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Punch-Out NES Box Art.png
Developer(s) Nintendo R&D 3
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) NES
Release date(s) NES

NAOctober 1987
JPNovember 21, 1987
EUDecember 15, 1987
Wii Virtual Console
JPApril 3, 2007
NAApril 16, 2007
EUMarch 30, 2007
3DS Virtual Console
JPFebruary 1, 2012
NAMarch 8, 2012
EUMarch 1, 2012
Wii U Virtual Console
NAMarch 20, 2013
EUMarch 20, 2013

Genre(s) Sports, Fighting
Sell price 750

Punch-Out!! is an NES game in Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+. It is one of five games given out though Nintendo's giveaways. Initially, Punch-Out!! was not available in game without the use of an Action Replay; however, Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe released a code that could be used to unlock it in-game.


The player takes control of the boxer known as Little Mac, trying to work his way up the tournaments to become the champion, while facing many different and peculiar boxers along the way. Compared to most other boxers, Little Mac has a small array of moves: a left and right jab, left and right body blows, and an uppercut. The uppercut, being his best move, is great for finishing off opponents. However, it can be performed only after Mac earns a star. Stars can be obtained after counter-punching certain enemy attacks before or after they're launched, and are one-time use items. Up to three stars can be acquired at any given time. On the defensive side, Little Mac can perform left and right dodges, duck, or block. Next to the Star meter, which keeps track of how many stars are in the player's possession, there's also a Heart meter to keep track of how many hearts the player has. When the heart meter reaches zero, Little Mac will change his skin color to pink, and will be unable to attack (though defensive moves are still usable during this state). The Heart meter decreases by three upon receiving an enemy attack, and decreases by one when blocking enemy attacks, or when the opposing boxer dodges or blocks the player's attack. The only way to fill the heart meter is by dodging enemy attacks.

A bout will end once one of three criteria are met; Once a boxer can't get up after ten seconds of being knocked down (called a knockout or KO), once a boxer is knocked down three times in one round (called a technical knockout or TKO), or by the referee's decision, if the bout did not have a winner after three rounds. When it is by decision, the Little Mac may win if he has a high enough point total, earned by punching and knocking down the opponent. However, some matches cannot be won this way and will result in an immediate loss once round three is over and the opponent is still standing. Little Mac is only able to stand after being knocked down three times per bout; once he is knocked down a fourth time, it results in an immediate KO for the player.

Little Mac fighting Bald Bull in Punch-Out!!