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Each game in the Animal Crossing series has several designs that have been created by Nintendo. These can be found as the default selection of player-held designs, and a distinct selection are displayed in Able Sisters. Some designs are shown in strategy guides for Animal Crossing, and certain Animal Crossing-e cards can be scanned with an e-Reader to receive exclusive designs. In City Folk, several unique designs were distributed as DLC and were received from Wendell. In New Leaf, many officially-created designs were made available through QR codes on the official website, and others could be directly retrieved from Wendell in Nintendo's official dream towns. In New Horizons some designs have been made available from the official Nintendo design address on the Custom Design portal.

Animal Crossing[edit]

Default designs[edit]

Color palette #1
Door Template PG.png
Door Template
Color palette #9
Arrow Pattern PG.png
Arrow Pattern
Color palette #8
Clothing Pattern PG.png
Clothing Pattern
Color palette #8
Umbrella Pattern PG.png
Umbrella Pattern
Color palette #2
Ice-Cream Vendor PG.png
Ice-Cream Vendor
Color palette #7
Green Mesh PG.png
Green Mesh
Color palette #4
Avant-Garde PG.png
Color palette #7
Vine Pattern PG.png
Vine Pattern
Color palette #1
Ducky Umbrella PG.png
Ducky Umbrella
Color palette #7
Square Pattern PG.png
Square Pattern

e-Reader designs[edit]

These designs are available as part of the Animal Crossing-e series. Scanning a design card will show the corresponding design on the Game Boy Advance alongside Sable's comment. If the game is linked to the e-reader, the design will be added to the game.

Color palette #16
NES Link PG.png Is it the missing Link? No, it's Link in the original NES game, The Legend of Zelda.
NES Link
Color palette #1
Shine Sprite PG.png With this Shine Sprite pattern, you'll feel like it's summer vacation every day!
Shine Sprite
Color palette #11
Jumpman PG.png It's Mario, wearing his ever-popular Jumpman outfit from the classic Donkey Kong!
Color palette #11
Samus's Suit PG.png They say the suit makes the bounty hunter. Try on this Samus suit and find out!
Samus's Suit
Color palette #1
Pikmin Pattern PG.png They keep looking at me. I don't know what they want, but they're making me nervous.
Pikmin Pattern
Color palette #7
Star Fox Emblem PG.png Claim your island for the Star Fox Team with this great logo. Great on flags and shirts!
Star Fox Emblem
Color palette #15
K.K. Tour Tee PG.png You've seen him live; now wear the T-shirt! Proceeds benefit the Stray Puppy Foundation.
K.K. Tour Tee
Color palette #16
Hero's Tunic PG.png This classic green outfit was worn by the Hero of Time. Are you worthy?
Hero's Tunic
Color palette #15
Triforce Tile PG.png Decorate your home with the ultimate power of the mystical Triforce!
Triforce Tile
Color palette #7
Kirby Wallpaper PG.png Kirby's coming right back at ya with cool threads straight out of Dream Land!
Kirby Wallpaper
Color palette #11
Resetti's Wrath PG.png Just say "NO!" to resetting with this shirt dedicated to everyone's favorite mole.
Resetti's Wrath
Color palette #16
Falcon Suit PG.png  
Falcon Suit[nb 1]
Color palette #7
Yoshi's Egg PG.png Based on the charming style of Yoshi's Island, this egg pattern will brighten any day.
Yoshi's Egg
Color palette #11
Poke Ball PG.png This classy design based on the Pokémon poké ball makes a charming wallpaper.
Poke Ball
Color palette #9
Lil' Miser Shirt PG.png Wario's branching out into fashion, it seems! Wear his unique designs with...pride?
Lil' Miser Shirt
Color palette #16
DK Logo PG.png  
DK Logo[nb 1]
Color palette #16
Kapp'n's Kisser PG.png Just what you always wanted - Kapp'n's face plastered on your clothes!
Kapp'n's Kisser
  1. 1.0 1.1 Only available in Doubutsu no Mori e+.

Nintendo Player's Guide designs[edit]

10 designs are provided in the official Animal Crossing Player's Guide. The designs must be manually recreated with the in-game design maker.

