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Aliases: The resident Victini
Victini SSBU.png
"The true victory starts within you."
Edit Count 286 (195 in mainspace)
Gender Male
Joined July 10, 2023
Appearances Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (series debut)
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Signature Starry Windy

Hi everyone. I'm Starry Windy, the resident Victini. You can simply call me Starry. My first experience on Animal Crossing series came from Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for Nintendo 3DS, which I enjoyed to play. The reason I like this spin-off game is because I can do something to make every villagers happy, and also because designing things is fun. Emotion Laughter NH Icon.png

Outside of that, I also played some crossover games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. series. Speaking of Mario Kart, the Winter variant of Animal Crossing race track is one of my favorites to race on!

By the way, I started to get intrigued on this series when I saw a certain video when Miiverse celebrated Isabelle and Digby's birthday, which is tied to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, with K.K. Disco as its music.

Usually I'm just passing through, but I might edit when I feel it's necessary. I hope you'll be kind to me, and have a good day Emotion Joy NH Icon.png

Favorite Characters

NOTE: This list is WIP, and more characters might be added.

Caroline's Poster NH Texture.png This user is a fan of Caroline.
Digby's Poster NH Texture.png This user is a fan of Digby.
Erik's Poster NH Texture.png This user is a fan of Erik.
Goldie's Poster NH Texture.png This user is a fan of Goldie.
Isabelle's Poster NH Texture.png This user is a fan of Isabelle.
Jingle's Poster NH Texture.png This user is a fan of Jingle.
Jitters's Poster NH Texture.png This user is a fan of Jitters.
K.K.'s Poster NH Texture.png This user is a fan of K.K. Slider.
Lottie's Poster NH Texture.png This user is a fan of Lottie.
Margie's Poster NH Texture.png This user is a fan of Margie.

Favorite Music

NOTE: Some songs that don't have official album covers in the games are given representative pictures.

Song Thoughts
Go K.K. Rider NH Texture.png
Go K.K. Rider!
I heard this heroic tune for the first time in Super Smash Bros. Somehow, the motorcycle revving at the start of the Smash Bros. remix is familiar...
K.K. Bossa NH Texture.png
K.K. Bossa
I like how soothing and relaxing this piece of melody is. I guess Bossa Nova tunes like this one have that kind of effect, eh?
K.K. Disco NH Texture.png
K.K. Disco
This song is responsible to make me interested in Animal Crossing series as a whole, because it was used alongside the Animal Crossing: New Leaf trailer that celebrated Isabelle and Digby's birthday. That's why it's one of the most notable K.K. Slider songs for me.
K.K. Sonata NH Texture.png
K.K. Sonata
This track helped and inspired me a lot when I designed Muffy's house in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. In fact, I would be really stumped if I didn't listen to it. (It's interesting that it's the first song that I hear after I finished designing the concert hall...)
Nook's Homes HHD Artwork.png
Nook's Homes Theme (HHD)
I like how Happy Home Designer's iteration of Nook's Homes sounds like. Bright and relaxing, it sets me on the mood to take on another home-designing project!
Re-Tail NL Render.png
Re-Tail Theme
I find this shop's theme to be sweet and lovely. I heard it for the first time on a certain scene of Flipnote Studio 3D demo when Reese decided to put a heart mark while Cyrus was asleep... how adorable!
Christmas PG NOM Artwork.png
Toy Day Theme
From one of Animal Crossing's 3DS themes (Jingle's Toy Day) to part of its rendition in Animal Crossing race track in Mario Kart 8, I enjoyed this festive-inspired tune a lot.

Owned Games


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Happy Home Designer

My Nook's Homes Clients

Isabelle PC Character Icon.png Facilities Projects: School (Expanded) | Hospital | Café | Shop 1 | Shop 2 | Office | Restaurant | Department Store | Concert Hall | Hotel

Concert Hall Backstage

One of the possible concert hall designs.

Here are some things I've discovered (with some help from other sources on the internet) when designing and visiting the concert hall in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

  • Apparently the player can select which songs the music performers will play in the concert hall by placing the album arts of any desired K.K. Slider songs when designing it, with up to 5 of these songs can be played in a single concert session. If the player put more than 5 album arts of these songs, 5 songs will be selected at random. In my case, I found myself listening to 4 songs related to the album arts I've placed in the hall (K.K. Bossa, K.K. Parade, Forest Life and K.K. Sonata), even though at that time I added these simply for decor purposes.
  • On related note (no pun intended), if the player didn't place the album arts of any K.K. Slider songs, the music performers will play 3 songs in a single concert session, provided the player has unlocked them by designing the houses.
  • Some musical instruments have to be positioned in a certain way to look right if the music performers have to face the audience, and the players can't simply rely on the default position the game gives. For example, when placing theremin and synthesizer, the players have to make sure they are faced on the back. For taiko drums, if the players wanted its drummer to face the audience, they have to rotate the taiko three times after placing it.

New Horizons

No image available
Game Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Player Starry
Creation date February 27, 2024
Native fruit Fruit Pear NH Icon.png Pears
Hemisphere Northern Hemisphere icon.png Northern


Image Villager Description Arrived
Villager's Poster NH Texture.png Starry A villager that came to Stellakari along with two other residents. He became the Resident Representative after naming this very island. February 27th, 2024
Pashmina's Poster NH Texture.png Pashmina A big sister goat with a musical hobby. Her birthday is at December 26th. She is one of Stellakari's first residents. February 27th, 2024
Dom's Poster NH Texture.png Dom A jock sheep that likes to play. His birthday is at March 18th. He is one of Stellakari's first residents. February 27th, 2024

Favorite Stuffs

NOTE: This list doesn't include stuffs that I didn't obtain yet.

Image Item Type
Gingham Picnic Shirt (Orange) NH Icon.png Gingham picnic shirt
(Orange variant)
Clothing • Tops
Hoi Tee NH Icon.png Hoi tee Clothing • Tops
Nook Inc. Cap NH Icon.png Nook Inc. cap Clothing • Headwear