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Project Furniture is a collaborative wiki project that will cover any and everything furniture. Originally conceived in late 2010, the project has been on hiatus since January 9, 2011. There has been recent interest to revive the project as of July 2014. Since the original foreseer of the project is inactive, I, Mario will take charge in overhauling this project. If anyone else is interested in helping, please do so in the appropriate talk page, the Bulletin Board, or Mario's talk page.

One of the best things about the Animal Crossing games is decorating your house with worthless pieces of trash glorious beautiful furniture.[1] Wow your easily impressed villagers and be the envy of your non-existent friends! You might want some information prior to decorating your house, however. This is what wikis are for, right?

And unlike other projects so far, this one is pretty active! Yes, we still have unpaid slaves volunteers willing to work on this project into 2017!




July 26, 2014

Leader's minionsEdit


July 26, 2014


July 26, 2014


July 27, 2014


July 29, 2014


December 28, 2015

Princess Peach

May 11, 2016


March 2, 2017

Former membersEdit

They were the previous members of Project Furniture but they weren't seen for years. They're always welcome back, once they get over their horror of what happened to this page.



If you are interested in becoming a member, request it in the talk page or contact the leaders of the group (or XXSuperXXNintendoX or sunmarsh if Mario is being held and "interrogated" by Villager[2](What Mario doesn't know, however, is that Villager is one of SNES's henchmen.).

There are no prerequisites or any of that crap; just contribute to the project with constructive edits and discussions. Members that do not contribute adequately, however, may be considered inactive and may be placed in the retirement list if they are inactive for long enough. Please use good judgment if you think a member is no longer eligible.

Member benefits? Yeah, you get this really nasty userbox I found lying on the streets, soaked in a puddle. To put it in your page, just add {{UB Project Furniture}} to your userbox tower. Have fun with it! (You also get free soda refills, but the soda dispenser has malfunctioned and won't be fixed for another century!)[3]

  This user is a member of Project Furniture.

If you are a member, feel free to edit this page if any pages have adequate images/complete information. If there is anything I missed, you can say so in the talk page or you can correct it yourself. If you're not a member, shoot any issues in the talk page! We may respond! Just don't ask us about the soda.

If you want to be a leader yourself, just ask! It might take more than begging, though and it also depends on Mario's mood. Again, there are no formal qualifications other than you're a trusted user and can take on the responsibility of being a leader.

Bulletin forum linkEdit

If you want to discuss about stuff in detail or if you are allergic to wiki talk pages, you can access this thread in the forums. Be warned, however, that refreshments aren't available, so don't sue us.

General coverageEdit

Many furniture pieces belong in a set, theme, or series, in order of ascending size. As such, there is no need to create separate pages for each piece of furniture. Redirects, however, can be created to help readers search for individual pieces of furniture. If a furniture piece is part of different series, though, such as that silly Deer Scare that is in both Zen Garden set and Mossy Garden Theme, a disambiguation page should be created.

If you have expanded any of these items until the point it can move into another table, please revise the list! I can't keep track of every change! Thanks.


This is a series. Not so great to own if you have severe wood allergies.

Series are generic furniture items, such as beds, television, chairs, and lamps, but with a twist. They match! It can be their color, their design, or their "vibe". Furniture series can consist of many things including, but not limited to, boring white furniture, stripey-looking furniture, furniture smuggled from Mushroom Kingdom, furniture that would make your parents scold you, or furniture that are your teeth's worst nightmare. If you're playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, most items from series can be taken to Cyrus and have it refurbished, such as changing its color. Different colors and designs should be documented, but are not required. All series have a corresponding floor and wallpaper.

Needs just images
  • Well, Blanca, you're fired now.


This is a theme. Sleeping, sitting, or avoiding to get burnt by firebars may not be practical but it's worth it to show your retro geekiness. Or your love for me. <3

Themes tend to be as big as furniture series, but unlike furniture series, it usually doesn't have a set of generic items such as beds, television, chairs, and lamp designed around a certain style. No, themes, when complete, although mostly impractical in everyday reality, give the impression that you're living in that kind of setting. If you're dying to make your home look like a boxing arena, look no further. All themes have a corresponding floor and wallpaper.

