Blue Dresser (Animal Crossing)

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#8 Blue Dresser  
Blue Series
Blue Dresser
Buy price Sell price
 2100 Bells  525 Bells
1.0 x 1.0  1 × 1
Obtain via Raffle
Rarity group None
HRA points 1029
Feng shui
Name in other languages
 comodino blu
 commode bleue
 cajonera azul

The Blue Dresser is a furniture item in Animal Crossing. It is part of the Blue Series.

The Blue Dresser can be obtained from the raffle, Wisp, a treasure hunt, or trees when the player has good luck. For the purpose of fêng shui, its color is red.

This item appears in the homes of the following villagers: Bluebear Bluebear, Mint Mint, Mitzi Mitzi, Puck Puck, Stu Stu. As a result, this item has a chance of being obtained from these villagers when they give the player an item.