Bug wand (New Horizons)

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Wand NH Inv Icon.png Bug wand Type of tool/good #14
Bug wand
Buy price Sell price
Not for sale  1,500 Bells
Obtain via  Flick (Bug-Off)
Stack 1
Uses Unlimited
Customize No customization options.
Names in other languages
 baguette insecte
 varita bicho
 bacchetta insetto
 палочка с насекомым
 곤충 지팡이
 baguette insecte
 varita insecto

The bug wand is a tool item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As a wand, the player can switch to eight outfits that the player has stored from a wardrobe.

The bug wand can be obtained from Flick during a Bug-Off.

In Happy Home Paradise, no villagers or facility unlock this item for designing. It can only be used once the player's catalog is unlocked after completing the 27th vacation home.