Needs just images
  • All information complete!


This is a set. Looks nice if you're going for a house that looks anything BUT a house. (Also, soda line starts here.)

Sets don't follow any rules really, but think of them as mini themes or series[4][5]. There are usually much less items associated with a set. For instance, the Pear set has only two items: a dresser and a wardrobe that looks like -you guessed it- a pear. A few exceptions apply, but take that as a general rule.

Needs just images
  • Nothing to see here, move along!

The restEdit

Kitchen items aren't part of a theme/set, but let's go with it!

Countless amounts of furniture items do not fall in any of these sets. We will not create individual pages for every furniture item here. Not only does it create a lot of tiny pages (even though they're not stubs), it's going to be a navigational nightmare for readers and editors. Keep in mind, there are at least a few hundred of these items.

Several of these items, however, were part of an unofficial set. However, most of these are now found on one article dedicated to furniture not part of an official set: Miscellaneous furniture. However, there will always be varying opinion on where and how these items are to be grouped.

  • Get to work!! ...or SCRAM!!
Needs just images
  • Art - needs ACNL info on sculptures
  • Fossil - needs ACNL info on fossil models, plus images of everything
  • Miscellaneous furniture - needs DnM, DnM+, DnMe+, ACWW & ACCF info
  • NES games - missing info on Japan-exclusive games, list on page should be converted to table format

We apologize for the huge blank spaces here.

The musical-oriented thingsEdit

Imagine if this is your bed room. You probably can't sleep, but I guess you can take comfort that nobody will dare sneak inside your house anymore!
Main article: Gyroid (furniture)

The creepy things you dig up after a day or so of precipitation are Lloid's evil friends called gyroids! They bop and swiggle to the music or just randomly do it if no music is playing. Either way, they're furniture like everything else, including that lovely white fur rug that so happens to be in your basement while everyone is wondering where Marshal went and why so suddenly.... The current article we have on gyroids isn't too good. Perhaps each family of gyroid can be put into their own articles rather than be stuffed into a big list so it's more organized that way. But we're just starting on that, so suggestions on our talk page will be especially welcome!

Refurbishing and crapEdit

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you can give some furniture to Cyrus and he can change the color of the furniture (we call this "textures" in 3D modeling, but bear with us). Not all furniture can be refurbished. While we're working on adding images for furniture that can be refurbished, it would be helpful to provide a list of furniture that can be refurbished. The one we have currently leaves a whole lot to be desired, so any expansion would be appreciated! Check one of the links below to get information and pictures for refurbishing your precious garbage.

Furniture master lists!!!!Edit

Since we do not want to create separate pages for each and every furniture, we must find a way to fit all furniture in the pages. These should do their best at that job.

Furniture functionEdit

Finally, we have articles based on furniture function. All are incomplete and need images, maybe except for the Lights and Clocks article. Even if your game is incomplete (it probably is), chances are, you can contribute to these articles! Ideally, these article should list all furniture that fit these types. It's long and can be even tedious,[6] but it will pay off. Hardly anything is more satisfying than seeing your hard work in full glory in those sexy tables.

Chairs & Sofas
Storage Units

Furniture color and Feng ShuiEdit

What is, in real life, an illogical money-and-energy-wasting practice actually has applications in the Animal Crossing series.[7] Feng Shui in this game, is the practice of putting certain colored furniture in certain spots to increase types of luck. Feng Shui counts three colors: Red, Green, and Yellow. Anyway, the article on Feng Shui is, frankly, not very helpful; it's a big mess of a list that's incomplete. Or, so it was, since we now have much more useful color furniture lists to help players search the correct color furniture. In the mean time, Project Furniture covers this article as well. The page itself needs a revamp and somewhat of a rewrite, but helpful lists on specific color furniture are still there.

Prior to Animal Crossing: Wild World, the games have furniture designated to Feng Shui colors. Furniture can come in Red, Green, Yellow, or none.

