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"Hope for the best, prepare for the worst."
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Joined August 25, 2023
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Hi! I'm Briky!Si tu vois ça et que tu sais le lire, salut a toi! Welcome to my User Page! (How'd you get here?) So, as you can see, I joined this wiki on the 25th of August 2023 (fun fact: this is the first NIWA wiki I've joined). I discovered Animal Crossing by watching the trailer for New Horizons, after which I became interested in the series and wanted to know more (Congrats, Nintendo, your marketing works). So you see that character in that box showing all of my information? I drew him on Paint myself (well, that explains the quality) and his name (yes he has a name) is Oliver. I pass here sometimes when I'm bored. So, for the hand written (typed) introduction, that's all! Let the userboxes do the rest!

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Favorite Villagers

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About Me

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Favorite Music

NOTE: Some songs that don't have official covers in the games are given representative pictures.

Song Notes
K.K. Cruisin' NH Texture.png
K.K. Cruisin'
I first heard this one while cycling through all of the K.K. songs available in SSBU. After that, it became an instant fave and I've been hunting for it in New Horizons (Nook Shopping never has what I want).
Chillwave NH Texture.png
I was looking for some good (it's an opinion) K.K. songs to listen to, and I found Chillwave on this wiki. I then remembered I had it on my New Horizons island and started playing it in my treasure room. It's been playing ever since.
K.K. House NH Texture.png
K.K. House
I found this one while playing Smash Bros at 8pm on Smashville. It... Inspired me to play better? And then I sent Captain Falcon flying with a toy hammer.
Drivin' NH Texture.png
I was just designing a home on Happy Home Paradise and I was looking for a song that had to do with cars (my client liked them, okay?) So then I find Drivin' (You see? Drivin' a car?), put it on and let it on. Second best K.K. song after Cruisin' in my opinion.
Welcome Horizons NH Texture.png
Welcome Horizons
You know, the nostalgia of starting your island... :)
Able Sisters NH.png
Able Sisters' Theme
I like it because... Yeah, I just like the tune.

My personal review of Animal Crossing: City Folk

The pros

Emotion Joy NH Icon.png
Vote Icon Support.png The music. I've always loved the Animal Crossing series soundtrack, and this is one of the the best in my opinion. 9am and 12am are my favorites.
Vote Icon Support.png The way villagers talk. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say that villager dialogues were better before. They were always "showing love and humanity with some good old fashioned verbal profanity." (reference to WOTFI 2019)
Vote Icon Support.png The City. Having one place to interact with villagers and another to do your shopping is a good idea to me.
Vote Icon Support.png Very cool retro Mario items, such as the 1-Up Mushroom, Starman and Cannon.
Vote Icon Support.png The controls. Controlling your character feels... more intuitive? For example, throwing a rod feels like you're throwing a rod and the same goes for the net, albeit without the extra weight. Just be careful not to chuck your remote into your screen!
Vote Icon Support.png You can move in from Wild World, which is great because I don't want to lose my Wild World Mario hat. Which is of course the only thing they allow you to carry over.
Vote Icon Support.png Mii Masks, great because if you start the game with an ugly mug like I did, it's a lifesaver.
Vote Icon Support.png Fun and addictive.

The cons

Emotion Aggravation NH Icon.png
Vote Icon Oppose.png Gigi and Moose now exist and Rizzo and Violet are back. Help me.
Vote Icon Oppose.png There ain't much added and it feels a bit like a copy of Wild World.
Vote Icon Oppose.png If you miss so much as one day, you might have missed something that you were waiting for for a long time, or your villagers might leave without asking.
Vote Icon Oppose.png It would be better to have more control over who leaves. As stated above, villagers might leave without as much as a warning if you're absent for too long.
Vote Icon Oppose.png Remember how there would be a golden statue of you in the park if you paid off all your debt in Animal Crossing? Well, in this game, you get a flag on your house for conquering the massive debt that raccoon puts you in. Yay. I definitely feel rewarded now.


Emotion Thought NH Icon.png
Vote Icon Comment.png The game isn't quite as fun without online play, but really, it doesn't add that much to the gameplay.
Vote Icon Comment.png This is my fourth favorite game in the series after New Leaf.
Vote Icon Comment.png Moose and Rizzo shouldn't exist. Period. I am ready to argue about this.
Vote Icon Comment.png I feel like there should be more shops. Or something.
Vote Icon Comment.png The Town and City stage in Super Smah Bros. is based off this game. The shops in the stage actually close at certain times like they do in the game, although the closing hours change a bit from the original game.
My Final Score
"All in all, I believe that this game is very good, despite some shortcomings (yes, I'm looking at you, Rizzo) and that it is a fun game for veterans and new comers alike. That is why I'm giving it...

My island's residents

These are the villagers that came and are on my island!


Kicked Out

And here's a villager I created myself: Ross!

And that's it! See ya! Thanks for reading through this lengthy page! BrikyEmotion Greetings NH Icon.png