Prerelease and unused content in Doubutsu no Mori

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The following is a list of prerelease and unused content in Doubutsu no Mori.

Early builds[edit]

Nintendo Space World 2000[edit]

Doubutsu no Mori was first showcased in a one-minute trailer at Space World 2000,[1] a Japanese video game trade show hosted by Nintendo. Screenshots were also published in an article on Nintendo's Japanese website.[2] The trailer and screenshots show some differences from the final release.

The logo shown at Space World 2000
  • The game has a tentative logo, featuring a different font, color, and layout from the final one.
  • The bulletin board is located to the left of the shrine, rather than in the middle of the player house acre.
  • The sprites for furniture, wallpaper, and carpets are all a beige version of the map sprite from the final game rather than a unique sprite for each.
  • A blue villager house palette that is not in the final game is shown.
  • Signposts have an image of a blue house on them rather than a piece of paper with text.
  • The shrine has a green roof and a more red wood color.
  • A villager's door has a wreath on it.
A screenshot Nook's Cranny from Space World 2000, showing a different shop wallpaper and carpet, different item sprites, and a shirt worn by the player that does not appear in the final game.

Partial source code leak[edit]

On July 25, 2020, partial source code for Doubutsu no Mori was leaked onto the Internet along with source code several other Nintendo games. The source code contains many assets and pieces of development information that are not in the final game.


"CAT13" redirects here. For the cat villager who would later be assigned "cat13", see Stinky.
  • The folder containing assets for BEA3 is missing from data, which may possibly indicate a cut bear villager.[4] This ID is missing in later versions of the game as well.
  • Textures and a model for Blathers,[3] who does not appear in the final game. The textures resemble Celeste, most notably with the beady eyes, indicating it may have been the inspiration or cause for her creation and design.
  • Textures and a model for Wisp,[3][5] who does not appear in the final game.
  • A screenshot of a customized title screen which appears to be for use during Space World 2000, a Nintendo-hosted video game trade show.[3]
  • Models for two unused human characters: SOLDIER and OBA (Japanese for "aunt").[6] The word oba is short for obaba, which is one of the internal names for Joan, suggesting this character may have been an early version of Joan.
  • Early models for the interior and exterior of the museum, which does not appear in the final game. For the interior, there are models for the main room, fish exhibit, fossil exhibit, and art exhibit, but not the bug exhibit.[7]
  • Shaki, who appears in the final game as an unused character, was used as a placeholder character during development.[7]
  • Famicom games were originally meant to be loaded from the 64DD add-on rather than being present in the game itself.[7]
  • Icons for 9 unused items: cd, guitar, kusuri (medicine), nuts, pet, seed, nae (seedling), sickle, and ueki (potted plant).[7]
  • Early icons for several items that appear in the final game. Some items have multiple early icons from different stages of development.[7]
  • Textures for 52 unused clothing items.[7]
  • Early textures for 23 clothing items.[7]
  • The early villager signpost seen in the Space World 2000 trailer.[7]
  • 12 early player house textures with different brick and wood designs.[7]
  • 25 early villager house textures, including one shown in the Space World 2000 build, featuring different layouts and color palettes than the final game.[7]
  • Text that is not in the final game.[7]
Unused text Unused text (translated)

では <Player>ちゃん、


Well <Player>,
I hope you have fun
in the short time you have,

Unused content[edit]

The following unused content does not appear in later releases of the game.

Unused furniture items[edit]

The Chest, Modern Den Chair, Nice Speaker, Rack, Unused Dresser, Unused Monkey, and Zabuton are furniture items that can only be obtained through the use of memory editing. The items appear in Animal Crossing with English names, but their models are only in Doubutsu no Mori.

The Unused Monkey is animated and the Modern Den Chair can be sat on. The rest of the items have no functionality.

Party Dress and Tuxedo[edit]

Party Dress DnM Model.png
Party Dress
Tuxedo DnM Model.png

パーティードレス (Party Dress) and タキシード (Tuxedo) are two fully functional clothing items that can only be obtained through the use of memory editing.


  1. Replaced with the Handkerchief in the final game.
  2. Replaced with the Camera in the final game.
  3. Replaced with the Cherry in the final game.
  4. Likely intended to be a trash item, as the icon is located next to those of the Boot, Empty Can, and Old Tire in the leaked files.
  5. 5.0 5.1 There are also icons numbered 2–32, and icons with a blue background.
  6. Bears a resemblance to the unused "bluefish" item in Animal Crossing.
  7. Features an alien from Space Invaders.
  8. Similar to the Citrus Shirt.
  9. Based on Link's tunic from The Legend of Zelda series.
  10. Similar to the Berry Gingham, Lemon Gingham, Melon Gingham, Mint Gingham, and Sherbet Gingham.
  11. The text says "Test NPC".


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