Sandbox (New Leaf)

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Buy price Sell price
Not for sale  2,000 Bells[nb 1]
3.0 x 2.0  3 × 2
Obtain via
Customize No customization options.
Rarity group None
HHA theme challenges Toy shop
HHA points 151
HHA penalty if facing wall No
Style Basic
In other games
New Horizons (sandbox)
Names in other languages
 bac à sable
 caja de arena
 recinto per sabbia
 bac à sable
 caja de arena

The sandbox is a furniture item in Animal Crossing: New Leaf introduced in the Welcome amiibo update.

The sandbox could be obtained from selecting "Ask about a present" while speaking to Pelly or Phyllis at the post office while connected to SpotPass during the item's distribution period.

No villagers have this item in their home, nor do any characters have this item in their RV.

In other games


  1. Re-Tail sell price; can be sold for 80% of this price ( 1,600 Bells) at Timmy and Tommy's store