Nana's Wishing Well

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Nana's Wishing Well
Nana's Wishing Well PC.png
Scrapbook image of Nana's Wishing Well
Obtain a Stained-Glass Fountain (Pastel) PC Icon.png Stained-Glass Fountain (Pastel)
Appearance  Nana
Name in other languages
 키키의 꿈과 소원 우물
 Mireille et le puits à vœux
 Mireille et le puits à vœux
 Nana y el pozo de los deseos
 Nana y el pozo de los deseos
 Il pozzo dei desideri
 Wünsch dir was, Dorothea.
"Nana comes upon a well that she's heard has the power to grant wishes. Is it the real thing?"
— Scrapbook Memory description

Nana's Wishing Well is a Scrapbook Memory in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. To unlock this memory, the player must obtain a Stained-Glass Fountain (Pastel).


At the beginning of the memory, Nana approaches the Stained-Glass Fountain to make a wish and states her wish is to become a princess, even just for one day. After remarking on the humour of saying her wish out loud, Colton approaches Nana to tell her that he overheard her and wanted to show her something. Colton leads Nana to a Stained-Glass Fountain (Pastel), surrounded by other furniture obtainable in the Stained-Glass Garden (Pastel) Set, and tells her that this is the set for a production he has been planning. He asks Nana if she will be the princess in his show because he thinks she is perfect for the role, and she accepts while exclaiming that her wish came true and promising to not let Colton down. The memory ends with Nana happily performing in Colton's show while the villagers watch on.

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese チッチの夢と願いの井戸
Chitchi no yume to negai no ido
Chitti's Dream and Wish Well

Korean 키키의 꿈과 소원 우물
kikiui kkumgwa sowon umul
Kiki's dream and wish well

Traditional Chinese 七七的夢想與許願水井

German Wünsch dir was, Dorothea.

European Spanish Nana y el pozo de los deseos

European French Mireille et le puits à vœux

Italian Il pozzo dei desideri