Spotted Garden Eel

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The Spotted Garden Eel (チンアナゴ, Chin'anago) is a type of sea creature introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. While initially absent from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Spotted Garden Eels were added in the 1.3.0 Free Summer Update in July 2020.

Spotted Garden Eel
Japanese チンアナゴ Korean 가든일 Chinese 花园鳗
French Anguille de jardin Italian Anguilla di giardino Spanish Anguila jardinera
German Röhrenaal Dutch Gevlekte buisaal Russian Unknown
Spotted Garden Eel NL.png
Scientific name Heteroconger hassi
Family Congridae
Main Appearances

As fish:

As sea creature:

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Catch details[edit]

In New Leaf[edit]


"I got a spotted garden eel! Who'll water its garden now?"

Times June – September: All day
Peak Times
Location Sea, Tortimer Island
Shadow Size Small
Shadow Movement Stationary
Sea Creature Size 17 cm
Selling Price   600 Bells
Tank Size  

In New Horizons[edit]


"I got a spotted garden eel! Was it un-spotted before I saw it?"

Time of Year North: May – Oct
South: Nov – Apr
Time of Day 4 AM – 9 PM
Shadow Size Small
Shadow Movement Slow
Total Catches* 0
Selling Price   1100 Bells
Tank Size  

Donating to the Museum[edit]

In New Leaf[edit]

Upon donating a Spotted Garden Eel to the Museum, it can be found in the large pool in the first room of the Sea exhibit, along with many other species of sea creature. It is found in the corner near the big rock close to the enterance of the large saltwater exhibit. The exhibit has this to say about the Eel:

"Spotted garden eels get their name from the black spots on their otherwise white bodies. They nest in the sandy seafloor and poke their heads out to catch the plankton drifting in the current. They're rather shy, as they quickly dart back into their hole at the slightest hint of danger."

In New Horizons[edit]

"The spotted garden eel is a small eel-shaped fish that loves to burrow in the sandy ocean floor. These silly things are known for popping their heads out of the sand to nibble on plankton drifting by. Some say this makes them look like plants sprouting in a garden...hence the name spotted garden eel. But I think they look more like prairie dogs peeking out of desert hidey-holes. "Prairie eels" has a lovely ring to it, don't you think?"


Names in other languages[edit]