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Pinball NES Box Art.jpg
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) NES
Release date(s) 1983 (Arcade, NES)
1985 (North America)
Genre(s) Pinball
Sell price 750

Pinball (ピンボール) is a 1983 arcade game created by Nintendo. The game is designed to simulate a game of pinball. It was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System later that year. In 1985 it reached North America as one of 18 launch titles. The Nintendo Entertainment System version added an alternating two-player mode. It was later re-released as an e-reader Card game, and is also playable as an unlockable mini-game in Doubutsu no Mori for the Nintendo 64 and Animal Crossing on the Nintendo GameCube. It was available on the Wii's Virtual Console until the Wii Shop Channel's closure on January 30, 2019.


The pinball table

Pinball is a game where the player controls the paddles of a virtual pinball machine. The game has two screens to represent the traditional pinball table and one for a bonus mode. Play begins when the player launches a ball with the plunger from the first screen—the bottom of the pinball table—through the top of the screen to the second screen. Play will move to the first screen if the ball falls through the bottom of the top screen and will return to the top screen if the ball is hit back through the space at the top of the first screen. The player controls the flippers on either screen to deflect the ball to keep it from falling off the bottom of the lower screen, and hopefully score points by hitting targets, bumpers, and other features.

Pinball also has a secondary Breakout-like mode, which the player reaches by hitting the ball into a bonus hole that takes the player to a bonus stage where they control Mario carrying a platform. The object of this mode is to rescue Pauline (previously seen in Donkey Kong). The player achieves this by bouncing the ball off Mario's platform and passing through colored lights (there are twelve of these, arranged in three columns of four). Each time the ball passes through a light, it changes color. If the player manages to get an entire column to be all the same color, the platform directly above that column will shrink. Eventually, if this is repeated, Pauline will fall through and drop. The player must then catch her with Mario's platform and lead her to one of two exits on the left and right sides of the area, which will earn them 10,000 bonus points and spawn a new Pauline at the top. However, if Pauline falls below the platform, the player will lose their current ball.


  • If the player's score reaches 100,000, the flippers will turn invisible. They reappear when the score reaches 150,000.
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