Giant Water Bug

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"I caught a giant water bug! It should've stayed in the water!" —New Horizons
Giant Water Bug
Japanese Unknown Korean Unknown Chinese Unknown
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German Unknown Dutch Unknown Russian Unknown
Giant Water Bug NH.png
Scientific name Lethocerus deyrollei
Family Belostomatidae
Time of year April to September
Time of day 7 PM to 8 AM
Location Floating on water
Size ???
Rarity Common (Rare in April)
Selling price 2,000 Bells
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

The Giant Water Bug is a bug that was added in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It can be found floating on the water during the evening and early morning from April to September.

Donating to the Museum[edit]

In New Horizons[edit]

"How to put this gently? Ah yes... BEWARE the giant water bug! I tell you, this vicious predator has been known to attack fish, frogs, and even snakes! SNAKES! Truth be told, no one is safe! Its nickname is 'the toe-biter,' for goodness sakes! Now, one final fact before I faint... The gruesome bug uses its inject its prey...with digestive juices. Hoo... Must stop thinking about...the unthinkable."

Once donated, the Giant Water Bug can be found floating among the reeds on the way to the butterfly room in the Bug Wing at the Museum.

Further information[edit]

Lethocerus deyrollei (sometimes classified as Kirkaldyia deyrollei) is a species of giant water bug. They are the most well known species of giant water bug (members of the family Belostomatidae) and are found in Japan, Korea, eastern China, and the Amur region of Russia. They can measure up to 6.5 cm in length and are predatory.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese タガメ
Lethocerus deyrollei (lit. "field turtle")

Korean 물장군
Lethocerus deyrollei

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
田鳖 / 田鱉
Lethocerus deyrollei (lit. "field turtle")

Russian Водяной клоп-гигант
Vodyanoy klop-gigant
Giant water bug

Dutch Reuzenwaterwants Giant water bug (Belostomatidae)

German Riesenwanze Belostomatidae (lit. "Giant bug")

European Spanish Chinche acuática gigante Giant water bug

European French Punaise d’eau géante Giant water bug

Italian Cimice d’acqua gigante Giant water bug