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Hi!! I used to be Elephant Lady, but I renamed. I'm now ToadetteFan007! I hope you all enjoy Animal Crossing as much as me. I'm excited to see what each day brings for me in this wild world we live on.(hehe, get it! ACWW!)

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About Me

Hi. I'm ToadetteFan007! I love all the elephants in the Animal Crossing series.My island is Tirigha. Yes, I reset Heartville and my town is Qirky. I am an autoconfirmed user. Wow. Am I a show off I love June, she is my favourite villager. Sadly, she doesn't live on my island. On my island I have:

Reneigh Mac Punchy Marina Keaton Melba Sylvana Annalisa Miranda Shino

I like Nookipedia and normal villagers.Yup, obvious. I read a lot and watch CBBC. I love to draw, like Ricky from Art Ninja! I play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Minecraft and Super Kirby Clash the most! Class Dismissed, Art Ninja and Operation Ouch are my favourite shows.

Why I hate Tom Nook

He charges so much for homes, and in a Wild World episode, he says he still has dreams from his childhood, but money matters more. I mean, selfish. He lost a friend due to money when he was young. I think it is Sable because she had a relationship with him stating in an episode "How long? How long does Tom Nook plan to hang on to such ancient history..." Also I think Tom Nook should lay off the carbs. (FYI, I think he's on the tubby side.) But also, I watched a fan theory video on Youtube and I also feel sorry for the big guy. I mean, once Weber on my 2nd island, Kool Place, said "Does Tom Nook make any sense to you. He says I'll take your fish for money that you'll give back to me for your house?!" And I sorta agree. I mean, It's confusing but hey, at least there's no rent or mortgage to pay monthly. (I'm not old enough to confirm that bills are horrid, but it seems they are.)


Tirihga is my current island. It is a kidcore/fairycore island.The residents are:

Favourite Residents From Past Towns/Islands

These villagers are legit. In loving memory....

Kool Place

cant remember

Old Qirky (not actually called that)


Glad they are gone!

If I were a villager.....

Type of Dog villager Violet  
Artwork of Violet the Dog
Species Personality Gender
Dog Peppy/Normal Female
Birthday ?? ?? Sagittarius
Catchphrase "Squeal"
Clothing Dotty Tee
Main appearances

Other appearances
Names in other languages
Phrase in other languages

Violet is a normal/peppy female in the Animal Crossing series. She appears in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

In New Horizons, Violet has the Education Hobby, which means she can read at will while indoors or outdoors whilst wearing Rimmed Glasses. She gets along well with certian people like Margie and Biff.


Violet is a bit of a prankster. She likes to have fun with the player and visits their house just to give them a gift.


Violet is a female with a Dotty Tee.She has long creamy ears and a tuft of brown hair.


Violet has the excitable attitude from peppy villagers and the caring attitude of normal villagers.

Peppy/normal villagers tend to get excited when they see the player and run up when you are in a pitfall, give you some medicine when stung by wasps/bees and generally be easy to befriend. They can be offended by snooty and cranky villagers, due to their lack of running and watering flowers.

In New Horizons, she likes to play too.


Nia blue upload.png
Shape: House shape #4
Roof:  Yellow Thatch Roof
Siding:  Mint-Blue Stucco Exterior
Door:  Red Imperial Door
Wall:  Nook Inc. Wall
Floor:  Rush Tatami Flooring
Music:  Bubblegum K.K.


I am back to a human!(Wow, that was not fun.) OWW!! Never try that unless you like pain . OK, so that was sore. (still is but I am so complaining whatever.meh.) NEVER DOING THAT EVER AGAIN!! unless I want to force those jerks into human form.

Psst! Want more laughs??

Go here!

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