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In the Animal Crossing series, there are a number of unseen characters who generally play very little role and may simply be mentioned by villagers.


The clerk talking to the player

The clerk is a female character in Animal Crossing: City Folk that sells tickets at The Marquee. She is very formal and never reveals anything about her personal life. It is unknown what she looks like, as she is always behind the counter, selling tickets to shows of Dr. Shrunk and Master Frillard.

If the player tries to go through the doors into the theatre without paying for a ticket, the clerk will request that the player pays for a ticket first.


Main article: Parents

"Remember when I dressed up as Santa to give you your Toy Day presents? I always got a kick out of seeing you smile. Happy Toy Day! - Dad"
— Dad, on Toy Day

Dad is the player's father in the Animal Crossing series, who writes to them on Father's Day in Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf with an exclusive red carnation attached to the letter. He writes to the player more often in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


The emcee announcing the show

The emcee is a special character featured only in Animal Crossing: City Folk. She announces Dr. Shrunk's (or Frillard's) show, featured at The Marquee, after paying 800 Bells to the clerk and choosing an emotion to learn. The species of the Emcee is unknown, as she is always off-stage, announcing the show.

Hayseed Hilda[edit]

A letter from Hayseed Hilda.

Hayseed Hilda is a character whose letters sometimes appear in a Note-in-a-bottle. Her letters express a craving for apples, while complaining that her town lacks them while wishing that someone would share theirs.

Little Mac[edit]

Little Mac is the main character in the Punch-Out!! series of games made by Nintendo. In the European version of Animal Crossing: City Folk one of the DLC items sent out to players (the Green Headgear) came with a letter by Little Mac. The letter reads:

Dear <Player>,
I've been training for my comeback and I need your help! Wear my headgear with pride so you can roll with the punches!
From Little Mac

Although he sends this letter and item, he does not actually appear in the game, hence he is an implied character.


Main article: Parents

"It's the start of softball season! I accidentally hit Agnes with the ball when I was pitching. Oops. She was really mad! ♥ Mom."
— Mom, Animal Crossing: Wild World

Mom is the player's mother in all Animal Crossing games. She often sends letters to the player, especially around special event days, and sometimes with gifts attached. The letters themselves often mention her memories with the player and Dad.

She sends the player a pink carnation on Mother's Day.


Moppina is an unseen mop character that normal villagers frequently refer to in conversation in Animal Crossing: Wild World, reflecting upon their reserved and shy nature. The mop is revealed to be the best friend of a normal villager, and conversations between two normal villagers will reveal that Moppina is the friend of any normal villager in the town. When talking to other normal characters, it is revealed they both talk to it, try out hairstyles on it and even cook with it. Normal characters also talk to snooty types about Moppina, but not with as much success. When they talk to peppy villagers about Moppina, the peppy villager asks if they can meet her. Moppina is mentioned in Maple's picture in Animal Crossing: Wild World, with the quote "Maple + Moppina = BFF!".

Although mops are available from Tom Nook's Store for 900 Bells, they cannot be interacted in the way as normal villagers are believed to interact with them.

Raccoon Goons[edit]

Tom Nook mentioning the Raccoon Goons.

The Raccoon Goons are a group of an unspecified number of Raccoons mentioned by Tom Nook once the player is done working for him, but he then stresses that it was a joke, making it unclear as to whether they do indeed exist. They have never been mentioned again.

Satoru Iwata[edit]

Iwata's letter.

Satoru Iwata was the former president of Nintendo. If the player connects to one of the download stations compatible with Animal Crossing: Wild World, they will receive a letter from Iwata with a gift enclosed.

The Singing Bug Boy[edit]

Kitty showing the player a letter sent by this character to her

The Singing Bug Boy is an unseen character in Animal Crossing that sometimes comes up on letters shown by snooty villagers. In said letters, the bug boy writes a random tip for catching bugs in the form of a song, before ending the letter out of nowhere with "Buuuuuuuuuuuugs!".

Tiny Tommy Hicks[edit]

Tiny Tommy Hicks is a resident from Boondox that Pelly or Phyllis will tell the player about when she/he donates a certain amount of Bells to Boondox in Animal Crossing: Wild World. He does not appear in the game. He seems to be a reference to Tiny Tim Cratchitt, a character from Charles Dickens' novel A Christmas Carol. In the novel, Tiny Tim is a small, crippled boy around the age of five. He and his family live in poverty and can barely make "ends meet".

Unnamed Fugitives[edit]

Wanted Poster PG.png
Fugitive Poster PG.png

In Doubutsu no Mori and Animal Crossing, two unnamed fugitives can be seen on a poster labeled "wanted" at the back of the Police Station, though their names are illegibly written. The fugitive on the left appears to resemble a large, male goat, while the fugitive on the right appears to be a female bear or rabbit with long hair and a human-like face. In Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+, a third wanted poster also appears outside of the Police Station, who resembles a fox or tanuki. Nothing is known about these criminals, as neither Booker nor Copper will acknowledge them, except they are on the run from the law after committing an unknown crime. The goat and bear fugitives may also be in cohorts with one another.

Unnamed Police Officer[edit]

Police Poster PG.png

An unnamed dog dressed as a police officer appears on a promotional poster within the Police Station in Doubutsu no Mori, Animal Crossing, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The officer appears on this poster giving a salute with the tagline "I want U!" written above them. The poster itself appears to be a parody of Uncle Sam, a mascot of the United States who appears on "I want you!" posters to promote enlistment in the American Military.

Vicious Vole Vinnie[edit]

Mr. Resetti mentions Vinnie.

Vicious Vole Vinnie is an implied cousin of Don and Sonny Resetti. Resetti mentions him in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Should the player fail to save on multiple occasions, Resetti threatens the player, suggesting that, "I might even go a few rounds with my cousin, Vicious Vole Vinnie."

Wisp's Masters[edit]

Wisp mentioning Horrid Noodle, one of several masters.

Wisp's Masters are several characters mentioned by Wisp in Animal Crossing when encountered by the player. The name of each master varies, such as "Professor Plasma", "Horrid Noodle", "Stray Trousers" and others. According to Wisp, "horrible punishment awaits" if he fails his task for each master.