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Various constellations in the night sky in City Folk.

A constellation is a group of stars that are connected to form an image in the sky in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. They can be created in the observatory of the town's museum. After creation, constellations appear in the sky from 6 PM and 6 AM at certain times of year.

Creating a constellation[edit]

A player creating a constellation in Wild World.

To create, modify, or delete constellations, the player must interact with the large telescope in the center of the observatory. When creating or modifying constellations, they are presented with a rotational view of the night sky. Here, stars can be selected, linked, and unlinked using the stylus or pointer. A constellation may only have a maximum of 16 links. Once created, Celeste will ask the player to give the constellation a name. Only a certain number of constellations can be created. Each constellation has a peak viewing time, in which the constellation will be at the optimum viewing point in the sky.

Constellations may be edited and deleted. There is also a stargazing option, which allows the player to view the rotational night sky, but without having the ability to modify or create constellations.

After creation[edit]

After creation, constellations may be seen in the night sky. Whether a constellation is visible or not depends on the time of day and year, as well as the placement of the constellation in the observatory during its creation. Residents of the player's town may comment on a visible constellation, and may sometimes discuss how fitting its name is. In City Folk, Katrina may refer to one of the player's creations and its relevance to the player's fortune. If the player travels to another town, one of their constellations may appear in the sky of the host's town.