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Species Personality Gender
Human Smug Male
Birthday Secret
Initial phrase stuffy
Initial clothes doctor's coat*
HHA jacket*
Favorite Saying Spam bugs bug me."
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

My Old Town[edit]

My old New Leaf town, Nin-Land (Nintendo Land). I reset the game and made it January 1 2012.

People in it[edit]

People that moved away[edit]

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My New Town[edit]

It is called Swampy's (don't ask.) Time is 3 years, 6 months, and 26 days apart, so July 27, 2015 in real time is January 1, 2012 in Swampy's time. My dream address is: 4000-6078-9296.

People in It[edit]

Gaston NL.png

Gender: Male
Type: Rabbit
Moved In: Starter
Mr. Mustachio

Alice NL.png

Gender: Female
Type: Koala
Moved In: Starter
The Barber of Swampy's

Keaton NL.png

Gender: Male
Type: Eagle
Moved In: 1/2/2012
Reminds me of Angry Birds...

Hazel NL.png

Gender: Female
Type: Squirrel
Moved In: 1/6/2012
Confusing NL squirrel logic

Cally NL.png

Gender: Female
Type: Squirrel
Moved In: 2/26/2012
The Hazel Story

Marina NL.png

Gender: Female
Type: Octopus
Moved In: 3/16/2012
Full Octopus Town: 1/3 Complete

Moe NL.png

Gender: Male
Type: Cat
Moved In: 5/02/2012
What big eyes you've got there!

Jay NL.png

Gender: Male
Type: Bird
Moved In: 6/10/2012
Random StreetPass encounter!

Ribbot NL.png

Gender: Male
Type: Frog
Moved In: 6/14/2012
Thanks Heidy! Sorry about Rory though

Stitches NL.png

Gender: Male
Type: Cub
Moved In: 7/2/2012
Randomly transfered from my old 2014 town that I just found.

People Who Left[edit]

Pierce NL.png

Gender: Male
Type: Eagle
Moved In: Unknown
Moved Out: 1/21/2012
Why did I let him go again?

Anchovy NL.png

Gender: Male
Type: Bird
Moved In: Starter
Moved Out: Unknown
He's on Main Street again, so let the Peach Festivals continue!

Claudia NL.png

Gender: Female
Type: Tiger
Moved In: Starter
Moved Out: Unknown
The pain of not playing

Axel HHD.png

Gender: Male
Type: Elephant
Moved In: 1/10/2012
Moved Out: 4/9/2012
My first villager I purposfully let go

Sprinkle NL.png

Gender: Female
Type: Penguin
Moved In: Starter
Moved Out: 4/23/2012
Was to close to the river for a bridge

Mathilda NL.png

Gender: Female
Type: Kangaroo
Moved In: 1/26/2012
Moved Out: 5/12/2012
Had the best lines as a Snooty

Rory NL.png

Gender: Male
Type: Lion
Moved In: 2/27/2012
Moved Out: 6/13/2012
Got Ribbot from a trade

Frank NL.png

Gender: Male
Type: Eagle
Moved In: 5/17/2012
Moved Out: Unknown
From my first 2014 town!

Villager's Pics I Have[edit]


My Signature[edit]

TrainiaxSprite1.gif Trainiax of Swampy's TrainiaxSprite2.gif - Dream Address: 4000-6078-9296

My HHD Codes[edit]


  • January 2016: 0406-7704-235


  • Nan: 0991-7795-029
  • Louie: 0704-7795-059
  • Curlos: 0995-7799-949
  • Boomer: 0295-7791-080
  • Chops: 0092-7735-070
  • Tom Nook: 0191-7732-930
  • Claude: 0009-7724-299
  • Felyne: 0497-7702-716

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