Garden Center

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Garden Center
Garden Shop.jpg
The Garden Center in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, shown on the right.
NL Garden Center inside.jpg
Inside the Garden Center in New Leaf.
Function Town shop
Services Flowers
Watering cans
Staff Leif
Opening Hours Depends on upgrade (9:00 am-8:00 pm before T.I.Y. opens)
Main appearances
Other appearances

The Garden Center is a shop on Main Street that appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Its proprietor is a sloth named Leif. At the Garden Center, the player can buy flowers, tree saplings, bamboo seeds, and tools related to the tending and maintenance of plants, such as axes, fertilizer, and watering cans.

Unlocking & Upgrading[edit]

In order to build and have access to the Garden Center, the player must have performed at least thirty gardening actions, such as watering flowers, planting saplings, bushes, fruit and flowers, and pulling weeds, and the town must have been around for 5 days. Upon completing these requirements, the shop will begin construction. The initial Garden Center sells two flower seeds, a sapling and a tool.

After Super T&T upgrades into T.I.Y., the general store and the Garden Center will merge into one large building with two separate entrances, similar to a strip mall. At this point, Leif will begin to sell an expanded selection of gardening goods and offer a weed-pulling service to the player. Upon the T.I.Y.'s upgrade to T&T Emporium, the Garden Center's door will be removed, and the center will be incorporated into the first room of the store.


Category Product Price
Flowers Red Cosmos 80 Bells
Yellow Cosmos
White Cosmos
Red Tulips
Yellow Tulips
White Tulips
Red Roses
Yellow Roses
White Roses
Red Pansies
Yellow Pansies
White Pansies
White Violets
Purple Violets
Yellow Violets
Red Lilies
White Lilies
Yellow Lilies
Trees Sapling 60 Bells
Cedar Sapling
Persimmon² 1,000 Bells
Bamboo Shoot² 3,000 Bells
Shrubs White Azalea Start¹ 120 Bells
Pink Azalea¹
Blue Hydrangea¹
Pink Hydrangea¹
Sweet Olive Start¹
Holly Start¹
Tools Watering Can 500 Bells
Axe 400 Bells
Fertilizer² 1,600 Bells
Furniture Plum Bonsai¹ 1,900 Bells
Holly Bonsai¹ 1,600 Bells
Quince Bonsai¹
Azaela Bonsai¹ 1,500 Bells
Hawthorn Bonsai¹ 1,800 Bells
Jasmine Bonsai¹ 1,700 Bells
Maple Bonsai¹
Tall Cactus¹
Round Cactus¹
Tall Mini Cactus¹ 800 Bells
Mini Cactus¹
Round Mini Cactus¹
Pothos¹ 1,300 Bells
Rubber Tree¹
Fan Palm¹
Corn Plant¹
Dracaena¹ 2,000 Bells
Coconut Palm¹ 1,200 Bells
Lady Palm¹
Snake Tree¹
Weeping Fig¹
Ponderosa Bonsai¹ 1,800 Bells
Pine Bonsai¹
Mugho Bonsai¹
Morning Glory¹ 1,600 Bells
Moth Orchid¹ 2,480 Bells

¹ = T.I.Y. and T&T Emporium only.
² = T&T Emporium only.




  • The flower on the door is identical to Olimar's flower in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • During Weeding Day, the Garden Center is closed because Leif hosts the event in the Plaza on that day. However, if a player goes to the garden store before it would usually open, the sign will still say that it will open at the usual time.