The Animal Crossing games since Wild World have a specific dual color designation for most furniture. For instance, the Stripe Lamp is categorized as aqua and white. Some furniture have only one color, such as the Sleek Bed, but they are categorized as two colors; in the Sleek Bed, it's Black and Black (Black (x2). While the vast majority of furniture have two color designations, some furniture have one or no color designation. We need to find other ways to categorize this furniture.

Oh, and these are the color designations.

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Aqua
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Colorful
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • White
  • Gray
  • Black

As stated previously, Feng Shui counts only Yellow, Green, and Red, but the remaining colors are needed if a villager asks for a certain color of furniture. Finally, each villager has a preference for a certain color and vibe (explained later) for furniture. Cube the lazy penguin, for instance, likes colorful furniture.

Although determining furniture color is generally straightforward, by looking at the two dominant furniture colors (if not one), the game can throw you in a loop. Check out the furniture lists in the external links below to determine for sure if Nintendo can see the same colors as you. Seriously, you'd think furniture from the Alpine series would be blue and white, but no, Nintendo thinks they're brown and gray.

Master lists are being created involving furniture color, and all are incomplete at this time. For the most part, they need information from Animal Crossing: Wild World. If someone can snag images from any game that isn't Animal Crossing: New Leaf, we'd highly appreciate it!

  • Timmy and Tommy have yet to rob our pages.
Needs just images
  • Red (info from Wild World; tables from older games need conversion to newer item list)
  • Yellow (info from Wild World; tables from older games need conversion to newer item list)
  • Green
  • Colorful
  • Brown
  • White
  • Gray
  • Black

Yes, so there is no 'Completed' box here, but it'll be a while before any of these pages are completed and we'll worry about how to fit a fourth box in when the time comes, right? Never mind that, since all pages are started, we decided to strip Nat of his cockroach real estate and instead place this invitation for Timmy and Tommy to mug us and sell their stuff for overpriced amounts so their evil overlord can roll around in wealth.


Main article: Help:Contents


Rules regarding item capitalization were left to mob rule, a.k.a. public vote, ending on August 18, 2014. The mob voted to capitalize the first letter of all words in item names, series, themes, sets, and categories (e.g., Blue Chair, Blue Series, Sea Bass), so we'll go with what the mob thinks or risk being run over (after all, they must still be pretty mad about the whole soda thing...). Oh, and prepositions or articles should not be capitalized (e.g., Jack-in-the-Box).


Creating redirects is simple. Create the page as you would with any page (searching for the item, then creating the page; clicking on a red link), but input this.


For instance, if you want to create a redirect for a delicious 1-Up Mushroom for my favorite furniture theme, the content of the 1-Up Mushroom page looks like this:

#redirect[[Mario theme]]

Please avoid double redirects. Don't redirect into a redirect!


Tables make up the bulk of most furniture articles. And we don't mean the ones you put your silly computer on. The box below lists some basic wikitext code used to construct a table. Nookipedia uses templates that incorporate these elements, so you don't need to worry about including them when editing furniture articles. However it's still helpful to know what this code does in the event you need to work with raw table coding.

{| indicates start of a table

|} indicates end of a table

! column header title

| creates new cell in the same row

|- adds a new row

Table templatesEdit

Warning: The following section, subsections, and "Table style guide" are hijacked by sunmarsh. Any instance of "I" in this section refers to him, not me, Mario.

Nookipedia uses three templates to generate tables: {{TableHeader}}, {{TableContent}}, and {{TableFooter}}. Each template creates a different part of the table. TableHeader creates a collapsible container for the table and generates the table's column header labels. TableContent formats the table's cells and creates new rows, and TableFooter closes the table and any divs used to create the table's collapsible container. For more info on how to use them, be sure to visit their corresponding template page for documentation.

Not THAT table! Even if it is shiny!

