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"I caught a jellyfish! I wonder how it would taste on some toast..." —Animal Crossing (GCN)
"I caught a jellyfish! I'm in some kind of jam!" —Wild World
"I caught a jellyfish! Now all I need is a peanut-butter fish." —City Folk
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Scientific name Olindias phosphorica
Family Olindasidae
Time of year Late August
Time of day All day
Location Ocean
Size 25 cm
Shadow size Small
Rarity Common
Selling price 100 Bells
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

The Jellyfish (クラゲ, Kurage) is an ocean fish in the Animal Crossing series. It is unique because has the shortest range of any fish (August 16th through August 31st), but yet, it is the most inexpensive fish, selling for 100 Bells. The fish will appear all day during this short period of time. The Jellyfish that appear in Animal Crossing: New Leaf cannot be caught. Instead, they are obstacles when the player is deep-sea diving and will sting the player on contact.

Donating to the Museum[edit]

As with all fish and bugs in the Animal Crossing series, the Jellyfish can be donated to the Museum by talking to Blathers. Below is what he says upon donation:

In Animal Crossing[edit]

"Jellyfish and other gelatinous creatures are some of the ocean's most beautiful animal life. Some of them do pack a painful sting, but you'll be fine if you observe them from a respectful distance. Now than, let's get this one squared away in it's new home, eh wot?"

In Wild World[edit]

"You can actually find these in restaurants, though which ones I do not know. Jellyfish can grow to be almost three feet long, did you know that?! That crunchy texture... It takes rather an open mind to enjoy, eh wot?"

In City Folk[edit]

"...Hoo, are you aware that the jellyfish is completely without bones? There's a legend that says the jellyfish had bones long ago, but they were taken away by a sea deity. ...Yes, the reason was that the jellyfish was quite the gossip and was eventually punished for it... Getting boneless... Rather a stiff punishment, eh wot?"

The Jellyfish appears in the museum's right circular tank. It just hovers in the same place, occasionally jumping forward a bit.

Encyclopedia information[edit]

Wild World[edit]

Jellyfish WW.png ''These plankton have a vicious sting!"
  • Size- 24.5 cm
  • Habitat- Ocean
  • Season- Late August

City Folk[edit]

Jellyfish (City Folk).png ''Watch out for the second sting of this type of plankton!"
  • Size- About 25 cm
  • Habitat- Ocean
  • Season- August

Further information[edit]

The flower hat jelly: Olindas formosus.

The flower hat jelly is a rare species of hydrozoa found in waters off Brazil, Argentina, and southern Japan. Despite the name, it is not a species of jellyfish, for it belongs to the class Hydrozoa instead of Scyphozoa. The flower hat jelly can grow to be about 15 cm (6 inches) in diameter. Its sting is non-lethal but painful. Its diet consists mostly of small fish.

Jellyfish have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, and have no brains, causing them to be largely researched by scientists.