List of New Leaf items that are customizable

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The following is a list of items that can be customized in Animal Crossing: New Leaf by Cyrus.

Customizable furniture in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Item Image Customization price Body part Pattern
Alarm Clock Alarm Clock  100 Bells Coloring
Alpine Bed Alpine Bed  240 Bells Woodgrain color Fabric
Alpine Chair Alpine Chair  200 Bells Woodgrain color Fabric
Alpine Closet Alpine Closet  238 Bells Woodgrain color Fabric
Alpine Dresser Alpine Dresser  220 Bells Woodgrain color Fabric
Alpine Kitchen Cart Alpine Kitchen Cart  196 Bells Woodgrain color Fabric
Alpine Lamp Alpine Lamp  200 Bells Woodgrain color Fabric
Alpine Low Table Alpine Low Table  200 Bells Woodgrain color Fabric
Alpine Panel Alpine Panel  180 Bells Fabric
Alpine Shelf Alpine Shelf  210 Bells Woodgrain color Fabric
Alpine Sofa Alpine Sofa  236 Bells Woodgrain color Fabric
Aroma Pot Aroma Pot  120 Bells Pot color
Arrow Sign Arrow Sign  350 Bells Arrow direction
Astro Bed Astro Bed  320 Bells Body color
Astro CD Player Astro CD Player  360 Bells Body color
Astro Chair Astro Chair  280 Bells Body color
Astro Clock Astro Clock  298 Bells Body color
Astro Closet Astro Closet  348 Bells Body color
Astro Dresser Astro Dresser  340 Bells Body color
Astro Lamp Astro Lamp  268 Bells Body color
Astro Shelf Astro Shelf  280 Bells Body color
Astro Sofa Astro Sofa  328 Bells Body color
Astro Table Astro Table  300 Bells Body color
Astro TV Astro TV  320 Bells Body color
Autograph Cards Autograph Cards  180 Bells Signer
Azalea Stool Azalea Stool  220 Bells Flower color
Baby Bear Baby Bear  80 Bells Cloth
Ball Ball  160 Bells Type
Ball Catcher Ball Catcher  204 Bells Ball
Balloon-Dog Lamp Balloon-Dog Lamp  300 Bells Balloon color
Barrel Planter Barrel Planter  160 Bells Barrel color
Basic Display Stand Basic Display Stand  160 Bells Body color
Basic Trash Can Basic Trash Can  160 Bells Body color
Basket Chair Basket Chair  160 Bells Frame Cushion
Bath Mat Bath Mat  60 Bells Style
Bathtub Bathtub  240 Bells Material
Beach Table Beach Table  150 Bells Parasol
Beauty-Salon Cart Beauty-Salon Cart  160 Bells Wagon color
Bilboquet Bilboquet  200 Bells Ball color
Billboard Billboard  340 Bells Board color Poster
Bishop Bishop  280 Bells Piece color
Bistro Table Bistro Table  480 Bells Parasol color
Blue Bed Blue Bed  210 Bells Frame Bedding
Blue Bench Blue Bench  190 Bells Wood color
Blue Bookcase Blue Bookcase  190 Bells Wood color
Blue Bureau Blue Bureau  216 Bells Wood color
Blue Cabinet Blue Cabinet  240 Bells Wood color
Blue Chair Blue Chair  120 Bells Wood color
Blue Clock Blue Clock  160 Bells Wood color
Blue Dresser Blue Dresser  210 Bells Wood color
Blue Table Blue Table  180 Bells Wood color Tablecloth
Blue Wall Shelf Blue Wall Shelf  200 Bells Wood color
Blue Wardrobe Blue Wardrobe  192 Bells Wood color
Boston Bag Boston Bag  160 Bells Body color
Bowl Sink Bowl Sink  160 Bells Shelf color
Box Corner Sofa Box Corner Sofa  160 Bells Leather color
Box Sofa Box Sofa  240 Bells Leather color
Boxed Figurine Boxed Figurine  120 Bells Figure
Boxing Mat Boxing Mat  118 Bells Color
Bread Box Bread Box  80 Bells Bread
Brown Pot Brown Pot  80 Bells Design
Brown Seat Brown Seat  320 Bells Body color
Busing Station Busing Station  160 Bells Body color
Cabana Armchair Cabana Armchair  200 Bells Wicker color Seat
Cabana Bed Cabana Bed  200 Bells Wicker color Bedding
Cabana Bookcase Cabana Bookcase  200 Bells Wicker color
Cabana Chair Cabana Chair  200 Bells Wicker color
Cabana Dresser Cabana Dresser  200 Bells Wicker color
Cabana Lamp Cabana Lamp  200 Bells Wicker color
Cabana Screen Cabana Screen  200 Bells Wicker color
