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[11:33PM 8/15] HEH. Been busy busy busy for the past two weeks. Haven't even found time to play any ACNL. Will definitely have some down time, minus work, this weekend. I do check up on things whenever I get on the computer, though, and patrol what I can!

[11:35PM 7/30] Internet took longer than expected to be installed in the new place, but everything is shaping up. Will be back to normal editing soon hopefully. :)

[12:16AM 7/22] In the process of moving to a new house this week. Won't be around much. Will be back before the end of the month.

Hiya, I'm Jon and I love editing wikis. I've been playing Animal Crossing since Animal Crossing, though I missed out on Animal Crossing: City Folk and didn't play Animal Crossing: Wild World enough. Thoroughly enjoying Animal Crossing: New Leaf, though! Previously, I was a patroller on StrategyWiki (Imjon), and helped build from scratch a Dungeon Fighter Online wiki called SuperSwordAction, though it has since been purged and replaced by an empty wiki on different software. Aside from that, I've done some minor editing on other various wikis.


New Leaf



Since I'm such an amazing photographer, I thought I'd include some of my shots here...