Color palette #6
Nia.png Want to lay down the law in your town? Suit up in a Wild West outfit and show everyone who's really boss.
Sheriff Outfit
Color palette #5
Nia.png Demonstrate that you mean business with this no-nonsense suit. You'll really turn heads with your professional duds.
9-to-5 Suit
Color palette #11
Nia.png Show your friends that you've got a big heart. When you wear this outfit, everyone will know what you're made of.
Winged Heart
Color palette #15
Nia.png Go for the leather look with this jacket, cap and pants. No one's gonna mess with you!
Leather Jacket
Color palette #16
Nia.png Are you a basketball superfan? Tweak this pattern and change the palette to recreate your favorite team's outfit.
Basketball Gear
Color palette #11
Nia.png If you're constantly changing the town melody and hanging out with K.K. Slider, suit-up with this maestro fashion.
Band Uniform
Color palette #6
Nia.png Wear overalls when you head out to do a day's worth of flower planting. Don't like the shirt color? Change the stripes!
Garden Overalls
Color palette #3
Nia.png If you think you're the king of all you survey, drape yourself in these royal colors. Show the world your upper-crust crest.
Noble Fashions
Color palette #4
Nia.png While in the comfort of your own home, immerse yourself in ocean vibes by applying this design to your walls and floor.
Dolphin Pod
Color palette #13
Nia.png Slap this design on your front door to prove that you're up to something unexpected inside your little palace.
Fierce Dragon

Animal Crossing: Wild World[edit]

Default designs[edit]

Design Tortimer's Pride.png
Tortimer's Pride
Design Hat Pattern WW.png
Hat Pattern
Design Clothing Pattern WW.png
Clothing Pattern
Design Umbrella Pattern WW.png
Umbrella Pattern
Design Path Pattern WW.png
Path Pattern
Design Classy Pattern.png
Classy Pattern
Design Bubble Pattern.png
Bubble Pattern
Design Pop Pattern.png
Pop Pattern
Design Aurora Pattern.png
Aurora Pattern
Design Chic Pattern.png
Chic Pattern
Design Doughnut Pattern.png
Doughnut Pattern
Design Fish Pattern.png
Fish Pattern
Design Clover Pattern.png
Clover Pattern

Wendell's designs[edit]

  • Footprints
  • Overhead view A
  • Overhead view B
  • Overhead view C
  • Overhead view D
  • Puddle
  • Checkpoint 1
  • Checkpoint 2
  • North/South Road
  • East/West Road
  • South/East Curve
  • South/West Curve
  • North/West Curve
  • North/East Curve
  • Intersection
  • Crosswalk
  • Stones
  • Fossil Dummy
  • Storm Drain
  • No Entry Sign
  • Right Turn Sign
  • Left Turn Sign
  • Exclamation Sign
  • No U-Turn Sign
  • House This Way
  • Town Hall This Way
  • Museum This Way
  • Speed Boost
  • Brick Box
  • ? Box
  • Down Stairs

Nintendo Player's Guide designs[edit]

18 designs are provided in the official Animal Crossing: Wild World Player's Guide. The designs must be manually recreated with the in-game design maker.

Color palette #6
Design Super Mario Pattern.png Kick it old school with Super Mario. You can spread his retro coolness all over town with this easy-to-use template.
Super Mario
Color palette #6
Design Wario Pattern.png Here comes trouble! Create your own Wario wear with this design of every-one's favorite baddie.
Color palette #9
Design Boo Pattern.png Celebrate Halloween year-round with this pattern. Use it to spookify your umbrella or haunt your home with ghostly wallpaper.
Color palette #7
Design Mushroom Pattern.png Create your own Mushroom Kingdom! Show the world your favorite fungi with this colorful Mario mushroom pattern.
Color palette #9
Design Dr Mario Pattern.png He's a plumber! He's a doctor! He's both! Help Dr. Mario fight vicious germs with this tribute to the classic video game.
Dr Mario
Color palette #11
Design Yoshi's Kart Pattern.png The world's cutest dinosaur is back, and this time he's driving all over your room. Vroom-vroom!
Yoshi's Kart
Color palette #6
Design Toad's Kart Pattern.png Mushroom heads, start your engines! Toad is ready to race around your town in this kart-themed pattern.
Toad's Kart
Color palette #11
Design Bowser's Kart Pattern.png You'll be the talk of the town if you sport a pixelized portrait of the flame-breathing Koopa with the bad attitude cruising on his kart.
Bowser's Kart
Color palette #8
Design Link Pattern.png Zelda lives! Show your elven pride with this tribute to the big-hearted little hero Link.
Color palette #11
Design Samus Pattern.png Are you a metroid maniac? If so, you'll want to coat all your belongings with this Samus design.
Color palette #16
Design Metroid Pattern.png Don't limit yourself to just one old-school Metroid design; this one features the big bad Metroid itself.
Color palette #9
Design Pikachu Pattern.png Brighten up your home with this colorful portrait of the world's most famous electric rodent.
Color palette #5
Design Kirby Pattern.png Think pink! Whether it's on a shirt or the front door, the balloon bodied Kirby looks great anywhere.
Color palette #9
Design Tracy Pattern.png A tribute to the mysterious musical creatures of Electroplankton will brighten anyone's day.
Color palette #7
Design Luminaria Pattern.png Another kooky Electroplankton, another cool design!
Color palette #13
Design Nintendogs Pattern.png Use this Nintendogs pattern to leave puppy pawprints throughout your house, or even outside!
Color palette #15
Design Skyline Pattern.png Add a view of the big city to your country cottage with this stunning skyline pattern.
Color palette #14
Design Designer Pattern.png This sophisticated designer pattern will add a touch of class to anything it adorns.

Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

Default designs[edit]

Town Flag CF.png
Town Flag
Clothes Patern CF.png
clothes pattern
Hat Patern 1 CF.png
hat pattern 1
Hat Patern 2 CF.png
hat pattern 2
Umbrella Pattern CF.png
umbrella pattern
Plain Cloth 1 CF.png
plain cloth 1
Plain Cloth 2 CF.png
plain cloth 2
Plain Cloth 3 CF.png
plain cloth 3
Bird Cloth CF.png
bird cloth
Floral Cloth CF.png
flora cloth
Teardrop Cloth CF.png
teardrop cloth
Apple Cloth CF.png
apple cloth
Gorgeous Cloth CF.png
gorgeous cloth
Checked Cloth CF.png
checked cloth
Race Cloth CF Front.png Nia orange.png}} Nia orange.png}}
Pro design T-Shirt
race cloth
Shirt Cloth CF Front.png Nia orange.png}} Nia orange.png}}
Pro design T-Shirt
shirt cloth

Wendell's designs[edit]

These designs can only be obtained by Wendell, and feeding him the corresponding food will result in him giving the player one of these designs.

Image Name Required Item
FallLeaf.png Coloring Nook Apple
FallLeaf.png Coloring Resetti Cherry
FallLeaf.png Coloring Pelly Orange
FallLeaf.png Coloring Rover Peach
Coloring K.K. CF.png Coloring K.K. Pear
FallLeaf.png Coloring House Coconut
FallLeaf.png Coloring Boy Blue or Yellow Candy
FallLeaf.png Coloring Girl Red or Green Candy
FallLeaf.png Grass Black Bass
FallLeaf.png Money Dorado, Goldfish, or Popeyed Goldfish
FallLeaf.png Field of Flowers Angelfish, Guppy, or Neon Tetra
FallLeaf.png Water Puddle Frog or Kilifish
FallLeaf.png Rhinoceros Beetle Crawfish
FallLeaf.png Mystery Circle A Freshwater Goby
FallLeaf.png Mystery Circle B Loach
FallLeaf.png Mystery Circle C Catfish
FallLeaf.png Mystery Circle D Eel
FallLeaf.png Ground Crucian Carp
FallLeaf.png Stone Paving Pike
FallLeaf.png Manhole Cover Giant Snakehead
FallLeaf.png Pitfall Arowana
FallLeaf.png Footstep Koi
FallLeaf.png Gyroid Gar
FallLeaf.png Cracked Ground Piranha
FallLeaf.png Street Corner 1 Chery Salmon or Dace
FallLeaf.png Street Corner 2 Bluegil or Char
FallLeaf.png Street Corner 3 Rainbow Trout or Sweetfish
FallLeaf.png Street Corner 4 Pale Chub or Yellow Perch
FallLeaf.png Vertical Path Barbel Steed
FallLeaf.png Horizontal Path Carp
FallLeaf.png Intersection Bitterling or Pond Smelt
FallLeaf.png Horizontal Track Sea Bass
FallLeaf.png Vertical Track Butterfly Fish or Surgeonfish
FallLeaf.png Curved Track 1 Dab or Olive Flounder
FallLeaf.png Curved Track 2 Octopus or Squid
FallLeaf.png Curved Track 3 Barred Knifejaw or Red Snapper
FallLeaf.png Curved Track 4 Clownfish or Seahorse
FallLeaf.png Forbidden Sign Pufferfish
FallLeaf.png ! Sign Zebra Turkeyfish
FallLeaf.png Pitfall Warning Moray Eel
FallLeaf.png Brick White Turnip
FallLeaf.png ? Block Red Turnip
FallLeaf.png Stairs Football Fish
FallLeaf.png Red Carpet Lobster or Salmon
FallLeaf.png Iron Floor Tuna or Blue Marlin
FallLeaf.png Treasure Chest King Salmon or Ray
FallLeaf.png Outer Space Jellyfish or Sea Butterfly
FallLeaf.png Memo Elegant, Flat, Round, or Skinny Mushroom
FallLeaf.png Picture Frame Rare Mushroom
FallLeaf.png Chocolate Chocolate Heart
FallLeaf.png Self Portrait Birthday Cake

