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Who am I?

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A strange guy popped out of nowhere starting to add Italian names in the villagers' pages... It's absolutely understandable that you want to know who the heck I am. Very well, I will grant your wish. After all, I know very well how the secrets beckon so sweetly... Only an honest answer will satisfy your wild curiosity, won't it?

Cryptic (but not too much, honestly) quotes aside, I'm Antonio. Nice to meet ya, pal. I'm an Italian guy, precisely from the southern part of the boot, who studies Modern Literature at university. Ready for unemployement, am I not? If you want to get a better idea of me, I'm a lazy guy with a smug steak, who is not so unfamiliar with the wiki universe. At the moment, I'm trying to find a place in the world, a good way to study and keep up with exams without becoming an hermit and dealing with existential crisis. My first AC game was Animal Crossing: Wild World when I was around 6-7 years old. A cute kiddo, uh. Anyway, I remained fascinated with this wonderful and whimsical world since then, so... Here I am, a grown-up man playing with cute, little animals in a peaceful, rural city where everything is cute and sweet. Cool, isn't it?

I believe you could call me a Nintendo-holic: I'm for the most part into Nintendo games, and I am a huge fan of Super Mario, Pokémon and Fire Emblem sagas. I don't play really much the other consoles, but one of my favourite non-Nintendo games is Dishonored. Really love that immersive feeling while roaming for the street of that rotten city that is Dunwall. Ah, I was forgetting Danganronpa. My favourite characters are Fujisaki Chihiro, Kirigiri Kyoko and Akamatsu Kaede.

Aside from videogames, my interests are writing, drawing and reading. I'm particularly into fantasy and detective stories, as well as classics. My favourite book saga is Percy Jackson, even though sometimes I would like to knock some sense into Riordan for some really awkward stylistic choice. Or for creating Meg, that is. I hope my terrible English won't hurt your heart.

Well, did my short bio satisfy your curiosity? Whatever the answer may be, you can ask me things in my talk page. I won't bite, I promise. But I could steal something from you; I'm an Italian, after all. Okay, that was a bad joke even for me, sorry.

A short Animal Crossing bio

As I mentioned before, my first game was Animal Crossing: Wild World. I remember well the hours spent playing in my first town ever, which I creatively called Nevepoli, which is the Italian name of Snowpoint City, a city from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. Some of my villagers were Mitzi, Tangy, Mathilda, Rocco, Buck and Hopper. Ah, these were really good, ol' times... Anyway, then I moved on Animal Crossing: City Folk as soon as it was released in Europe, with his ridiculously long name in the PAL version. Again, I named my city as the one on Animal Crossing: Wild World. One of my starting villagers was Punchy, which I learnt to love and is now my favourite villager of all. That's my cute, vacuous cat and nobody can hurt him, am I crystal-clear? On June 16th, 2013, the small rural town of Armonia greeted his new incompetent mayor. I migrated on Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and it was a beautiful experience. There I met some of my buddies, namely Marshal, Flo, Chester and Tammy. Animal Crossing: New Leaf was a kind of strange experience, you know. On November 23, 2016, I deleted my city and became mayor of a new one, Themis, but it didn't lasted much, replaced by Borealia. I played in it for a short time, and now the game is taking dust on my bookshelf. I'm looking forward for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and having a good life there. Ah, I also have Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and that cheap thing of Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. I played Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for a short time, but mobile phone games aren't my thing.

My villagers (Italian names)

Animal Crossing

Wild World

City Folk

New Leaf

So, why am I here?

Basically, for the moment I'm adding all the missing Italian names, also adding their meaning where I can. After that, I hope to collaborate with Nookipedia more, maybe adding even some new pages. Who knows. If the university won't kill me, you probably will see me more on here. Hope we can all be buddies, amici.

To-do list

Translation (main goal)

  • Find all the cut off-villagers' names (COMPLETE FOR VILLAGERS!)
  • Find Farley's Italian name (ongoing)
  • Adding villagers' houses

Translation (secondary goal)

  • Add all the Italian missing villagers' names, meanings and catchphrase
  • Add all the Italian missing fishes' names and meanings
  • Add all the Italian missing bugs's names and meaning
  • Add all the Italian furnitures missing names