The following sections show you how how each template works to create different parts of the table.[8] If you're still confused on how to use these templates, head over to some of the more completed furniture pages and edit the page to study the coding structure. If you need any one-on-one help, you can contact any of our members, preferably our more active, experienced ones (or sunmarsh, he's the complete moron absolute genius who made them). Oh, and remember to use the preview button before you save!


This template will automatically create a collapsible container for the table as well as its column heading labels. By inputting the correct parameters, the table will automatically generate a table with the appropriate amount of columns for the list you are creating. The template accepts several parameters as outlined in its documentation; however, I will be going over only the required parameters here.

  • game - Specifies the game the item list is referencing. Possible values: DnM, DnM+, ACGC, DnMe+, ACWW, ACCF, ACNL
  • type - Specifies the type of item(s) the table will contain. Possible values: accessory, carpet, clothing, fish, fossil, furniture, gyroid, insect, misc, music, seafood, stationery, wallpaper
  • collection - Specifies the type of list being created/the type of page the page the list will be on. Possible values: category, other, series, set, theme
  • title - The table's name that will appear at the top of the collapsible container.

Example: Let's say you want to create a furniture table for the Pirate theme in ACWW because you like pirates and you want your villagers to mistake you for a pirate. You would use the following wikitext code:

{{TableHeader|game=ACWW|type=furniture|collection=Theme|title=Pirate Theme in ''Animal Crossing: Wild World''}}

and it produces:

Pirate Theme in Animal Crossing: Wild World


This template formats each cell's contents appropriately and automatically creates new rows. It does not have any required parameters. If you are creating a critter table, however, you will want to use the type parameter to specify insect, fish, or seafood, so it can change the cell border color appropriately.

Example: Let's try the template out on a bug table...

{{TableHeader|game=ACCF|type=insect|collection=other|title=List of bugs in ''Animal Crossing: City Folk''}}

| 1
| Common Butterfly
| [[File:Common Butterfly (City Folk).png]]
| 90
| Common
| 50mm
| Near flowers
| <small>March - June:</small> 4AM - 7PM<br><small>September:</small> 8AM - 4PM
| J F <font color{{=}}"#32B311">'''M A M J'''</font> J A <font color{{=}}"#32B311">'''S'''</font> O N D
| -

Important: Notice how I enclosed the equals signs for the text in the months column in brackets (<font color{{=}}...). This is because cell contents cannot contain a raw equals sign due to how the template is coded.


List of bugs in Animal Crossing: City Folk

# Name Image Price Rarity Average Location Time Months Peak
1 Common butterfly   90 Common 50mm Near flowers March - June: 4 AM - 7 PM
September: 8 AM - 4 PM


Although don't go adding this to furniture pages. As awesome as we are, this is beyond our scope.[9]


This template will produce the appropriate closing tags for a table and its container. If you don't end your tables with this tag, they will take up the entire page and may 'swallow' other elements on the page. That's not good! Your tables don't deserve this! If you look at the wikitext code for this page, you will see I closed the tables in the examples above using this template. This template accepts an optional div parameter which may be set to true or false (default is true). If set to false it will not insert closing div tags. This allows you to embed other tables inside the container before closing it, like in the example below.

Blue Series in Animal Crossing:New Leaf

Blue Bed   2,100 525 Timmy & Tommy Yellow / Blue Rustic Basic   Bed Yes
Item Image Buy Price Sell Price Color HHA Theme Style Available From
Blue Wall   1,260 315 Blue - Basic Nooklings

Table style guideEdit

Because Template:TableHeader can generate so many different tables it's not really feasible to provide examples of every possible type. Instead the following list provides a style guide for how a cell's contents should be formatted depending on the type of information they contain.