Cabana Table Cabana Table  200 Bells Wicker color
Cabana Vanity Cabana Vanity  200 Bells Wicker color
Cabana Wall Radio Cabana Wall Radio  200 Bells Wicker color
Cabana Wardrobe Cabana Wardrobe  200 Bells Wicker color
Cabin Armchair Cabin Armchair  228 Bells Wood material Cushion
Cabin Bed Cabin Bed  240 Bells Frame Bedding
Cabin Bookcase Cabin Bookcase  230 Bells Wood material Cloth
Cabin Chair Cabin Chair  170 Bells Wood material
Cabin Clock Cabin Clock  200 Bells Wood material
Cabin Couch Cabin Couch  248 Bells Wood material Set of cushions
Cabin Dresser Cabin Dresser  216 Bells Wood material Cloth
Cabin Low Table Cabin Low Table  210 Bells Wood material Tablecloth
Cabin Table Cabin Table  210 Bells Wood material Tablecloth
Cabin Wall Clock Cabin Wall Clock  180 Bells Wood material
Cabin Wardrobe Cabin Wardrobe  248 Bells Wood material
Cafeteria Table Cafeteria Table  320 Bells Countertop color
Capsule-Toy Machine Capsule-Toy Machine  148 Bells Body color
Card Bed Card Bed  220 Bells Cardback color
Card Chair Card Chair  100 Bells Cardback color
Card Closet Card Closet  240 Bells Cardback color
Card Dresser Card Dresser  120 Bells Cardback color
Card Lamp Card Lamp  80 Bells Cardback color
Card Screen Card Screen  90 Bells Cardback color
Card Shelf Card Shelf  68 Bells Cardback color
Card Sofa Card Sofa  180 Bells Cardback color
Card Table Card Table  200 Bells Cardback color
Card Tower Card Tower  80 Bells Cardback color
Card Wall Clock Card Wall Clock  300 Bells Cardback color
Cardboard Box Cardboard Box  10 Bells Box printing
Cash Tray Cash Tray  160 Bells Body color
Cassette Player Cassette Player  150 Bells Tapedeck color
Casual Display Stand Casual Display Stand  160 Bells Body color
Ceramic Hot Pot Ceramic Hot Pot  100 Bells Menu
Chaise Lounge Chaise Lounge  248 Bells Leather color
Chalkboard Chalkboard  140 Bells Chalk writing
Changing Room Changing Room  160 Bells Coloring
Chocolate Fountain Chocolate Fountain  220 Bells Chocolate
Circle Banner Circle Banner  120 Bells Flag design
Classic Bed Classic Bed  252 Bells Frame Bedding
Classic Bookcase Classic Bookcase  256 Bells Wood color
Classic Buffet Classic Buffet  336 Bells Wood color Cloth
Classic Chair Classic Chair  180 Bells Wood color
Classic Clock Classic Clock  218 Bells Wood color
Classic Desk Classic Desk  220 Bells Wood color
Classic Sofa Classic Sofa  224 Bells Wood color
Classic Table Classic Table  160 Bells Wood color Cloth
Classic Vanity Classic Vanity  256 Bells Wood color
Classic Wall Shelf Classic Wall Shelf  240 Bells Wood color
Classic Wardrobe Classic Wardrobe  256 Bells Wood color
Claw-Foot Tub Claw-Foot Tub  128 Bells Bathtub color
Clothesline Pole Clothesline Pole  96 Bells Drying shirt
Common Bed Common Bed  80 Bells Bedding color
Common Chair Common Chair  80 Bells Chair color
Compact Car Compact Car  1,200 Bells Theme color
Console Table Console Table  560 Bells Body color
Conveyor-Belt Sushi Conveyor-Belt Sushi  360 Bells Sushi
Copy Machine Copy Machine  320 Bells Printed material
Corkboard Corkboard  160 Bells Leaflet
Cosmos Fan Cosmos Fan  238 Bells Flower color
Counter Seat Counter Seat  160 Bells Body color
Counter Table Counter Table  320 Bells Body color
Cradle Cradle  380 Bells Cradle color
Cruiser Bike Cruiser Bike  320 Bells Body color
Cup of Tea Cup of Tea  160 Bells Menu
Cupcake Cupcake  160 Bells Menu
Curling Stone Curling Stone  160 Bells Handle
Curry Plate Curry Plate  160 Bells Menu
Cushion Cushion  80 Bells Fabric
Cypress Plant Cypress Plant  160 Bells Leaf color
Daimyo's Tray Daimyo's Tray  160 Bells Countertop color
Decorative Plate Decorative Plate  160 Bells Picture pattern
Decoy Duck Decoy Duck  160 Bells Paint
Desert Island Map Desert Island Map  200 Bells Type of island
