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Type of Human villager Bouncybee  
Artwork of Bouncybee the Human
Species Personality Gender
Human Lazy Bigender
Birthday December 7th Sagittarius
Favorite saying "Grovyle's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
Catchphrase "meme"
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Hi, I'm Kellin. I can't attend to the wiki or Pokémon that much anymore, but I'm trying my best to help contribute. My aplogies if my edits are lacking information or are lousy. I'm just a normal person trying his best to contribute to the wiki when I can.

As of August 2015 I have a lot of projects in real life and I'm keeping tabs on some pages in the wiki, so expect a very random edit schedule and slow replies from me. If you have any concerns regarding me or my edits, feel free to approach me but I take if not within the year or in a week, a whole month to reply. Sorry.


Name: Kellin
Gender: Bigender
Pronouns: he / she
Interests: morning poetry, coffee, fanfiction, pop-punk bands
Heritage: Southeast Asian
Languages: English, Filipino, Ilocano and French
Favorite Villagers: Punchy, Hazel, Phil and Sparro
Least Favorite Villagers: Monty, Anchovy, Flip and Gruff
Favorite NPCs: Kicks, Lyle, Blathers, Brewster, Sable and Digby
Least Favorite NPCs: Isabelle and Phyllis
Friend Code: No thank you.


Joined: May 28th, 2014
Activity: So-so
Edit Quality: Average
Edit Frequency: Sometimes

Wiki projects

Nookipedia.png This user edits the wiki when bored.
Edit count (Bouncybee)
Edits 109
This user has edited the wiki more than 100 times. (Ruby Status)

WW Logo English.png This user's first Animal Crossing game was Animal Crossing: Wild World.
Blathers NH Character Icon.png This user is Nocturnality.
Megaphone NL Icon.png This user loves making noise!
Bob NH Villager Icon.png This user is a WikiCat. This user observes pages and makes quick edits!
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Below is a public list of plans I wish to do on the wiki to contribute so I don't forget about it later:

  • Add all the star signs to the amiibo list.
  • Fix stuff for amiibos, whatever it may be.
  • Fill in information for villager pages with tons of missing info.
  • Add images to villager galleries showing how they look in-game.
  • Try to improve appearance and personality sections of villager pages.
  • Add images to villager house galleries for reference.
  • Find a way to play GC and get screenshots.
  • Expand all stubs I can contribute to.
  • Look for other stuff to do to keep me happy and busy.


Thank you for taking the time to reach the end of my short user page! Hopefully I can contribute quality as good as I hope it to be, and that we both continue contributing!

Also, if you like any bands or artists below, I'm sure we'll be able to click immediately:

all time low, mayday parade, twenty one pilots, of mice & men, fall out boy, pierce the veil, arctic monkeys, the brobecks, pvris, my chemical romance, echosmith, sleeping with sirens, motionless in white, foster the people, st. vincent, panic! at the disco, the academy is..., icon for hire, marianas trench, cobra starship, new years day, tonight alive, melanie martinez, real friends, green day, troye sivan, get scared, of monsters and men, marina & the diamonds, neck deep, we are in the crowd & blink-182

You'd join the We Dislike Isabelle club, wouldn't you? Please tell me I'm not the only one.