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Numerous tickets, vouchers, and cards have appeared in the Animal Crossing series, with the most tickets appearing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These items serve a handful of different purposes: a way to obtain new items, earn, spend or save  Bells, access new places or store information. In the spin-off game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, they are used as tools to mostly speed up certain things and  Leaf Tickets are a premium currency in the game.

Main games[edit]

Lottery Ticket[edit]

Tom Nook hosting the lottery.

Lottery Tickets are items appearing only in Animal Crossing and the enhanced Japan-exclusive version Doubutsu no Mori e+. After purchasing furniture or other expensive material from Tom Nook's store, the player will receive a Lottery Ticket. Every five Lottery Tickets gives the player one chance at receiving a rare item at the lottery. Up to 5 tickets can be stored in one spot in the player's inventory. Every month, the color of the tickets changes, and a specific month's ticket can only be used during that month (although it can be used in future years). If there is not enough room for the ticket in the players pockets, it is mailed to them.

Shopping Card[edit]

Shopping Card in City Folk
Gold Card in City Folk
Main article: Savings

The Shopping Card is a reward in City Folk for saving  10,000 Bells. This card acts as a debit card, allowing the player to make purchase with Bells deposited at the ABD. Additionally, after saving  1,000,000 Bells, the player will receive the Gold Card, which is functionally identical to the regular Shopping Card.

Town Pass Card[edit]

Pink Town Pass Card in New Leaf
Blue Town Pass Card in New Leaf
Main article: Town Pass Card

The Town Pass Card holds information about the player and their town in New Leaf. The card has two colored versions, pink for female characters and blue for male characters. Through the Town Pass Card menu, badges and town initiatives can be accessed.

MEOW Coupon[edit]

Main article: MEOW Coupons

Mutual Exchange Of Wealth Coupons (MEOW Coupons for short) are an alternate currency in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. MEOW Coupons are obtained from the CAT Machine by completing town initiatives, beating the target score in Desert Island Escape, and using an amiibo. MEOW Coupons are used in Harvey's Campground and the ABD, where the player uses them to buy up to three items in an RV and sell them for 3,000 Bells apiece, respectively.

Nook Miles Ticket[edit]

Nook Miles Ticket in New Horizons

Nook Miles Tickets appear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They can be purchased via the Nook Stop for  2,000 Nook Miles and can be sold for  10,000 Bells. In the early parts of the game, two Nook Miles Tickets can be obtained for free. The first is a reward from Tom Nook after playing the first home loan resulting in having a house. This ticket can be obtained by any additional players on the island and is left at the Airport, never showing in the players' inventories. The second is sent to all players as a compensation for inaccessible Resident Services as it upgrades to a building. Talking to Orville at the Airport while having this ticket in inventory will allow the player to go on a Mystery Island Tour.

May Day Ticket[edit]

Main article: May Day

Similar to Nook Miles Ticket, a May Day Ticket is used at the Airport to travel in New Horizons. A May Day Ticket is left at the airport by Tom Nook during the May Day event and it can only be used during the event. The ticket will allow the player to go on the May Day Tour. It cannot be sold or bought and it is never in the player's inventory.

Bell Voucher[edit]

Bell Voucher in New Horizons

Bell Vouchers are items that allow the player to redeem Nook Miles for Bells. They can be purchased for  500 Nook Miles at the Nook Stop or obtained during events. These vouchers can be sold at Nook's Cranny for  3,000 Bells.

Tailors Ticket[edit]

Tailors Tickets in New Horizons

Tailors Tickets are a form of currency that can be exchanged for an item up to  3,000 Bells at Able Sisters in New Horizons. They can be obtained from Label after completing Label's fashion exercise, but the amount depends on if the player fulfilled her vision. She will mail up to two tickets the following day. The ticket is used if an item below  3,000 Bells is purchased while having the ticket in inventory. Multiple tickets can be used at once; however, only one ticket may be used per one item. Timmy and Tommy will buy the ticket for  250 Bells at Nook's Cranny.

Saharah Ticket[edit]

Saharah Ticket in New Horizons

In New Horizons, Saharah gives the player Saharah Tickets whenever they purchase a rug from her. The amount of tickets received changes depending on the size of the rug - one for small, two for medium and three for large. Once the player has five tickets in their inventory, Saharah will ask if they want to exchange it for a mysterious floor or a mysterious wallpaper. She will accordingly give a wallpaper or flooring missing from the player's catalog or a random one if they have all the Saharah-exclusive floorings or wallpapers in catalog. These mysterious items are otherwise available for purchase. The ticket itself can be sold in Nook's Cranny for  100 Bells. Saharah only gives out Saharah Tickets while visiting the player's island; they are not received when purchasing anything from her stall at the market on Harv's Island if it is unlocked.

Dream Bell Exchange Ticket[edit]

Dream Bell Exchange Ticket in New Horizons

Dream Bell Exchange Tickets are items introduced in the 1.4.0 Summer Update Wave 2, and they are received in the mail from Luna the day after sharing or updating a dream. They can be sold at Nook's Cranny for  5,000 Bells.

Spin-off games[edit]

Leaf Ticket[edit]

Leaf Ticket in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Main article: Leaf Ticket

Leaf Tickets are premium currency in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. They can be purchased for real money or obtained in-game. Leaf Tickets are used for speeding up crafting or purchasing items and tools.

Request Ticket and Calling Card[edit]

Request Ticket in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Calling Card in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Both Request Ticket and Calling Card help the player in leveling up the Friendship levels with campers in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The Request Ticket can be used on an animal, who has had all three request already completed. After using it, the animal will make three more requests and another talk will be available. The ticket itself gives the animal 3 Heart PC Icon.png Friendship Points.

Using a Calling Card will call an animal to the player's current location (or to a random one, if the player is at the campsite or the cabin). The animal will stay at the location for 3 hours, like regularly camping animal. They will also have three requests and a talk as usual. The usage of the Calling Card itself will give the animal 1 Heart PC Icon.png Friendship Point.

Both items can be obtained as a log-in bonus and animals will give them as a reward for fulfilling their Special Request. The Request Ticket is also a level-up reward every five levels.

HH Voucher[edit]

Happy Homeroom Voucher in Pocket Camp
Main article: Happy Homeroom
Golden Happy Homeroom Voucher in Pocket Camp

In Pocket Camp, HH Voucher allows the player to attend a Happy Homeroom class. The player gets three HH vouchers every day. If all the vouchers are used, they can be replenished by purchasing the Golden HH Voucher for  30 Leaf Tickets. Golden HH Vouchers can be also obtained as a souvenir from Gulliver from special islands Glimmery Golden Isle, Glittery Golden Isle and Shimmery Golden Isle or as a reward during limited-time events.

Stamp Card[edit]

Stamp Card in Pocket Camp
Main article: Fortune Cookie

Buying Fortune Cookies in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for  Leaf Tickets awards the player with stamps for every cookie ordered. For ordering five cookies at once, six stamps are received. Ten Stamps fill up the Stamp Card. It can be exchanged for items available in the current Fortune Cookies. Usually, a memory piece is worth 10 Stamp Cards, 4-star item is worth 5 Stamp Cards and 3-star item is worth 1 Stamp Card.

Terrain Exchange Ticket[edit]

Terrain Exchange Ticket in Pocket Camp

Terrain Exchange Tickets are used to redeem one terrain in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. They can be obtained by participating in seasonal events while being subscribed to the Furniture & Fashion Plan.