Animal Crossing (course)

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Preview of the Animal Crossing course

Animal Crossing is a course released as downloadable content in Mario Kart 8 and added to the base game in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It has the racers drive through a village whose season is chosen randomly each time the course is played (although holding L Button.svg, R Button.svg, ZL Button.svg or ZR Button.svg allows the player to select which season they want). Familiar faces and buildings can be found on the sidelines, trees bear fruit which can be knocked down for a speed boost, and Mr. Resetti even makes an appearance as an unforeseen obstacle, popping out of the ground similar to a Monty Mole. If the course is played through winter, snowboys appear instead of Mr. Resetti as an obstacle. The track features newly recorded music more suited to the fast-paced Mario Kart atmosphere.


The following villagers and special characters can make appearances in the sidelines of the Animal Crossing course. Each character, with the exception of Snowboy, can appear in every season; however, which characters appear and their locations differ between races.