Balloon Fight

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Balloon Fight
Developer(s) Nintendo R&D1
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Yoshio Sakamoto
Release date(s) JPJanuary 22, 1985
NAJune 3, 1986
EUMarch 12, 1987
Genre(s) Platformer
Ratings ESRB: E
Selling price 750
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Balloon Fight (バルーンファイト, Barūn Faito) is a Nintendo Entertainment System game ported from an arcade system. Originally released in 1984, the game was released for the Nintendo Entertainment system in Japan, North America, and Europe in 1985, 1986, and 1987, respectively.

It can be won at Tom Nook's lottery, purchased at Crazy Redd's, or found buried by a villager.


When playing Balloon Fight, the player controls a small Balloon Fighter that has two balloons attached to his back. To make the Balloon Fighter flap his "wings" and fly, the player can press A or B repeatedly. The objective of the game is to defeat bird-shaped Balloon Fighters. The player advances to the next stage if they manage to defeat all of the Balloon Fighters. If an enemy pops one of the player's balloons, their ability to fly is decreased. The player only has three lives, and they lose one if both of their balloons are popped, if they fall into the water, if they are eaten by the Giant Piranha at the water's surface, or if they are struck by lightning.

Balloon Trip[edit]

Balloon Trip is another gameplay mode that is a side-scroller platformer. The player has to avoid obstacles and get balloons, aiming for the high score. The player starts this mode with only one life.