List of events in Animal Crossing

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Some events featured in Animal Crossing

The following is a list of events in Animal Crossing.

All events are also present in all regions of the game (except Girl's Festival, Boy's Festival, Bean-Tossing Festival and Summer Day) without any region locking.


  • New Year's Day (January 1): Tortimer greets the player with a happy new year, and the player can receive a random diary from him.


  • Groundhog Day (February 2): Tortimer appears on a podium in front of the wishing well, while four villagers stand by in anticipation of Mr. Resetti's appearance. Tortimer will give the player a gift.
  • Valentine's Day (February 14): Villagers of the opposite gender will send letters with gifts to the player


  • Sports Fair (March 3): The player and villagers can participate in various activities like Gymnastics, Foot Race, Ball Toss and, Tug-o-War




  • Fishing Tourney (Every Saturday of June): Chip hosts a Fishing Tourney, where the player must catch the only types of bass.
  • Graduation Day (Second Sunday in June): Tortimer, will present the player with a model of Able Sisters, known as the Tailor Model, for all of their hard work.
  • Father's Day (Third Sunday in June): Dad will send the player a letter, and Tortimer will appear near the wishing well. If spoken to, he will give the player a locomotive model.


  • Fireworks Show (July 4): Tortimer can be found roaming in a random acre and will give the player a decorative bottle rocket.
  • Group Stretching (July 25 to August 31): Copper will conduct morning aerobics at the wishing well with four other villagers and the player.
  • Hometown Day (Randomly pre-determined day in July): Tortimer appears near the wishing well and gives the player one of 15 Station Models.


  • Meteor Shower (August 12): Tortimer will give the player a telescope for attending the event. During this event, the meteors can only be seen reflected through the lake, since the player cannot see the sky.
  • Founder's Day (August 21): Tortimer appears near the wishing well. He informs the player about the founding of the town and gives them a weed model.


  • Labor Day (First Monday of September): Tortimer will appear near the wishing well and will give the player a shop model.
  • Autumn Moon (15th Day of the 8th Lunar Month): Tortimer will give the player a moon.


  • Explorer's Day (Second Monday of October): Tortimer can be found outside of the town hall. If the player speaks to him, they will receive a bottled ship.
  • Mushrooming Season (October 15 to October 25): Five Mushrooms appear near random trees on different acres around town.
  • Halloween (October 31): Tortimer appears at the wishing well dressed as Jack. Jack will appear in a random acre.



  • Snow Day (December 1): Tortimer, who is near the wishing well, he will tell them about the start of winter and give them a Snowman furniture item.
  • Toy Day (December 23 to December 24): On December 23, Tortimer appears near the wishing well and gives the player a gift. On December 24, Jingle will be out delivering presents.
  • Countdown (December 31): Tortimer appears near the pond along with the countdown board. Special music plays in the background and the animal villagers begin to congregate about the pond. Tortimer, before midnight, will give them a noisemaker; in Doubutsu no Mori+, he instead gives them the New Year's Eve noodles

Doubutsu no Mori+-only events[edit]


  • Birthday: During the player's birthday, they will receive a birthday cake and a letter from their mom with a present attached. The player will also receive letters from villagers with presents and be greeted at the player's front door by another villager.
  • Raffle (Last day of each month): During a raffle, five raffle tickets, which are obtained throughout the month from purchasing items from the store, can be used to have Tom Nook spin a container of balls, with one ball being dispensed.
  • One Day Sale (Weekly Slot): On the day of the sale, Tom Nook's store will follow a special schedule, operating normally most of the day but closing for one hour before and after the sale.