Desert Island Stool Desert Island Stool  200 Bells Lawn color
Desert Island Table Desert Island Table  200 Bells Lawn color
Desk Mirror Desk Mirror  280 Bells Base color
Dharma Dharma  120 Bells Body color
Dinnerware Dinnerware  160 Bells Usage
Director's Chair Director's Chair  148 Bells Fabric
Display Stand Display Stand  150 Bells Pedestal
Document Stack Document Stack  160 Bells Type of documents
Doghouse Doghouse  120 Bells Roof
Dolly Dolly  680 Bells Clothes color
Donburi Donburi  160 Bells Menu
Do-Not-Enter Sign Do-Not-Enter Sign  160 Bells Type
Donut Stool Donut Stool  160 Bells Pipe Seat
Double-Neck Guitar Double-Neck Guitar  280 Bells Body color
Drafting Table Drafting Table  320 Bells Diagram
Drink Machine Drink Machine  480 Bells Body color
Drum Set Drum Set  180 Bells Shell color Bassdrum head
Ebony Piano Ebony Piano  380 Bells Body color
Eight Lamp Eight Lamp  800 Bells Number color
Electric Bass Electric Bass  320 Bells Body color
Electric Guitar Electric Guitar  190 Bells Body color
Electric Sign Electric Sign  180 Bells Signboard
Elegant Bench Elegant Bench  480 Bells Body color
Elegant Chair Elegant Chair  360 Bells Body color
Eraser Sofa Eraser Sofa  2,376 Bells Eraser color
Espresso Machine Espresso Machine  160 Bells Body color
Executive Toy Executive Toy  110 Bells Color
Exercise Ball Exercise Ball  160 Bells Ball color
Exhibit Partition Exhibit Partition  300 Bells Partition color Painting
Exotic Bed Exotic Bed  254 Bells Frame Bedding
Exotic Bench Exotic Bench  190 Bells Furniture color
Exotic Bureau Exotic Bureau  240 Bells Furniture color
Exotic Chair Exotic Chair  140 Bells Frame Fabric
Exotic Chest Exotic Chest  180 Bells Furniture color
Exotic End Table Exotic End Table  160 Bells Furniture color
Exotic Lamp Exotic Lamp  180 Bells Furniture color
Exotic Screen Exotic Screen  225 Bells Furniture color
Exotic Table Exotic Table  230 Bells Furniture color
Exotic Wall Shelf Exotic Wall Shelf  240 Bells Furniture color
Exotic Wardrobe Exotic Wardrobe  218 Bells Furniture color
Fancy Display Case Fancy Display Case  480 Bells Body color
Fancy Display Stand Fancy Display Stand  280 Bells Body color
Fancy Frame Fancy Frame  1,000 Bells Painting
Fancy Tea Set Fancy Tea Set  800 Bells Body color
Festival Lantern Festival Lantern  90 Bells Lantern
Fish on a Board Fish on a Board  160 Bells Fish
Five Lamp Five Lamp  550 Bells Number color
Flat Display Case Flat Display Case  250 Bells Pedestal Display item
Floor Light Floor Light  200 Bells Light color
Floor Seat Floor Seat  160 Bells Chair color Cushion
Flower Chair Flower Chair  140 Bells Flower color
Flower Display Case Flower Display Case  400 Bells Body color
Flower Table Flower Table  190 Bells Flower color
Flower Wreath Flower Wreath  160 Bells Flower color
Folding Chair Folding Chair  60 Bells Chair color
Four Lamp Four Lamp  400 Bells Number color
Froggy Chair Froggy Chair  120 Bells Frog color
Fruit Drink Fruit Drink  160 Bells Menu
Fruit-Panel Cushion Fruit-Panel Cushion  1,200 Bells Cushion pattern
Frying Pan Frying Pan  200 Bells Content
Futon Mattress Futon Mattress  160 Bells Futon pattern
Game Shelf Game Shelf  98 Bells Body color
Game-Show Stand Game-Show Stand  240 Bells Stand color
Garbage Bin Garbage Bin  160 Bells Body color
Garden Chair Garden Chair  160 Bells Body color
Garden Faucet Garden Faucet  160 Bells Body color
Garden Gnome Garden Gnome  338 Bells Gnome color
Garden Lantern Garden Lantern  200 Bells Body color
Garden Table Garden Table  160 Bells Body color
Giant Dharma Giant Dharma  160 Bells Body color
Gift Pile Gift Pile  320 Bells Wrapping
Glass Display Case Glass Display Case  200 Bells Pedestal
Glass Screen Glass Screen  320 Bells Body color
Glass Teapot Glass Teapot  160 Bells Menu
