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The Megaloceros is a fossil that can be donated to the museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Scientific name
Megaloceros giganteus
Sections Left Megalo Side
Right Megalo Side
Period(s) Pleistocene
Length ???
Selling price R. Side: 5,500 Bells
L. Side: 4,000 Bells
Main appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese メガロケロス
Simplified Chinese 大角鹿
French Mégacéros
Spanish Megaloceros
Italian Megalocero
Russian Гигантский олень

Korean 메갈로케로스
Traditional Chinese 大角鹿
Quebec French Mégacéros
Latin American Spanish Megaloceros
German Riesenhirsch
Dutch Reuzenhert


As an item[edit]

In New Horizons[edit]


Right Megalo Side
Interactable No
Sell Price   5500 Bells


Left Megalo Side
Interactable No
Sell Price   4000 Bells

Donating to the museum[edit]

In New Horizons[edit]

When donating to Blathers or selecting "Tell me about this!" in New Horizons, he will provide the following information about the fossil:

"The Megaloceros was a relative of the deer that lived during the Ice Age, long after the dinosaurs. It was also known as "megaloceros giganteus"...which just means "deer with large horns". True to their name, they were deer with antlers spanning roughly 10 feet across! Imagine the majesty! While smaller than many dinosaurs, they were nonetheless a very charismatic example of megafauna."

The Megaloceros can be found in the last room of the fossil exhibit in the museum.

Real-world information[edit]

The Irish elk (Megaloceros giganteus), also called the giant deer or Irish deer, is an extinct species of deer in the genus Megaloceros and is one of the largest deer that ever lived. Its range extended across Eurasia during the Pleistocene, from Ireland to Siberia to China. A related form is recorded in China during the Late Pleistocene. The most recent remains of the species have been carbon dated to about 7,700 years ago in Siberia.

Although most skeletons have been found in bogs in Ireland, the animal was not exclusive to Ireland and was not closely related to either of the living species currently called elk: Alces alces (the European elk, known in North America as the moose) or Cervus canadensis (the North American elk or wapiti). For this reason, the name "giant deer" is used in some publications, instead of "Irish elk". A study has suggested that the Irish elk was closely related to the Red deer (Cervus elaphus). However, other phylogenetic analyses support a sister-group relationship with fallow deer (Dama dama).

  More information on this topic is available at Wikipedia.

Names in other languages[edit]