Work uniform (Animal Crossing)

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Type of clothing Work uniform #17[nb 2]
Work uniform
Texture of work uniform
Buy price Sell price
Not for sale Cannot be sold
Obtain via
 Tom Nook (part-time job)
Rarity group None
Style Refined [nb 1]
HRA points 3
In other games
Wild World (work uniform)
Names in other languages
 divisa da lavoro

The work uniform is a clothing item in every first-generation Animal Crossing game.

The work uniform can be obtained from Tom Nook during the player's part-time job.

No villagers wear this item as their default outfit.


  1. In Doubutsu no Mori e+ only, each clothing item has a style that determines which villagers will like or dislike it when given as a gift from another villager, as well as their reaction to the player if they wear it.
  2. Animal Crossing catalog number; #17 in Doubutsu no Mori; #17 in Doubutsu no Mori+; #17 in Doubutsu no Mori e+; #17 in Dòngwù Sēnlín