Distributed designs[edit]

Design Mayor's Flag CF.png Nia orange.png Nia orange.png Nia orange.png Nia orange.png Nia orange.png Nia orange.png
Mayor's Flag Guard's Uniform Student Outfit Gakusei (Student) Kintarou no haragai (Kintaro) Flamenco Dress Dirndl Dress
Nia orange.png Nia orange.png Nia orange.png Nia orange.png Nia orange.png Nia orange.png
Pilseung Korea Red Chanchanko Celebration Vest Victory Korea Shirt Saekdong Hanbok (Hanbok Dress) Hangeul Tisyeochou (Hangeul T-shirt)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

Default designs[edit]

Design Town Flag NL.png
town flag
Design Clothing Pattern NL.png
clothing pattern
Design Hat Pattern NL.png
hat pattern
Design Umbrella Pattern NL.png
umbrella pattern
Design Rose Flag.png
rose flag
Design Stag-Beetle Flag.png
stag-beetle flag
Design Plain Cloth.png
plain cloth
Design Plain Cloth Blue.png
plain cloth
Design Plain Cloth Green.png
plain cloth
Design Sample Wallpaper.png
sample wallpaper
Design Sample Carpet.png
sample carpet

Someone from Anytown[edit]

Design Flower Dress (Front).png Nia orange.png}} Nia orange.png}}
Pro design Long-sleeve dress
Flower Dress
Design Ducky Tank.png Nia orange.png}}
Pro design Tank top
Ducky Tank
Design T-shirt (Front).png Nia orange.png}} Nia orange.png}}
Pro design T-Shirt
Design Shirt (Front).png Nia orange.png}} Nia orange.png}}
Pro design Long-sleeve shirt
Design Tricolor Plaid.png
Tricolor Plaid
Design Apple Print.png
Apple Print
Design Green Wave Print.png
Green Wave Print
Design Horn Pattern.png
Horn Pattern

Nintendo designs[edit]

Animal Crossing
Design Isabelle.png Design Mabel.png Design Tom Nook.png Design Lloid.png Design Leaf.png Design GracieGrace.png Design Museum.png Design Nook's Homes.png Design Re-Tail.png Design The Roost.png
Isabelle Mabel Tom Nook Lloid Leaf GracieGrace Museum Nook's Homes Re-Tail The Roost
Design Peach (Front).png Design Peach (Back).png Design Peach (Sleeves).png Design Daisy (Front).png Design Daisy (Back).png Design Daisy (Sleeves).png Design Zelda (Front).png Design Zelda (Back).png Design Zelda (Sleeves).png Design DJ K.K. Tee (Front).png Design DJ K.K. Tee (Back).png Design DJ K.K. Tee (Sleeves).png Nia orange.png
DJ K.K. Tee
Outset shirt

Design Mario Standee.png Design Luigi Standee.png Design Block Pavement.png Design Block Wall.png Design Brick Road.png Design Tingle.png Design Tingle Standee.png Design Nintendo Direct.png
Mario Luigi Block Pavement Block Wall Brick Road Tingle Tingle Standee
Nintendo Direct
Design Reggie.png Design Miyamoto.png Design Silhouette.png Design Luigi Painting.png Design Boo.png Design Boo 2.png Design Santa.png Design Santa 2.png
Reggie Miyamoto Silhouette Luigi Boo Boo 2 Santa Santa 2
Design K.K. Slider Tour Tee (Front).png Design K.K. Slider Tour Tee (Back).png Design K.K. Slider Tour Tee (Sleeves).png Design Falco Lombardi Tee (Front).png Design Falco Lombardi Tee (Back).png Design Falco Lombardi Tee (Sleeves).png Design Lorule-T (Front).png Design Lorule-T (Back).png Design Lorule-T (Sleeves).png Design Yuga-Dress (Front).png Design Yuga-Dress (Back).png Design Yuga-Dress (Sleeves).png
K.K. Slider Tour Tee
Falco Lombardi T-shirt

