sugar 3 spoonfuls

  To quote someone else, is she half a kid?!


Rolf is nicer than other cranky villagers. If the player meets him from another town, he might move to the player's. Rolf will adjust to the town very quickly, and is very lovable.

  He's exactly the same as other cranky villagers.


Kitty is very nice to the player, but with other villagers, not so much. Kitty is unique and snooty.

  Um, what?

More to come, eventually...

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