Bus Stop

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Bus Stop
A player interacting with the bus stop.
A player at the bus stop in the city.
Service Bus Stop
Services Going to the city (CF)
Opening hours All day
Appearances Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The bus stop is a place in the player's town and in the city in Animal Crossing: City Folk, which allows players to go to and from the city on the bus and a public works project in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Kapp'n drives the bus to the city.


In Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

In City Folk, the bus stop is located near the Town Gate and sits behind the fountain (once built via the Town fund) and allows the player to go to the City. On the first day, the bus will not come. The bus is absent if there is a villager or snowball in its path. If players build a snowman in the middle of the paved area next to the bus stop, they will have to wait until the snowman melts to go to the city again. Also, in the city the player cannot step on the road that the bus travels on. This prevents the player from putting anything in the way of the bus, which might cause the player to be trapped.

If players talk to villagers near the bus stop, the conversations may revolve around the bus and the city, by saying they are checking the times. Some villagers may give information, such as the bus appearing frequently, which means there is no need to wait. Villagers cannot be pushed up onto the bus stop. When players have a friend over, they cannot take the bus to the city, saying "The bus won't be coming for a while." As soon as the friend leaves, players can take the bus. Villagers will mention going to the city, but they cannot be seen taking the bus or in the city. The bus stop at the city follows the same rules as the one in the town.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

In New Leaf, the bus stop is a public works project that is requested by uchi villagers to be built, it takes up a space of 4x2 in the town and costs 136,000 Bells to be built. Unlike in City Folk the bus stop does not take the player to the city, since the city is absent.