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Soothing Spa
Luxurious Rose-Petal Bath
Buy price Sell price
Not for sale  3,000 Bells
Obtain via  Reneigh's Luxury Cookie (2.9309% chance)
Theme Elegant
8.0 x 8.0  8.0 × 8.0
Rarity ★★★★★
Names in other languages
 럭셔리 스파 자쿠지 욕조
 bain à remous de spa
 bain à remous de spa
 bañera hidromasaje spa
 jacuzzi spa glamuroso
 vasca bolle benessere

The Luxurious Rose-Petal Bath is a elegant-themed kitchenware and appliances item in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp introduced in version 4.2.1e. It is part of the Soothing Spa Set.

The Luxurious Rose-Petal Bath can be obtained from Reneigh's Luxury Cookie, with a 2.9309% chance of appearing after eating the cookie. When obtained, the Luxurious Rose-Petal Bath unlocks the memory "Welcome to the Rose Oasis Spa!".