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This is a list of items that can be held by the player throughout the Animal Crossing series. Only one item may be held at a time. In City Folk, New Leaf, and New Horizons, the player can swap between handheld items by pressing left and right on the D-pad.

Not all items listed here are available in all games; several non-tool items were initially absent in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but many were gradually added in updates, with most of those also available during Fireworks Shows. Villagers can also be seen from time to time holding items, including (in New Horizons) some that the player cannot hold (often in relation to a hobby), such as snacks, drinks, books, handheld purses, dumbbells, and magnifying glasses.


Main article: Balloon (item)
This section is about the handheld item that the player can hold. For the balloons that hang in the air with presents, see Balloon (floating).
Balloon NH Inv Icon.png

Balloons are an item that the player can hold and can also be placed as a decoration. If the player trips while running, is stung by Wasps, falls in a pitfall (except in New Horizons), or wears an King Tut Mask while holding a balloon, they will lose that balloon. Balloons also come in the shape of Bunny Balloons and Heart Balloons.

Bean-Tossing Kit[edit]

Bean-Tossing Kit NH Inv Icon.png

The Bean-Tossing Kit (known as Bean Throwing Set in Doubutsu no Mori and Beans in New Leaf) are an item that is usually obtained around Setsubun. In Doubutsu no Mori, Bean Throwing Set are obtained from Tortimer near the shrine. In New Leaf, Beans are obtained from Timmy and Tommy for  800 Bells. In New Horizons, Bean-Tossing Kits are obtained from Nook Shopping during the Setsubun seasonal event for  800 Bells. When used, the player will drop down beans to the ground.

Bubble Blower[edit]

Bubble Blower NH Inv Icon.png
The player blowing bubbles.

The Bubble Blower (known as Bubble Wand before New Horizons) is an item introduced in City Folk. When used, the Bubble Blower releases bubbles to the sky. In City Folk, the Bubble Blower can be obtained from Phineas in the city on clear days. In New Leaf, the item is obtained from players within the Happy Home Showcase. In New Horizons, Bubble Blowers can be obtained from Nook's Cranny for  150 Bells or Redd during the Fireworks Show for  500 Bells. Unlike previous games, Bubble Blowers can come in stacks of ten.


Dandelion Puff[edit]

Main article: Dandelion
Dandelion Puffs WW Inv Icon.png

Dandelions are weeds/flowers that appear randomly in the player's town from March to November. After a few days, they turn into Dandelion Puffs, which can be held by the player. If they press "A" while holding one, the seeds will float away.


Main article: Fan
Uchiwa Fan NH Inv Icon.png

Fans are a type of handheld item available only in Animal Crossing, Doubutsu no Mori e+ and New Horizons. They are referred to as Uchiwa Fans in New Horizons. When used, the player will fan themselves as if they're trying to keep cool. There are several varieties of fan in each game.

Fountain Firework[edit]

Fountain Firework NH Inv Icon.png
A player using a firework fountain in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Fountain Fireworks are items in New Leaf and New Horizons. In New Leaf, Timmy and Tommy will sell them at their shop during August for  200 Bells, along Sparklers and Roman Candles. Isabelle may also give Fountain Fireworks to the player during the Fireworks Show, especially if they have no other firework-related items in their inventory. In New Horizons, Nook's Cranny will sell a Fountain Firework for  600 Bells. Redd also sells a Fountain Firework for  500 Bells during the Fireworks Show. Players drop Fountain Fireworks on the ground to use them, unlike other handheld items. After a Fountain Firework is used, it becomes a Used Fountain Firework, which is a trash item.

Fountain Fireworks also appear as Villager's up smash in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Ice Cream[edit]

Ice Cream is an edible item introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. By carrying the item, the player can consume the ice cream. The ice cream can be obtained after the player has met with another player via StreetPass in the Happy Home Showcase eight times for ice cream, and nine times for soft-serve ice cream. Unlike coffee and sparkling cider, a whole ice cream can be eaten by the player at once by pressing the A button.

List of ice cream flavors[edit]

  • Choco soft-serve
  • Lemon double scoop
  • Strawberry ice cream
  • Swirl soft-serve
  • Matcha soft-serve
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Vanilla soft-serve
  • Mint double scoop


Magic Bag[edit]

Magic Bag NH Inv Icon.png

The Magic Bag (known in New Leaf as Santa Bag) is an item that can obtained from Jingle to be used to deliver gifts to other villagers. The Santa Bag can be obtained if the player is dressed up as Santa in New Leaf. In New Horizons, the Magic Bag is obtained after giving Jingle three Festive Wrapping Paper. The player can only hold the bag for Toy Day only.


Maracas NH Inv Icon.png
Main article: Item:Maracas (New Horizons)

Maracas are an item in New Horizons that can be from Nook Shopping for  2,000 Bells. The item is also obtainable from Nintendo after downloading the 1.7.0 Free Update. When used, the player will swing the maracas around to produce a shaking sound.