Golf Bag Golf Bag  160 Bells Bag color
Green Bed Green Bed  216 Bells Frame Bedding
Green Bench Green Bench  180 Bells Wood color
Green Chair Green Chair  120 Bells Wood color Cushion
Green Counter Green Counter  240 Bells Wood color
Green Desk Green Desk  200 Bells Wood color
Green Dresser Green Dresser  232 Bells Wood color Cloth
Green Lamp Green Lamp  180 Bells Wood color Lamp shade
Green Pantry Green Pantry  229 Bells Wood color
Green Table Green Table  170 Bells Wood color Tablecloth
Green Wall Clock Green Wall Clock  168 Bells Wood color Clock face
Green Wardrobe Green Wardrobe  230 Bells Wood color
Hammock Hammock  132 Bells Cloth Pillow
Handbag Handbag  1,000 Bells Body color
Hanger Rack Hanger Rack  320 Bells Clothing
Hanging Chair Hanging Chair  240 Bells Basket color
Hibiscus Clock Hibiscus Clock  220 Bells Flower color
Holiday Stocking Holiday Stocking  80 Bells Sock color
Hologram Machine Hologram Machine  360 Bells Com partner
Hot Plate Hot Plate  168 Bells Food on grill
Hourglass Hourglass  48 Bells Sand color
Humidifier Humidifier  160 Bells Body color
Hunter's Hive Hunter's Hive  1,200 Bells Grade
Hydrangea Bed Hydrangea Bed  248 Bells Flower color
Imperial Chair Imperial Chair  160 Bells Body color
Imperial Pot Imperial Pot  160 Bells Menu
Inkopolis Chair Inkopolis Chair  1,200 Bells Design color
Iron Garden Chair Iron Garden Chair  160 Bells Body color
Iron Garden Table Iron Garden Table  160 Bells Body color
Ironing Set Ironing Set  140 Bells Blanket
Item Box Item Box  1,200 Bells Body color
Ivy Partition Ivy Partition  320 Bells Body color
Jewelry Case Jewelry Case  1,200 Bells Box color
Juicy-Apple Clock Juicy-Apple Clock  120 Bells Apple color
Juicy-Apple TV Juicy-Apple TV  160 Bells Apple color
Kick Scooter Kick Scooter  160 Bells Body color
Kiddie Bed Kiddie Bed  210 Bells Frame Bedding
Kiddie Bookcase Kiddie Bookcase  180 Bells Body color
Kiddie Bureau Kiddie Bureau  220 Bells Body color
Kiddie Chair Kiddie Chair  140 Bells Body color Cushion
Kiddie Clock Kiddie Clock  148 Bells Body color
Kiddie Couch Kiddie Couch  220 Bells Body color
Kiddie Dresser Kiddie Dresser  215 Bells Body color
Kiddie Meal Kiddie Meal  160 Bells Menu
Kiddie Stereo Kiddie Stereo  190 Bells Body color
Kiddie Table Kiddie Table  220 Bells Body color Tablecloth
Kiddie Wall Clock Kiddie Wall Clock  180 Bells Body color
Kiddie Wardrobe Kiddie Wardrobe  218 Bells Body color
King King  800 Bells Piece color
Kiwi Stool Kiwi Stool  150 Bells Kiwi color
Knight Knight  280 Bells Piece color
Kokeshi Doll Kokeshi Doll  80 Bells Kokeshidoll face
Kotatsu Kotatsu  120 Bells Blanket
Laptop Laptop  200 Bells Laptop color
Large Alpine Table Large Alpine Table  240 Bells Woodgrain color Fabric
Lava Lamp Lava Lamp  180 Bells Light color
Lawn Chair Lawn Chair  118 Bells Vinyl color
Lectern with Mic Lectern with Mic  160 Bells Body color
Lecture-Hall Bench Lecture-Hall Bench  320 Bells Body color
Lecture-Hall Desk Lecture-Hall Desk  320 Bells Body color
LED Display LED Display  300 Bells Screen
Left Splatfest Sign Left Splatfest Sign  1,200 Bells Ink color Team
Lefty Desk Lefty Desk  124 Bells Chair color
Life Preserver Life Preserver  125 Bells Lifering design
Life Ring Life Ring  100 Bells Lifering design
Lily Record Player Lily Record Player  248 Bells Flower color
Locker Stack Locker Stack  160 Bells Color
Loom Loom  300 Bells Textile fabric
Lotus Lamp Lotus Lamp  160 Bells Flower color
Lovely Armoire Lovely Armoire  224 Bells Body color
Lovely Bed Lovely Bed  200 Bells Frame Bedding
Lovely Chair Lovely Chair  160 Bells Body color
Lovely Dresser Lovely Dresser  216 Bells Body color
Lovely End Table Lovely End Table  180 Bells Body color Tablecloth
Lovely Kitchen Lovely Kitchen  228 Bells Body color
