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"Hi, my name's Yū. I come from the nearby town, but I like to play here a lot."
— Yū, 🎬 Gekijōban Doubutsu no Mori

(ゆう, ) is one of the main characters in 🎬 Gekijōban Doubutsu no Mori, being the only male human. Yu changes his outfit daily; throughout the film, he dressed as a ninja, a pirate, in camouflage, and as a snow bunny. He seems to be a reference on how in the Animal Crossing series games, a person could connect through Wi-Fi, so players from other towns can come visit their town. He does not live in Animal Village, but visits often. He loves to play with Alfonso by competing for collectibles such as fossils and bugs.

Film Yu Showing Face.png
Yū showing his face for the first time
Species Gender
Human Male
Role Supporting character
Voice actor Yū Kobayashi


Ai and Yū first meet when Ai is delivering a package. Yu is having a bug catching contest with Alfonso, and stumbles into Ai. Later, a bug crawls on to Ai in the forest. Yu catches the bug on Ai and thanks her, giving her another bug in return. Ai, freaked out by the bug Yu gave him, screams. Later, Ai sees Yū and Alfonso digging for fossils. While Yū and Alfonso are doing this, Resetti pops out of the ground, and lectures Yū and Alfonso for destroying his tunnel. Shortly after Margie moves away, Ai falls into one of Yū and Alfonso's pitfalls. Yu and Alfonso laugh, but Ai, still depressed, gets herself out of the pitfall and walks away, leaving Yū and Alfonso surprised. Later on, when Yū and Alfonso complete their fossil collection, Rosie remarks that there is a much more resourceful cave nearby. This leads Ai, Yu, Rosie, Margie and Alfonzo on a big adventure to find the cave. Later, the group discovers the cave. They find a giant fossil called the Seismosaurus, and Yu risks his life to climb up to the top of it, despite the group's warning. This causes the cave to collapse. The group, now conscious, wakes up and sees a U.F.O, which crashes back at Animal Village, where the Miracle festival is taking place. Yū and the group arrive at the town, and search for the lost pieces of the U.F.O. Yu and the group find the missing piece of the U.F.O, which turns out to be an alien. To thank Ai and the group for finding it, it shape shifts into Ai. The Miracle festival ends, with everyone happy and well.



  • Yū and Ai's names may be a pun on the English words "you and I."

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