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The player gaining a reputation in New Leaf.

Reputation (conjectural name[nb 1]) is a mechanic in Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf that keeps track of actions that a player does in the game. When completing an activity a high number of times, the player will develop a reputation amongst the villagers in town for that action, bestowing a unique title upon them. While villagers spread rumors about it amongst themselves, they will occasionally pass it along to the player in order to inform them of their reputation.

Villagers can also spread rumors about another player's reputation, particularly when visiting other towns, or when a villager has moved from another player's town.


In City Folk[edit]

Several reputations in City Folk can be gained by simply wearing certain clothing or accessories regularly. Others require in-game actions to completed many times before they can be gained.

Reputation Requirements
Angelface Wearing the Halo accessory regularly.
Bridezilla Wearing clothing from the bride look regularly.
Witchlette Wearing clothing from the magical look regularly.
Four-Eyes Wearing glasses regularly.
Parasol Girl Equipping umbrellas regularly.
Fishing Fan Catching fish regularly.
Flyswatter Catching bugs regularly.
Bloom Bud
Flower Girl
Planting or watering many a total of 500 flowers.
Tree Shaker Shaking trees regularly.
Pro Listener Fulfilling villager favors regularly.
Average Joe Trading items with villagers regularly.
Party Peep Talking to villagers regularly and having high friendship with them.
Broke Joker Rarely socializing with villagers.
Early Bird Playing mostly in the morning.
Raindrop Playing mostly when it rains.
World Traveler Traveling to many other players' towns.
Bell Hoarder Saving many Bells deposited in the bank, while spending very little.

In New Leaf[edit]

New Leaf introduces many more reputations, but almost all of them can now only be gained from completing in-game activities many times.

Reputation Requirements
Freshman Mayor Becoming mayor; this reputation cannot be regained after gaining another reputation.
New Face Moving into town; this reputation cannot be regained after gaining another reputation.
World Traveler Traveling to many other players' towns.
Time Traveler Adjusting the in-game clock regularly.
Pro Traveler Visiting other players' towns regularly.
Happy Tourist Going on tours on Tortimer Island regularly.
Stump Maker Cutting down many trees with an axe.
Pro Listener Fulfilling villager favors regularly.
Aspiring Designer Creating many designs and having many villagers in town wear them.
Fish-and-Bug Star Catching many different kinds of fish and bugs and donating them to the museum.
Deep Diver Catching all types of sea creatures.
Fishing Expert Catching all types of fish.
Bug Whisperer Catching all types of bugs.
Bellionaire Having 1,000,000 Bells or more deposited in a savings account.
Shopaholic Purchase items from shops regularly.
Civic Leader Building public works projects or enacting ordinances regularly (contributing money to public works projects often also counts).
Fashionista Passing Gracie's fashion check regularly.
Tree Hugger Planting many trees regularly.
Green Thumb Breeding many kinds of hybrid flowers.
Flower Fan Planting or watering a total of 500 flowers.
Fishing Fiend Catching fish regularly.
Fly Swatter Catching bugs regularly.
Diving Fan Catching sea creatures regularly.
Bell Pincher Saving many Bells deposited in the bank, while spending very little.
Social Butterfly Talk to villagers regularly and have high friendship with them.
Favor Doer
Good Neighbor
Hometown Hero Maintaining a perfect town rating.
Individual Rarely socializing with villagers.


  1. The title of this article is conjectural as an official name for this subject is unknown. The name for this article has instead been taken from one that is commonly used within the community.