Lovely Lamp Lovely Lamp  160 Bells Body color Lamp shade
Lovely Love Seat Lovely Love Seat  200 Bells Body color Set of cushions
Lovely Table Lovely Table  180 Bells Body color Tablecloth
Lovely Vanity Lovely Vanity  220 Bells Body color
Lovely Wall Clock Lovely Wall Clock  196 Bells Body color
Lunch Box Lunch Box  160 Bells Menu
Lunch Pack Lunch Pack  160 Bells Box color
Lunch Tray Lunch Tray  80 Bells Menu
Mama Bear Mama Bear  160 Bells Cloth
Mama Polar Bear Mama Polar Bear  180 Bells Shirt
Marshmallow Chair Marshmallow Chair  120 Bells Cushion
Matryoshka Matryoshka  392 Bells Style
Meeting-Room Chair Meeting-Room Chair  160 Bells Chair color
Meeting-Room Table Meeting-Room Table  320 Bells Countertop color
Menu Chalkboard Menu Chalkboard  160 Bells Presentation
Merchandise Table Merchandise Table  320 Bells Body color
Metal Flagpole Metal Flagpole  600 Bells Flag
Metal Guitar Metal Guitar  180 Bells Body color
Metal-Rim Table Metal-Rim Table  160 Bells Countertop color
Milk Carton Milk Carton  160 Bells Drink
Mini Dharma Mini Dharma  80 Bells Body color
Minimalist Bed Minimalist Bed  100 Bells Body color
Minimalist Chair Minimalist Chair  200 Bells Body color
Minimalist Clock Minimalist Clock  350 Bells Clockface color
Minimalist Dresser Minimalist Dresser  250 Bells Body color
Minimalist Lamp Minimalist Lamp  100 Bells Lamp shade
Minimalist Minitable Minimalist Minitable  250 Bells Body color
Minimalist Ottoman Minimalist Ottoman  150 Bells Body color
Minimalist Sofa Minimalist Sofa  150 Bells Body color
Minimalist Table Minimalist Table  200 Bells Body color
Minimalist Vanity Minimalist Vanity  300 Bells Body color
Minimalist Wardrobe Minimalist Wardrobe  300 Bells Body color
Mobile Mobile  120 Bells Hanging object
Modern Bed Modern Bed  232 Bells Frame Bedding
Modern Cabinet Modern Cabinet  258 Bells Body color
Modern Chair Modern Chair  150 Bells Body color
Modern Desk Modern Desk  248 Bells Body color
Modern Dresser Modern Dresser  225 Bells Body color
Modern End Table Modern End Table  190 Bells Body color
Modern Lamp Modern Lamp  140 Bells Body color Lamp shade
Modern Sofa Modern Sofa  262 Bells Body color
Modern Table Modern Table  180 Bells Body color
Modern Wall Clock Modern Wall Clock  200 Bells Body color
Modern Wardrobe Modern Wardrobe  256 Bells Body color
Modern Wood Bed Modern Wood Bed  168 Bells Wood pattern Futon cover
Modern Wood Chair Modern Wood Chair  120 Bells Wood pattern
Modern Wood Chest Modern Wood Chest  148 Bells Wood pattern
Modern Wood Clock Modern Wood Clock  140 Bells Wood pattern
Modern Wood Closet Modern Wood Closet  160 Bells Wood pattern
Modern Wood Lamp Modern Wood Lamp  168 Bells Wood pattern
Modern Wood Shelf Modern Wood Shelf  184 Bells Wood pattern
Modern Wood Sofa Modern Wood Sofa  160 Bells Wood pattern
Modern Wood Stool Modern Wood Stool  148 Bells Wood pattern
Modern Wood Table Modern Wood Table  198 Bells Wood pattern
Modern Wood TV Modern Wood TV  180 Bells Wood pattern
Money Box Money Box  160 Bells Body color
Morning Glory Morning Glory  160 Bells Flower color
Mountain Bike Mountain Bike  338 Bells Frame
Mug Mug  160 Bells Beverage Mug design
Museum Chair Museum Chair  300 Bells Cushion color
Museum Mat Museum Mat  1,200 Bells Mat design
Narrow Clock Narrow Clock  2,376 Bells Body color
Natural Bench Natural Bench  380 Bells Sofa color
Natural Chair Natural Chair  320 Bells Sofa color
Natural Lamp Natural Lamp  360 Bells Shade color
Natural Low Table Natural Low Table  340 Bells Body color
Natural Table Natural Table  480 Bells Body color
New Nintendo 3DS New Nintendo 3DS  1,728 Bells System color Cover plate
New Nintendo 3DS XL New Nintendo 3DS Xl  2,030 Bells System color
Nine Lamp Nine Lamp  900 Bells Number color
Nintendo DSi Bench Nintendo DSi Bench  1,200 Bells Body color
