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Four mannequins wearing clothes

Mannequins are furniture items in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that allow the player to switch clothing easily. The player can dress these mannequins up with clothes, and then swap clothes with them, which causes the mannequin to wear what the player was originally wearing, and the player to wear the clothes on the mannequin. A total of four mannequins are available for each player.

Mannequins cannot be sold, dropped, traded via Re-Tail, mailed, or discarded, nor can they wear a wet suit or an umbrella. Swapping clothes with a mannequin of a different player is not allowed. They can "wear" designs, provided that the player is already wearing the desired design before swapping their clothes with the mannequin. If the design were to be deleted, it will disappear from the mannequin.


There are a total of four mannequins available. They can be obtained from the following characters:


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