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Hello! I'm Drago! You might have previously known me as Red Snapper. I've been contributing here since 2014. If you need anything, have any questions about the wiki or Discord server, or have some other reason to contact me, you're welcome to do so! Please visit my talk page or send me a direct message on the Discord server! Drago PC Villager Icon.png


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Articles I created (not including redirects)

Fish Set
Insect Set
Naughty or Nice Day
Leap Day
Balloon (item)
List of implied publications*
List of implied characters*
List of implied locations*
Animal Crossing X Mario Kart 8
List of red furniture items (incomplete)
List of orange furniture items (incomplete)
List of purple furniture items (just needs images)
List of pink furniture items (incomplete)
List of aqua furniture items (incomplete)
List of colorful furniture items (incomplete)
Animal Crossing New Leaf Wiki
Pumpkin (probably will have been deleted as you read this)
Balloon (floating)
House (villager)
Timmy and Tommy's Chain Jingles
Department Store
Concert Hall
List of languages*
Nintendo Network
Bugs/Animal Crossing
Series (furniture)
Theme (furniture)
Nintendo Switch
Set (furniture)
Glowing Spot
Part Time Job
Handheld items*
Shells/New Leaf
Shells/City Folk
Shells/Wild World

Articles marked with a * don't really count because they were created as a result of a merge.

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