Graceful Painting

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Graceful Painting
Graceful Painting NH Icon.png
Real-world counterpart
Beauty Looking Back
Year Unknown
Artist Hishikawa Moronobu
Main appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese しなやかなめいが
Simplified Chinese 端庄的名画
French Toile gracieuse
Spanish Retrato oriental
Italian Quadro armonioso
Russian Изящная картина

Korean 절제된 명화
Traditional Chinese 端莊的名畫
Quebec French Toile gracieuse
Latin American Spanish Retrato oriental
German Anmutsgemälde
Dutch Sierlijk schilderij

The Graceful Painting is a painting in the Animal Crossing series introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It is based on Hishikawa Moronobu's Beauty Looking Back.

Art details[edit]

In New Leaf[edit]

Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From
Graceful Painting 3,920 Bells 490 Bells Crazy Redd

In New Horizons[edit]

Graceful Painting
Beauty Looking Back
Hishikawa Moronobu, 17th century
Color on silk

Fake Graceful Painting
Graceful Painting

Description A hand-painted piece by Hishikawa Moronobu, an artist known for popularizing the ukiyo-e style. This stirring painting depicts a fashionable woman glancing back over her shoulder.
Buy Price 99k Bells NH Inv Icon cropped.png 4980 Bells
Sell Price 99k Bells NH Inv Icon cropped.png 1245 Bells[nb 1]
Obtain from Redd NH Character Icon.png Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler
Authenticity Unknown
Furniture Size 1.0 x 2.0
  1. Cannot be sold if it is a forgery.


In New Leaf, if the woman is looking to the left instead of the right, the painting is a forgery.

In New Horizons, if the woman is missing her collar and fills up the whole frame, the painting is a forgery. The woman in the forgery changes directions and the painting has shadowy figure on the back.

Museum exhibit description[edit]

"A hand-painted ukiyo-e print from the middle of the Edo era. It's of a fashionable lady looking backward."
— Museum Exhibit, Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Real-world information[edit]

Beauty Looking Back

The portrait is a painting on silk, depicting a Japanese woman, looking back as she walks ahead.