Notebook Bed Notebook Bed  2,376 Bells Cover color
Notebook Wardrobe Notebook Wardrobe  2,376 Bells Cover color
Office Clock Office Clock  160 Bells Border color
Oil Barrel Oil Barrel  80 Bells Oilbarrel color
One Lamp One Lamp  100 Bells Number color
Otomon Egg Otomon Egg  1,200 Bells Type of egg
Outdoor Sign Outdoor Sign  160 Bells Signboard
Oval Clock Oval Clock  80 Bells Coloring
Pansy Table Pansy Table  240 Bells Flower color
Papa Bear Papa Bear  220 Bells Cloth
Paper Wall Lamp Paper Wall Lamp  80 Bells Design
Pasta Pasta  160 Bells Menu
Pastel Low Table Pastel Low Table  320 Bells Countertop color
Patchwork Chair Patchwork Chair  160 Bells Cloth
Patchwork Dresser Patchwork Dresser  180 Bells Cloth
Patchwork Lamp Patchwork Lamp  148 Bells Cloth
Patchwork Sofa Patchwork Sofa  180 Bells Cloth
Patchwork Table Patchwork Table  200 Bells Cloth
Pawn Pawn  110 Bells Piece color
Pen-Case Chair Pen-Case Chair  2,376 Bells Body color
Pickle Jar Pickle Jar  80 Bells Stuff inside
Picnic Table Picnic Table  139 Bells Napkin
Piggy Bank Piggy Bank  448 Bells Pig type
Pine Table Pine Table  228 Bells Table mat
Pipe Stool Pipe Stool  100 Bells Pipe Seat
Whole Pizza Whole Pizza  160 Bells Style
Plant Partition Plant Partition  320 Bells Body color
Plastic Canister Plastic Canister  160 Bells Body color
Plate Armor Plate Armor  640 Bells Armor color
Polka-Dot Bed Polka-Dot Bed  240 Bells Frame Bedding
Polka-Dot Chair Polka-Dot Chair  240 Bells Body color Cushion
Polka-Dot Clock Polka-Dot Clock  240 Bells Frame Clock face
Polka-Dot Closet Polka-Dot Closet  240 Bells Body color Door
Polka-Dot Dresser Polka-Dot Dresser  240 Bells Body color Cloth and drawer
Polka-Dot Lamp Polka-Dot Lamp  240 Bells Body color Lamp shade
Polka-Dot Low Table Polka-Dot Low Table  240 Bells Body color Tablecloth
Polka-Dot Sofa Polka-Dot Sofa  240 Bells Body color Set of cushions
Polka-Dot Stool Polka-Dot Stool  240 Bells Body color Cushion
Polka-Dot Table Polka-Dot Table  240 Bells Body color Interior cloth
Polka-Dot TV Polka-Dot TV  240 Bells Body color
Poogie Poogie  1,200 Bells Outfit
Popcorn Popcorn  160 Bells Menu
Poster Stand Poster Stand  250 Bells Poster
Potty Potty  120 Bells Body color
Queen Queen  800 Bells Piece color
Raccoon Figurine Raccoon Figurine  200 Bells Raccoon color
Ramen Ramen  160 Bells Menu
Ranch Armchair Ranch Armchair  200 Bells Wood color
Ranch Bed Ranch Bed  230 Bells Frame Bedding
Ranch Bookcase Ranch Bookcase  200 Bells Wood color
Ranch Chair Ranch Chair  140 Bells Wood color
Ranch Couch Ranch Couch  240 Bells Wood color
Ranch Dresser Ranch Dresser  272 Bells Wood color
Ranch Hutch Ranch Hutch  256 Bells Wood color
Ranch Table Ranch Table  170 Bells Wood color
Ranch Tea Table Ranch Tea Table  180 Bells Wood color Cloth
Ranch Wall Rack Ranch Wall Rack  240 Bells Wood color
Ranch Wardrobe Ranch Wardrobe  305 Bells Wood color
Reception Counter Reception Counter  320 Bells Body color
Reception Window Reception Window  320 Bells Body color
Record Box Record Box  160 Bells Box
Red Cash Register Red Cash Register  240 Bells Body color
Regal Armoire Regal Armoire  382 Bells Body color
Regal Bed Regal Bed  312 Bells Frame
Regal Bookcase Regal Bookcase  312 Bells Body color
Regal Chair Regal Chair  210 Bells Body color
Regal Clock Regal Clock  336 Bells Body color
Regal Dresser Regal Dresser  352 Bells Body color
Regal Lamp Regal Lamp  240 Bells Body color Lamp shade
Regal Sofa Regal Sofa  310 Bells Body color
Regal Table Regal Table  254 Bells Body color Tablecloth
Regal Vanity Regal Vanity  320 Bells Body color
Regal Wall Lamp Regal Wall Lamp  360 Bells Body color
Rice Cooker Rice Cooker  200 Bells Menu
Right Splatfest Sign Right Splatfest Sign  1,200 Bells Ink color Team
