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Welcome to the project page for Project Mobile! For more information about the project and our objectives, please read on. If you would like to comment on our progress, please use the talk page. If you're interested in joining, simply add your name to the list of current members.



This project is focused on improving Nookipedia's mobile implementation and establishing mobile-focused design standards that enhance the user experience. One of the project's main areas of focus is the development of templates and tables that display well across a variety of devices.


These general guidelines aim to improve the mobile experience on the site, as over 70% of Nookipedia's readership comes from cellular or tablet devices. Following these suggestions will reduce the amount of clutter within our template and article pages, providing our users with a more productive reading and editing experience.

Please avoid:

  • Hovertext generated using template {{tt}}
Instead use template {{Note}} or see suggestions at the bottom of this page.
  • Expand/collapse buttons generated using class="collapsible"
Instead use the tabs extension as documented here.
Instead use a series of <div>s or consider simplifying your layout.
  • HTML & CSS styling on article pages
Instead limit HTML and CSS styling to template pages.
  • Duplicating wikitext code or CSS styling in template pages
Instead consider utilizing the loops extension.

We encourage:

  • Setting template widths to 100% to occupy the full width of the mobile display
  • Prioritizing vertical orientation of templates, or flexible templates capable of shifting their aspect ratio
  • Maximal information in minimal space to avoid excessively long pages/lots of scrolling
  • Use CSS Grids to create responsive designs and lists (e.g. see Template:VillagerGallery in action at Dog).

Timeless skin

Nookipedia has adopted the Timeless skin for our mobile site, replacing the previous Minerva Neue skin. Timeless has a responsive layout that will adapt elements and the layout to different resolutions, creating a consistent appearance between small screen and larger screen devices.

Although Timeless renders our templates much better than Minerva Neue did, some of them will still need to be optimized for best appearance on mobile.

Some pages use tables with lots of data that may not be possible to condense to a smaller size. This may be acceptable in some cases, but we should try to resolve any visual quirks (e.g. on furniture pages).


If you wish to join Project Mobile simply add your name to the list of current members below.