Giant Catfish

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Giant Catfish
Giant Catfish PG Field Sprite.png
Real-world info
Name: Pangasianodon gigas
Family: Pangasiidae - Shark catfish
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese おおナマズ
Simplified Chinese Unknown
French silure géant
Spanish siluro gigante
Italian p. gatto gigante
Russian N/A

Korean N/A
Traditional Chinese Unknown
Quebec French silure géant
Latin American Spanish siluro gigante
German Riesenwels
Dutch N/A

The Giant Catfish is a freshwater fish in the Animal Crossing series that appears in Doubutsu no Mori, Animal Crossing, and Doubutsu no Mori e+. It appears in the lake during the summer.

Catch details[edit]

In Animal Crossing[edit]

Giant Catfish
"I caught a giant catfish! (That's because I used a giant mousefish as bait!)"

Time of Year Jun – Aug
Time of Day 4 PM – 9 AM
Location Lake
Shadow Size Very large
Selling Price 99k Bells NH Inv Icon cropped.png 3000 Bells
Feng Shui
Furniture Size 2.0 x 1.0

Donating to the museum[edit]

In Animal Crossing[edit]

"Hoo my! What a large fish! If I remember correctly, these beasties can only be caught in ponds, wot wot! Catfish whiskers don't actually sting, you know. The 'sting' comes from stiff pectoral barbs located below the gills. Simply ecstatic to have this fine fellow. We'll take good care of him. Hoo! I promise you that!"


Real-world information[edit]

The Mekong giant catfish is an Asian fish. It is critically endangered.

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