Righty Desk Righty Desk  124 Bells Chair color
Ring Ring  1,000 Bells Case color
Ringside Table Ringside Table  132 Bells Table color
Robo-Bed Robo-Bed  200 Bells Frame
Robo-Chair Robo-Chair  160 Bells Body color
Robo-Clock Robo-Clock  140 Bells Body color
Robo-Closet Robo-Closet  240 Bells Body color
Robo-Dresser Robo-Dresser  256 Bells Body color
Robo-Lamp Robo-Lamp  180 Bells Body color
Robo-Sofa Robo-Sofa  200 Bells Body color
Robo-Stereo Robo-Stereo  220 Bells Body color
Robo-Table Robo-Table  220 Bells Body color
Robo-TV Robo-TV  236 Bells Body color
Robo-Wall Clock Robo-Wall Clock  200 Bells Body color
Rock Guitar Rock Guitar  180 Bells Body color
Rococo Bed Rococo Bed  352 Bells Body color
Rococo Candlestick Rococo Candlestick  312 Bells Body color
Rococo Chair Rococo Chair  310 Bells Body color
Rococo Clock Rococo Clock  336 Bells Body color
Rococo Dresser Rococo Dresser  254 Bells Body color
Rococo Lamp Rococo Lamp  320 Bells Body color
Rococo Shelf Rococo Shelf  382 Bells Body color
Rococo Sofa Rococo Sofa  210 Bells Body color
Rococo Table Rococo Table  360 Bells Body color
Rococo Vanity Rococo Vanity  312 Bells Body color
Rococo Wardrobe Rococo Wardrobe  240 Bells Body color
Rolling Suitcase Rolling Suitcase  100 Bells Body color
Rook Rook  280 Bells Piece color
Rose Sofa Rose Sofa  240 Bells Flower color
Round Clock Round Clock  96 Bells Body color
Round Cushion Round Cushion  160 Bells Pattern color
Round Electric Sign Round Electric Sign  180 Bells Signboard
Round Pillow Round Pillow  160 Bells Body color
Round-Cloth Table Round-Cloth Table  160 Bells Top cloth Cloth underneath
Rupee Rupee  1,200 Bells Value
Salon Chair Salon Chair  240 Bells Cushion color
Sample Case Sample Case  160 Bells Body color
Scattered Papers Scattered Papers  100 Bells Paper
Scooter Scooter  400 Bells Body color
Serving Cart Serving Cart  160 Bells Body color
Set Lunch Set Lunch  160 Bells Menu
Seven Lamp Seven Lamp  700 Bells Number color
Shaved Ice Shaved Ice  160 Bells Menu
Shogi Piece Shogi Piece  120 Bells Piece type
Shop Mat Shop Mat  1,200 Bells Mat design
Simple Armchair Simple Armchair  180 Bells Sofa color
Simple Kettle Simple Kettle  120 Bells Kettle color
Simple Love Seat Simple Love Seat  205 Bells Sofa color
Simple Panel Simple Panel  160 Bells Border color Fabric
Single Rose Single Rose  160 Bells Rose color
Six Lamp Six Lamp  600 Bells Number color
Skateboard Rack Skateboard Rack  160 Bells Board type
Slalom Gate Slalom Gate  240 Bells Flag color
Sleek Bed Sleek Bed  164 Bells Leather color
Sleek Chair Sleek Chair  140 Bells Leather color
Sleek Clock Sleek Clock  158 Bells Leather color
Sleek Closet Sleek Closet  180 Bells Leather color
Sleek Dresser Sleek Dresser  160 Bells Leather color
Sleek Lamp Sleek Lamp  168 Bells Leather color
Sleek Side Table Sleek Side Table  190 Bells Leather color
Sleek Sideboard Sleek Sideboard  180 Bells Leather color
Sleek Sofa Sleek Sofa  160 Bells Leather color
Sleek Stereo Sleek Stereo  168 Bells Leather color
Sleek Table Sleek Table  160 Bells Leather color
Slide Puzzle Slide Puzzle  80 Bells Puzzle picture
Slipper Rack Slipper Rack  160 Bells Slippers
Sloppy Bed Sloppy Bed  52 Bells Comforter
Sloppy Chair Sloppy Chair  40 Bells Scarf
Sloppy Closet Sloppy Closet  52 Bells Scarf
Sloppy Dresser Sloppy Dresser  50 Bells Tshirt
Sloppy Lamp Sloppy Lamp  40 Bells Lamp shade
Sloppy Sofa Sloppy Sofa  60 Bells Tshirt
Sloppy Table Sloppy Table  54 Bells Tablecloth
Small LED Display Small LED Display  250 Bells Screen
Small Spotlight Small Spotlight  140 Bells Light color
Snare Drum Snare Drum  320 Bells Shell color
Snowboard Snowboard  140 Bells Body color
Soft-Serve Lamp Soft-Serve Lamp  112 Bells Icecream color
Splatoon Spawn Point Splatoon Spawn Point  1,200 Bells Ink color
