Famous painting (New Leaf)

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Famous painting
Buy price Sell price
 3,920 Bells  980 Bells[nb 2]
1.0 x 1.0  1 × 1
Obtain via
Customize No customization options.
Rarity group None
HHA theme challenges Antique / Quirky
HHA points 651
HHA penalty if facing wall Yes[nb 1]
Style Historical
In other games
Animal Crossing (famous painting)
Wild World (famous painting)
City Folk (famous painting)
New Horizons (famous painting)
Names in other languages
 toile célèbre
 retrato italiano
 quadro famoso
 유명한 명화
 toile célèbre
 retrato italiano
"The most famous smile in the world. No one quite knows to this very day why the woman is smiling."
— Art description

The famous painting is a wall-mounted furniture item in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. In addition to walls, it can be placed on the floor, being displayed on an easel. As a painting, it can be donated to the museum. It also has a forgery version that cannot be donated or sold.

The famous painting can be obtained from Redd's Gallery for  3,920 Bells.

No villagers have this item in their home, nor do any characters have this item in their RV.

In other games


  1. If this item is facing a wall in the player's house, the HHA will deduct 100 points from the total score. If the player is doing a theme challenge, that penalty will increase to 10,000 points.
  2. Re-Tail sell price