  • Item: Capitalize the first letter of every word in an item's name, except for articles or prepositions.
  • Song Title: Used in place of 'Item' on music tables. Capitalization rules still apply.
  • Name: Used in place of 'Item' on insect, fish, and seafood tables. Capitalization rules still apply.
  • Listen: Used on music tables; insert the appropriate audio file. See Help:Audio for more info.
  • Image: Image width should be set to 75px. If the item is missing an image use the template {{MIA}}.
  • Buy price: Always use Nook's catalog buy price (or other NPC's, if applicable), not Redd's buy price. If buy price is not bells, note the currency used. (e.g. 40 medals)
  • Sell price: Always use Nook's base sale price. If buy price is not bells (e.g. 40 medals), note the currency in the sell price (e.g. 250 bells).
  • Available from: How does one acquire the item? Make sure this content links to the appropriate Nookipedia article.
  • Group: (A, B, C, or -) Only applicable to ACWW and older games.
  • Feng Shui: (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Special, Lucky, or -) Only applicable to DnMe+ and older games.
  • Color: (Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Aqua, Beige, Pink, White, Gray, Black, Brown and/or Colorful) Be sure to put the color name in brackets to call the appropriate template. If an item has more than one color, list them in alphabetical order with a "/" between each one. (e.g. Green / Red). In specific color lists, however, list the article's color first (e.g. in "List of pink furniture", always list Pink first). Applicable to ACWW and newer games.
  • Genre(s):(Old School, Modern, Chic, and/or Lovely) Applicable to ACWW & ACCF only.
  • HHA Theme(s): (Harmonious, Antique, Rustic, Trendy, Fairy Tale, Toy Shop, Sci-Fi, or Quirky) If an item has more than one then list them in alphabetical order with a "&" between each one. (e.g. Antique & Trendy) Applicable to ACNL only.
  • Style: (Basic, Cute, Flashy, Historical, Iconic, Modern, Official, Ornate, Rock 'n' Roll, or Sporty) Applicable to ACNL only.
  • Size: How much space an item takes up. ({{Small}}, {{Medium}} or {{Large}}). On fish and seafood tables indicates shadow size instead.
  • Location: Used in insect and fish tables. Notes where the critter can be caught.
  • Time: Used in insect, fish, and seafood tables. Notes which times & months the critter can be caught.
  • Months: Used in insect and fish tables. Notes which months the critter can be caught. The contents will automatically be formatted to be grey and small. Add the appropriate color formatting to months the critter is available in. Remember that equals signs must be placed in brackets to avoid breaking the template.
  • Info: Can the item do anything special? (e.g. Table, Stereo, Storage, Lamp, TV, Wall furniture, Can place on table etc.)
  • Customize: Can Cyrus customize the item? (Yes or No). Applicable to ACNL only.

Useful linksEdit

You don't need years of training or hundreds of hours of mindless grinding to acquire each furniture item to be a furniture buff. Check out these links below!

General guidesEdit

  • Animalxing - Easy to use and navigate, but contains relevant information only to Animal Crossing and Wild World.
  • Animal Crossing Community - Contains some information on furniture. For New Leaf information, you have to be a member. Screw you.

Doubutsu no MoriEdit

Doubutsu no Mori+Edit

Animal CrossingEdit

Doubutsu no Mori e+Edit

Animal Crossing: Wild WorldEdit

Animal Crossing: City FolkEdit

Animal Crossing: New LeafEdit

Custom furnitureEdit

  • Custom New Leaf tumblr. Yes, this site provides images for the customized items! Please crop the images first before uploading them or I will have to do them! Something simple as MS paint can even do the job...


  1. The only bad thing is that, in short of hacking the game, completing your favorite set takes forever. Or, just have a completely random assortment, although a specifically random assortment is just as hard to have.
  2. Mario's last known photograph
  3. We take no responsibility of damages associated with waiting for another century to get our soda dispensers repaired.
  4. Except the Fish set and Insect set, they seem like full-fledged series, but they aren't, for some reason.
  5. The Classroom set used to be a theme but was reclassified as a set... for some reason I don't even...
  6. (+24,449)‎
  7. The same series where talking penguins can argue with grumpy cows while not being bothered if it's a hot day outside.
  8. Important: Figuring out how {{TableHeader}} works doesn't guarantee you getting those overpriced GracieGrace furniture.
  9. This line is definitely written by Mario.

  We apologize if this project page looks incredibly ugly. Due to budget cuts, however, this cannot be prevented.