Megaphone (New Horizons)[edit]

For the megaphone in New Leaf, see Megaphone.
Megaphone NH Inv Icon.png

Megaphones are an item in New Horizons. Unlike in New Leaf, the item is primarily used to for the player to shout through the Megaphone. Four variants exists for the Megaphone, including the Fiery Cheer Megaphone, the Football Cheer Megaphone, the Glittery Cheer Megaphone, and the Starry Cheer Megaphone, all obtainable during the Big Game Celebration event in Nook Shopping from January 15 to February 15.

Pan Flute[edit]

Pan Flute NH Inv Icon.png
Main article: Item:Pan Flute (New Horizons)

The Pan Flute is an item in New Horizons that can be obtained from crafting one using Young Spring Bamboo NH Inv Icon.pngYoung Spring Bamboo. When used, the player will blow through the flute to produce a sound.

Party Popper[edit]

A player using a party popper in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Party Popper NH Inv Icon.png

The Party Popper (or Cracker in Doubutsu no Mori e+) is a single-use handheld item that shoots out confetti when activated. Unlike the sparkler or roman candle, they come in only one color variety.

Crackers are unobtainable in Animal Crossing but are used by villagers celebrating New Year's or the player's birthday. In Doubutsu no Mori e+, crackers can be purchased from Tom Nook's store from December 16 - 30, for  120 Bells, as well as during a One Day Sale.

In New Leaf and New Horizons, poppers are given to the player during special events, including the Countdown. They can also bought from Timmy and Tommy's store for  300 Bells. While party poppers are available all year in New Horizons, in New Leaf they are limited to the month of December. During grand opening celebrations in New Leaf and New Horizons, villagers will set off party poppers to celebrate a public work being completed.

Party Poppers also appear as Isabelle's forward smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.



Main article: Pinwheel
Pinwheel NH Inv Icon.png

The Pinwheel is an item in Animal Crossing, City Folk, New Leaf, and New Horizons. When the player is carrying it, it will spin. The pinwheel's spinning speed changes depending on the player's movement. Pinwheels come in various colors and sizes depending on the game.

Roman Candle[edit]

Roman Candle WW Inv Icon.png

Roman Candles are a type of handheld object given to the player by Tortimer or Isabelle during special events (such as the Fireworks Show or New Year's Eve) in town. They are similar in appearance to Sparklers, but unlike Sparklers, Roman Candles glow a certain color when activated and shoot out sparkles in the direction the player is pointing them.

To get more Roman Candles, the player can drop the ones already acquired and then ask for more from Tortimer. Using this, the player can fill their whole inventory with Roman Candles twice. After that, Tortimer apologies to the player and claims that he has run out of fireworks.



Sparkler NH Inv Icon.png

Sparklers are handheld objects that are given to the player to use during special events in the Animal Crossing series, such as the weekly Fireworks Show in August, as well as New Year's Eve. A Sparkler is similar in appearance to a Roman Candle, but only sparkles until it burns out.

In New Leaf, Timmy and Tommy will sell these for a limited time along with Fountain Fireworks, Roman Candles, and Sparklers during August. They will replace the Fortune Cookies if being sold. In New Horizons, sparklers will occasionally appear in Nook's Cranny for  600 Bells or from Redd during the Fireworks Show for  500 Bells in red or blue.


Sparkling Cider[edit]

Sparkling Cider NH Inv Icon.png

The Sparkling Cider (known in European English as Fizzy Apple Juice) is an item in New Leaf and New Horizons. In New Leaf, sparkling cider can be obtained from Isabelle during the Countdown and when used three times, the player will drink down the glass. In New Horizons, sparkling cider can be obtained for  1,000 Bells in a New Year's Eve seasonal event in Nook Shopping, where using the item will result in the player making a cheering animation with the glass and where the item will break if the player trips while wearing a King Tut Mask.


Tambourine NH Inv Icon.png
Main article: Item:Tambourine (New Horizons)

Tambourines are an item introduced in New Horizons that can obtained from Nook's Cranny for  1,500 Bells. When used, the player will play a beat on the instrument.


Tools are the most fundamental handheld items in the Animal Crossing series. Most tools can be purchased at Tom Nook's store or Timmy and Tommy's store, or in New Horizons they can be crafted with a DIY recipe.

The following items are considered tools:


Tweeter NH Inv Icon.png

A Tweeter is a held item introduced in New Leaf. It is obtained from the Happy Home Showcase after connecting with ten people via StreetPass or from Isabelle on New Year's Eve. In New Horizons, it is obtained from Redd during the Fireworks Show for  500 Bells or from Nook's Cranny for  800 Bells. When used, the player will blow on it and it will make a tweeting sound.


Umbrella NH Inv Icon.png
Main article: Umbrella

There are many different designs of Umbrella, but they are mainly used as accessories and do not serve a major function. They can, however, be used to prevent the player from getting a tan on warm summer days. Villagers will carry umbrellas when it rains.