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AC or PG[edit]

There's one problem here. It should may titled PG (for Population Growing) instead of AC, because AC may referenced as the series. Vmario97 (talk) 01:52, May 4, 2018 (EDT)

Oh, that makes sense. I shall change the rules based on this. Thanks for telling me. --LoneShadowStar (talk) 10:21, May 4, 2018 (EDT)

Naming conventions[edit]

I wanted to first say thank you to LoneShadowStar for creating this project, I think it's definitely past due. That said, I do have a few questions about the proposed naming conventions. My first question is why the convention for villagers is VillagerName(space)GameAbbreviation.png (e.g. Bob NL.png) whereas all other files start with the game title: GameAbbreviationVillagerNamePitfall all with no spaces. Is it because most of the villager files were already of the format VillagerName(space)GameAbbreviation.png? It would seem to me that for consistency there either should or shouldn't be spaces, and the game abbreviation either should or shouldn't be first (or last). Also we should formally name all of the game abbreviations we plan to use. (e.g. PG, WW etc.) We should also list here all of the categories we plan to use in a list format so it's easy to understand/find them all. Linking to properly categorized example images would also be helpful. I'm not sure if this project's leader will reply here, so I'd like to open this topic up to discussion.   (talk) 19:46, November 21, 2019 (EST)

Image Quality Templates[edit]

I am starting this discussion to gather opinions on whether or not the {{Image-quality}} template should be split into separate templates like Wikipedia does. These separate templates would specify what exactly the problem is with a particular image, along with how to go about fixing it. Examples of what I mean can be seen here. Please comment leaving your opinion and vote   Support or   Oppose below. ~ AlexBot2004 (Talk) 22:23, May 17, 2020 (EDT)

This page uses a voting system to determine whether or not the {{Image-quality}} template should be split into separate templates.
You may cast one vote per nomination expressing your position, or participate without casting a vote, using one of the below codes followed by your signature.


There are more than one ways for images to be improved, and while {{image-quality}} can accept a parameter detailing what should be done to the image (removing transparency, changing to a PNG, and so on), it would be better to have a template that can tell the reader what's the issue with the image. While Trig Jegman's objection is understandable that it may be more difficult navigating categories, the trade-off would be worthwhile as editors targeting a certain category may focus on that category. While there are not many templates that I could imagine, what OP has provided seems to be concise and can fit what we have in Category:Low quality images: lossy compression in File:House of Phoebe NL.jpeg, bad screenshot in File:Isabelle-letter.jpg, and low-resolution in File:Blanca April Fools.png.  Decomposer 23:49, May 17, 2020 (EDT)


  Oppose Trig Jegman - 22:50, May 17, 2020 (EDT)
I don't see a need to further split image quality any more than it already is. Nookipedia:Image Requests is not that full--relatively speaking--especially compared to other same size wikis that rely on only 1 organization for low quality images. To further split into categories simply makes it more difficult to find images to replace. Image quality is as straight-forward as it gets. An image is of low quality and needs improvement. No one is going to have their doubts about why File:DKJ.jpg is of a low quality, and this likely applies to most other images. If there is a possibility of doubt or even as a fail same, Image-quality can use the reason parameter to describe in much more specific detail as to WHY an image needs recapture or reuploaded than multiple categories can.


  Comment   (talk) 22:55, May 17, 2020 (EDT)
I think that it's important to provide different specifications for change, but I think that the templates should use the {{Notice Box}} format to be consistent with other site notices. Maybe a general image notice box can be created, and then depending on the parameters input it will generate different text/instructions. If the instructions are all markedly different or long then perhaps it is then worth it to start differentiating the templates, but I would still make use of {{Notice Box}}.
Regarding difficulty in navigating the categories, all images that are included in the subcategories can also be included in the parent category Category:Low quality images for those who want to look at the images that need help at a glance, but giving the option for editors to focus on a particular subcategory if they wanted to.  Decomposer 23:49, May 17, 2020 (EDT)