Splattershot Splattershot  1,200 Bells Ink color
Sports Car Sports Car  1,600 Bells Theme color
Square Minitable Square Minitable  160 Bells Countertop color
Squid Bumper Squid Bumper  1,200 Bells Body color
Stack of Books Stack of Books  160 Bells Collection
Stack of Clothes Stack of Clothes  160 Bells Bottom clothing Clothing on top
Stacked Magazines Stacked Magazines  160 Bells Front cover
Stained Glass Stained Glass  120 Bells Exterior pattern Interior pattern
Stained-Glass Lamp Stained-Glass Lamp  240 Bells Lamp shade
Standing TV Standing TV  600 Bells Body color
Stewpot Stewpot  96 Bells Menu
Sticker Tape Liner Sticker Tape Liner  2,376 Bells Body color
Store Shelf Store Shelf  160 Bells Body color
Stripe Bathroom Sink Stripe Bathroom Sink  202 Bells Body color
Stripe Bed Stripe Bed  202 Bells Body color Comforter
Stripe Chair Stripe Chair  202 Bells Body color
Stripe Clock Stripe Clock  202 Bells Body color
Stripe Closet Stripe Closet  202 Bells Body color
Stripe Dresser Stripe Dresser  202 Bells Stripes color
Stripe Lamp Stripe Lamp  202 Bells Body color Lamp shade
Stripe Shelf Stripe Shelf  202 Bells Body color
Stripe Sofa Stripe Sofa  202 Bells Body color
Stripe Table Stripe Table  202 Bells Body color
Stripe TV Stripe TV  202 Bells Body color
Stroller Stroller  196 Bells Stroller color
Super Toilet Super Toilet  198 Bells Coloring
Surfboard Surfboard  140 Bells Body design
Sushi Menu Sushi Menu  300 Bells Menu border
Table with Cloth Table with Cloth  480 Bells Tablecloth
Tall Display Case Tall Display Case  250 Bells Pedestal Painting
Tangerine Chair Tangerine Chair  130 Bells Type of fruit
Tart Tart  160 Bells Flavor
Tennis Racket Tennis Racket  160 Bells Body color
Teppanyaki Grill Teppanyaki Grill  160 Bells Menu
Theater Seat Theater Seat  160 Bells Chair color
Three Lamp Three Lamp  300 Bells Number color
Throne Throne  800 Bells Seat color
Tile Screen Tile Screen  320 Bells Tile color
Toaster Toaster  72 Bells Toast design
Toilet Toilet  180 Bells Coloring
Toolbox Toolbox  160 Bells Body color
Toy Camera Toy Camera  96 Bells Camera color
Tractor Tractor  560 Bells Body color
Train Seat Train Seat  320 Bells Seat color
Trash Bags Trash Bags  60 Bells Bag color
Trellis Trellis  320 Bells Flower color
Trunk Trunk  100 Bells Trunk color
Tulip Dresser Tulip Dresser  220 Bells Flower color
Two Lamp Two Lamp  200 Bells Number color
Unicycle Unicycle  160 Bells Body color
Violet Screen Violet Screen  238 Bells Flower color
Waiting-Room Bench Waiting-Room Bench  320 Bells Chair color
Warming Buffet Warming Buffet  280 Bells Menu
Water Pot Water Pot  160 Bells Body color
Watermelon Chair Watermelon Chair  130 Bells Melon color
Watermelon Table Watermelon Table  180 Bells Melon color
Wet-Road Sign Wet-Road Sign  85 Bells Sign type
Whirlpool Bath Whirlpool Bath  350 Bells Water
White Office Desk White Office Desk  320 Bells Body color
White Pot White Pot  120 Bells Design
Whiteboard Whiteboard  180 Bells Marker writing
Wii U Console Wii U Console  3,240 Bells Coloring
Wobbelina Wobbelina  70 Bells Body color
Wood Display Stand Wood Display Stand  160 Bells Body color
Wooden Counter Wooden Counter  320 Bells Body color Display
Wooden Stool Wooden Stool  100 Bells Seat
World Map World Map  120 Bells Map type
Writing Chair Writing Chair  100 Bells Seat material
Zen Backpack Zen Backpack  160 Bells Body color
Zen Chair Zen Chair  160 Bells Chair color Cushion color
Zen Cushion Zen Cushion  160 Bells Fabric
Zen Tea Set Zen Tea Set  160 Bells Tea snack
Zero Lamp Zero Lamp  1,000 Bells Number color
Includes data sourced from this Item Spreadsheet, compiled by TimeSword3D, AlexBot2004, AlgebraManiacABC, Chubby Bub, Cuyler, HylianAngel, Kalina70, PanchamBro, SuperHamster, and vmario.