Design Pumpkin Shirt (Front).png Design Pumpkin Shirt (Back).png Design Pumpkin Shirt (Sleeves).png Design Bat Shirt (Front).png Design Bat Shirt (Back).png Design Bat Shirt (Sleeves).png Design Bat Wing Shirt (Front).png Design Bat Wing Shirt (Back).png Design Bat Wing Shirt (Sleeves).png Design Skeleton Dress (Front).png Design Skeleton Dress (Back).png Design Skeleton Dress (Sleeves).png Nia orange.png Design Spiderweb Dress (Front).png Design Spiderweb Dress (Back).png Design Spiderweb Dress (Left Sleeve).png Design Spiderweb Dress (Right Sleeve).png
Pumpkin Shirt
Short-sleeve Shirt
Bat Shirt
Long-sleeve Shirt
Bat Wing Shirt
Long-sleeve Shirt
Skeleton Dress
Skull Dress[nb 1]
Spiderweb Dress

Design Pikmin.png Design Red Pikmin.png Design Blue Pikmin.png Design Yellow Pikmin.png Design Winged Pikmin.png Design Rock Pikmin.png
Pikmin Red Pikmin Blue Pikmin Yellow Pikmin Winged Pikmin Rock Pikmin
Nia orange.png Nia orange.png Nia orange.png Nia orange.png Nia orange.png Nia orange.png
Bulborb Snagret Sheargrub (female) Charlie Brittany Alf

Tomodachi Life
Design Tomodachi Life.png Design Tomodachi Collection Logo.png Design Apartment Window.png Design Friendship Window.png Design Love Window.png Design Troubled Window.png
Island Cloth Tomodachi Logo Apartment Window Friendship Window Love Window Despair Window
Design Food Mart Uniform (Front).png Design Food Mart Uniform (Back).png Design Food Mart Uniform (Sleeves).png Design Mad Hatter's Clothes (Front).png Design Mad Hatter's Clothes (Back).png Design Mad Hatter's Clothes (Sleeves).png Design Pawn Shop Uniform (Front).png Design Pawn Shop Uniform (Back).png Design Pawn Shop Uniform (Sleeves).png
Food Mart Uniform
Hats Uniform
Pawn Shop Uniform

The Cat Mario Show
Design The Cat Mario Show logo.png Design Sky.png Design Cat Mario Standee.png Design Cat Peach Standee.png Design Bowser.png Design Goomba.png Design Bowser Icon.png
The Cat Mario Show Logo Sky Cat Mario Standee
Cat Peach Standee
Bowser Goomba Bowser Icon
Design Cat Mario (Front).png Design Cat Mario (Back).png Design Cat Mario (Sleeves).png Design Cat Peach (Front).png Design Cat Peach (Back).png Design Cat Peach (Sleeves).png Design Bowser Tee (Front).png Design Bowser Tee (Back).png Design Bowser Tee (Sleeves).png Design Bowser Floor.png
Cat Mario
Cat Peach
"I <3 Bowser" Tee
Bowser Floor

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Design Captain Toad.png Design Toadette.png Design Blue Toad.png Design Green Toad.png Design Yellow Toad.png Design Mummy-Me.png
Captain Toad
Blue Toad
Green Toad
Yellow Toad
Design Turnip.png Design Super Pickax.png Design Captain Toad Standee.png Design Yellow Polka Dots.png Design Luigi.png
Super Pickax
Captain Toad Standee Yellow Polka Dots Luigi

