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Lotter, an Animal Crossing villager.
Species Personality Gender
Human Normal/Uchi Female
Star sign Taurus Taurus
Phrase I guess
Saying Magic is real as long as you believe in it!
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Hi, I'm Lotter! You can probably guess where that name comes from, and subsequently who my favorite NPC is. I've been an Animal Crossing fan since 2004 when I got the GameCube game for Christmas. My favorite game in the series is New Leaf, but at this point I'm just waiting for the next one.

I'm fluent in Swedish and English, pretty good at understanding Japanese (though I'll admit I'm not great at actually speaking it myself), and I know some basic French and German. I've always had an interest in language and etymology, which is why I've made it kind of a personal goal on here to try and list everyone's name origins.


I don't really have a current town going on, so instead I'll just list some of my favorite villagers (in no particular order):

And my favorite special NPCs (other than Lottie):

Sequel hopes[edit]


Here's some features I'd like to see in a future Animal Crossing:

  • Houses having their own garden/lot areas, similar to HHD
  • Some sort of roomie system, allowing a villager to move in with you
  • Special NPCs acting more like regular villagers in their time off, or at least having their own houses (maybe in an expanded city area?)
  • A system to create a custom villager (might be better suited for a spinoff where you actually play as the animal too)


I'd love to see some more villager species. The obvious choices are probably lizards and bats, but I think some sort of bug could be fun - maybe ants, bees or beetles. More aquatic species would be good too, like turtles or maybe even something like dolphins.

I'm also waiting for some lionesses to be added. Not quite sure what's taking them so long, we even got male kangaroos.

Returning villagers[edit]

Villagers (missing from New Leaf) I'm hoping will return in the future: