Rodeo-Style Springy Ride-On (New Horizons)

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Type of houseware Rodeo-Style Springy Ride-On  
Rodeo-Style Springy Ride-On
Buy Price Sell Price
99k Bells NH Inv Icon cropped.png 2000 Bells 99k Bells NH Inv Icon cropped.png 500 Bells
1.0 x 1.0 1.0 × 1.0
Obtain via Package NH Inv Icon.png Nook Shopping (Seasonal)
Customize No customization options.
HHA Themes Fancy / Garden
HHA Points 201
Name in other languages

Japanese ロデオふうスプリングゆうぐ
Simplified Chinese 牛仔竞技风弹簧游乐器材
French animal de ranch sur ressort
Spanish balancín de muelle vaquero
Italian cavallo a molla cowboy
Russian родео-тренажер скакун

Korean 로데오풍 스프링 놀이 기구
Traditional Chinese 牛仔競技風彈簧遊樂器材
Quebec French animal de ranch sur ressort
Latin American Spanish balancín de resorte vaquero
German Rodeo-Federwippe
Dutch cowboy-veertoestel

The Rodeo-Style Springy Ride-On is a houseware item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced in the 1.4.0 Summer Update Wave 2.

The Rodeo-Style Springy Ride-On can be obtained from Nook Shopping for 99k Bells NH Inv Icon cropped.png 2000 Bells from August 1 to August 31 as a celebration of the Cowboy Festival. This item does not appear in the catalog. As an outdoor item, it will provide an additional 0.5 development points towards the island rating.

No villagers have this item in their home.