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{{Infobox Location
 | title        =
 | image        =
 | caption      =
 | image2       =
 | caption2     =
 | facility     =
 | music        =
 | music-game   =
 | function     =
 | services     =
 | proprietor   =
 | time         =
 | items        =
 | bells        =
 | days         =
 | ja-name      =
 | zh-name      =
 | zht-name     =
 | ko-name      =
 | fr-name      =
 | frq-name     =
 | es-name      =
 | esl-name     =
 | it-name      =
 | de-name      =
 | nl-name      =
 | ru-name      =
 | strategywiki =

This infobox is to be used for articles about locations though the series. Many of the parameters are straightforward, but the below ones require special consideration:

  • image2 and caption2 are placed below image and caption, and both may be used to show the interior and exterior of a location respectively
  • facility must be set to yes if the location represents a Facility
  • music may contain a link to the music played in a building music-game
  • function describes the primary function of a location, and services lists the services a location provides, separated by a line break; for example, Resident Services, whose primary function is to edit "Island settings", contain the services Nook Stop and Recycle box
  • proprietor lists the characters that run the location, separated by a line break
  • time describes when a building is open

The following parameters are used for stages of Tom Nook's store and Timmy and Tommy's store:

  • items describes the number of items available in a store
  • bells describes the requirements for upgrading the store to its next iteration
  • days describes the number of days that must pass before the store can be upgraded, even if the requirements in bells have been fulfilled

The -name parameters are used for localized names:

  • The default value is Unknown, but these must be set to N/A if the location has not been localized. For example, no title featuring GracieGrace has been localized to Dutch, so its nl-name must be set to N/A
  • If the localization is the same for European Spanish (es-name) and Latin American Spanish (esl-name), there is no need to set the latter, as the former will take its place. The same applies to European and Quebec French (fr-name and frq-name), and Simplified and Traditional Chinese (zh-name and zht-name)

The titles in the appearances sections are auto-assigned depending on category using Template:Infobox Appearance and PageInCat extension.


Resident Services
NH Resident Services Building.jpg
Resident Services after being upgraded
NH Resident Services Interior.png
Inside Resident Services after being upgraded
Music (New Horizons)
Before upgrade

After upgrade
Function Island settings
Services Nook Stop
Recycle box
Bulletin Board
Construction Consultation
Civic Consultation
Staff Tom Nook
Timmy and Tommy (before Nook's Cranny open)
Isabelle (after upgrading to building)
Opening Hours All day[nb 1]
Main appearances

Other appearances
Names in other languages
 Bureau des résidents
 Bureau des résidents
 Oficina de gestión vecinal
 Oficina de gestión vecinal
 Centro servizi
 Бюро услуг

{{Infobox Location
 | title     = Resident Services
 | image     = NH Resident Services Building.jpg
 | caption   = Resident Services after being upgraded
 | image2    = NH Resident Services Interior.png
 | caption2  = Inside Resident Services after being upgraded
 | music     = '''Before upgrade'''<br>[[File:Resident Services (Tent) NH.flac]]<br>'''After upgrade'''<br>[[File:Resident Services NH.flac]]
 | music-game= New Horizons
 | function  = Island settings
 | services  = [[Nook Stop]]<br>[[Recycle box]]<br>[[Bulletin Board]]<br> Construction Consultation<br>Civic Consultation
 | proprietor= [[Tom Nook]]<br>[[Timmy and Tommy]] <small>(before [[Nook's Cranny]] open)</small><br>[[Isabelle]] <small>(after upgrading to building)</small>
 | time      = All day{{Note|Except December 31}}
 | ja-name   = 案内所
 | fr-name   = Bureau des résidents
 | de-name   = Servicecenter
 | ko-name   = 안내소
 | it-name   = Centro servizi
 | nl-name   = Servicebalie
 | zh-name   = 服务处
 | zht-name  = 服務處
 | es-name   = Oficina de gestión vecinal
 | ru-name   = Бюро услуг

Logo TIY.png
NL T.I.Y. Exterior.jpg
The exterior of T.I.Y.
Music (New Leaf)
Staff Timmy and Tommy
Opening Hours 10 AM – 11 PM[nb 2]
Number of items available 20
Expenditure for upgrade 100,000 Bells spent at T.I.Y, passed 4 Gracie Fashion Checks
Days passed before upgrade 30
Main appearances

Other appearances
Names in other languages
 Brico Mélimélo
 Brico T&N
 Brico Marco e Mirco
 콩돌밤돌 마트
 Brico Mélimélo
 Brico T&N
 Nook & Nooks Heim- und Gartenbedarf

{{Infobox Location
 | title     = [[File:Logo TIY.png|150px]]<br>T.I.Y.
 | ja-name   = ホームセンターまめつぶ
 | ko-name   = 콩돌밤돌 마트
 | zh-name   = N/A
 | fr-name   = Brico Mélimélo
 | it-name   = Brico Marco e Mirco
 | es-name   = Brico T&N
 | de-name   = Nook & Nooks Heim- und Gartenbedarf
 | nl-name   = N/A
 | ru-name   = N/A
 | image     = TIY.jpg
 | caption   = The exterior of T.I.Y.
 | music     = [[File:NL T.I.Y..flac]]
 | music-game= New Leaf
 | proprietor= [[Timmy and Tommy]]
 | time      = 10 AM – 11 PM{{Note|6 AM – 11 PM with the Early Bird [[ordinance]], 10 AM – 3 AM with the Night Owl ordinance}}
 | items     = 20
 | bells     = 100,000 Bells spent at T.I.Y, passed 4 Gracie Fashion Checks
 | days      = 30
  1. Except December 31
  2. 6 AM – 11 PM with the Early Bird ordinance, 10 AM – 3 AM with the Night Owl ordinance