List of bugs in Wild World during January

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The following is a list of bugs in Animal Crossing: Wild World that are available during January.

January bugs in Wild World[edit]

No new bugs or bugs leaving after this month.

List of January bugs in Animal Crossing: Wild World

# Name Image Price Size Location Time Months Peak
12 Bee Bee WW Inv Icon.png  4,500 Bells 38 mm In trees All day JFMAMJJASOND -
25 Ant Ant WW Inv Icon.png  80 Bells 5 mm Spoiled Turnips All day JFMAMJJASOND -
31 Mole Cricket Mole Cricket WW Inv Icon.png  280 Bells 35 mm Underground All day JFMAMJJASOND December - February
36 Dung Beetle Dung Beetle WW Inv Icon.png  800 Bells 35 mm Rolling snowballs 5 PM – 8 AM JFMAMJJASOND -
50 Pill Bug Pill Bug WW Inv Icon.png  250 Bells 10 mm Under rocks All day JFMAMJJASOND November - March
52 Fly Fly WW Inv Icon.png  60 Bells 9 mm Near trash, spoiled Turnips or Rafflesia All day JFMAMJJASOND -
53 Cockroach Cockroach WW Inv Icon.png  5 Bells 28 mm On trees All day JFMAMJJASOND -

Lists by month[edit]