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"That's Dreamy Luigi to you!"

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My name is Danny, and I had joined the Animal Crossing fandom around the release of New Leaf. My first village was named Pi'illo after Pi'illo Island of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, a game that was released the same year as New Leaf. I have had a secondary town by the name Toadtown, named after the recurring Mario series location of the same name, which was later replaced by Beanbean, named after the kingdom which served as the setting of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

My island in New Horizons was also named Pi'illo, as the original namesake was fittingly also an island.



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Villagers of Pi'illo (New Leaf)[edit]

Piillo Town Hall.JPG
Game Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Creation date June 20, 2013
Mayor Danny
Status Semi-Active
Native fruit Cherry

Pi'illo was created on June 20, 2013 and has been maintained since. The town fruit is cherries. Human villagers include Mayor Danny, Char, and Hanna.

Past Villagers of Pi'illo (New Leaf)[edit]

Villagers of Toadtown[edit]

Toadtown Town Hall.JPG
Game Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Creation date May 9, 2015
Mayor Dan
Status Disestablished
Native fruit Orange

Toadtown was a secondary village on another 3DS console. It was initially created on May 8, 2015 and then recreated one day later for multiple reasons. As of November of 2016, Toadtown no longer exists and has been succeeded as secondary village by Beanbean; time had been accelerated near the date of disestablishment to move several residents to their new Beanbean home, explaining some of the unusual moving dates listed below. The town fruit was oranges, previously cherries before the restart. The mayor's name after the restart was Dan.

Proto-Toadtown Starters[edit]

Toadtown Reboot Villagers[edit]

Villagers of Beanbean[edit]

Beanbean Town Hall.JPG
Game Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Creation date October 7, 2015
Mayor Dano
Status Semi-Active
Native fruit Apple

Beanbean was the secondary village created on the Nintendo 3DS system that originally housed Pi'illo before being transferred to a New Nintendo 3DS. It was created on October 7, 2015 and has been maintained since. Most of the villagers were Toadtown residents transferred over. The town fruit is apples. The mayor's name is Dano, and an additional human villager named Music exists there with a house full of music boxes.

Past Villagers of Beanbean[edit]

Villagers of Pi'illo (New Horizons)[edit]

Piillo Resident Services.JPG
Game Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Creation date March 20, 2020
Player Danny
Status Active
Native fruit Peach

Past Villagers of Pi'illo (New Horizons)[edit]