Design Squid Icon - Callie.png
Squid Icon - Callie
Design Squid Icon - Marie.png
Squid Icon - Marie
Design Ink Path.png
Ink Path
Design Chemical Light.png
Chemical Light
Design Inkopolis News Logo.png
Inkopolis News
Design Squid Sisters Live Poster.png
Squid Sisters
Live Poster
Design Ink Splotch A.png
Ink Splotch A
Design Ink Splotch B.png
Ink Splotch B
Design Squid Face.png
Squid Face
Design Splatoon Girl.png
Pro design Standee
Splatoon Girl
Design Splatoon Boy.png
Pro design Standee
Splatoon Boy
Design Splatoon Inkling.png
Pro design Standee
Splatoon Inkling
Design Callie Standee.png
Pro design Standee
Callie Standee
Design Marie Standee.png
Pro design Standee
Marie Standee
Design Squid Sisters Live Tee (Front).png Nia orange.png}} Nia orange.png}}
Pro design T-Shirt
Squid Sisters Live Tee
Design Squid Sisters Second Tee (Front).png Nia orange.png}} Nia orange.png}}
Pro design T-Shirt
Squid Sisters Second Tee
Design Basic Tee (Front).png Nia orange.png}} Nia orange.png}}
Pro design T-Shirt
Basic Tee
Design White Tee (Front).png Nia orange.png}} Nia orange.png}}
Pro design T-Shirt
White Tee
Design Zink Layered LS (Front).png Nia orange.png}} Nia orange.png}}
Pro design Long-sleeve shirt
Zink Layered LS
Design Black Squideye (Front).png Nia orange.png}} Nia orange.png}}
Pro design Long-sleeve shirt
Black Squideye
Design Sky-Blue Squideye (Front).png Nia orange.png}} Nia orange.png}}
Pro design Long-sleeve shirt
Sky-Blue Squideye
Monster Hunter
Design Felyne Standee.png
Pro design Standee
Felyne Standee
Design Radio T-shirt (Front).png Nia orange.png}} Nia orange.png}}
Pro design T-Shirt
Radio T-shirt
Design Hello Kitty.png
Pro design Standee
Hello Kitty
Design My Melody.png
My Melody
Design Pompompurin.png
Design Kiki and Lala.png
Kiki and Lala
Design Cinamoroll.png
Design Kerokerokeroppi.png
Welcome amiibo
Design Nintendo Town Flag.png
Nintendo Town
Design Welcome amiibo Boxart.png
Welcome amiibo
Design K.K. Slider Direct.png
Pro design Standee
K.K. Slider Direct
Design Harvey Direct.png
Pro design Standee
Harvey Direct

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer[edit]

Default designs[edit]

Design Clothing Pattern NL.png
Clothing Pattern
Design Hat Pattern NL.png
Hat Pattern
Design Umbrella Pattern NL.png
Umbrella Pattern
Design Plain Cloth.png
Plain Cloth
Design Plain Cloth Green.png
Plain Cloth
Design Plain Cloth Blue.png
Plain Cloth
Design Rose Flag.png
Rose Flag
Design Stag-Beetle Flag.png
Stag-Beetle Flag
Design Sample Wallpaper.png
Sample Wallpaper
Design Sample Carpet.png
Sample Carpet
Design Brick.png
Design Flagstone HHD.png
Design Snow Flagstone HHD.png
Snow Flagstone
Design Snowy Flagstone HHD.png
Snowy Flagstone

Animal Crossing: New Horizons[edit]

Default designs[edit]

Design Airplane Flag.png
Airplane Flag
Design Deserted-Island Flag.png
Design Broad-Leaf Tree Flag.png
Broad-Leaf Tree
Design Self-Portrait Flag.png
Self-Portrait Flag
Design Painted Music Notes.png
Painted Music
Design Plaid Outfit.png
Plaid Outfit
Design Flower Outfit.png
Flower Outfit
Design Vine Pattern.png
Vine Pattern
Design Three-Leaf Clover.png
Three-Leaf Clover
Design Footprint Pattern.png
Footprint Pattern
Design Gradient Tank Top.png
Pro design Tank top
Gradiant Tank Top
Nia orange.png
Pro design T-Shirt
Butterfly Shirt
Nia orange.png
Pro design Long-sleeve shirt
Striped Shirt
Nia orange.png
Pro design Sweater
Fluffy Sweater
Nia orange.png
Pro design Hoodie
Accent Hoodie
Nia orange.png
Pro design Short-sleeve dress
Button Dress
Nia orange.png
Pro design Sleeveless dress
Flower Dress
Nia orange.png
Pro design Balloon-hem dress
Wavy Dress
Nia orange.png
Pro design Brimmed cap
Striped Cap
Nia orange.png
Pro design Brimmed hat

someone from Anyisle[edit]

Design Tulip Top.png
Tulip Top
Nia orange.png
Pro design T-Shirt
Car Shirt
Nia orange.png
Pro design Long-sleeve shirt
Geometry Shirt
Nia orange.png
Pro design Short-sleeve dress
Diamond Dress
Design Lemon Gingham Outfit.png
Lemon Gingham
Nia orange.png
Pro design Brimmed cap
Palm Tree Cap
Nia orange.png
Pro design Knit cap
Mystery Knit Cap
Nia orange.png
Pro design Brimmed hat
Flower Print Hat

Halloween facepaints[edit]

Design Zombie.png
Design Mummy.png
Design Jester.png
Design Scarecrow.png


  1. Nintendo did not upload the correct QR codes for this design, so as a result it cannot actually be imported.