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"I caught a popeyed goldfish! Aw, look... He wants spinach..." —Animal Crossing (GCN)
"I caught a popeyed goldfish! I think he is in shock!" —Wild World
"I got a popeyed goldfish! It's bugging out!" —City Folk
"I caught a pop-eyed goldfish! It should have eaten its spinach!" —New Leaf
"I caught a pop-eyed goldfish! It looks so...surprised!" —New Horizons
Pop-Eyed Goldfish
Japanese Unknown Korean Unknown Chinese Unknown
French Unknown Italian Unknown Spanish Pez telescopio
German Unknown Dutch Unknown Russian Unknown
Pop-Eyed Goldfish NH.png
Scientific name Carassius auratus
Family Cyprinidae- Minnows/Carp
Time of year All year
Time of day 9 am to 4 pm
Location River (Doubutsu no Mori to New Leaf)
Pond (New Horizons)
Size 12 cm
Shadow size Tiny
Rarity Rare
Selling price 1,300 Bells
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

The Popeyed Goldfish (デメキン, Demekin) is a rare fish in the Animal Crossing series found in the river in all games prior to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where it is now a pond fish. It sells for 1,300 Bells in Tom Nook's Store or Re-Tail and appears all year from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Its shadow size is tiny. The flavor text from the Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing: New Leaf versions refers to the cartoon Popeye, where spinach is a source of strength.

Donating to the museum[edit]

In Animal Crossing[edit]

As a Popeyed Goldfish is donated, Blathers will say this:

"Those adorable little fins! Those huge, googly eyes! Even I am helpless in the face of their cuteness! We will take special care of this precious fellow. Welcome to your new home, you darling little fishy!"

In Wild World[edit]

When a popeyed goldfish is donated, Blathers will say this:

"You should know, the eyes on the popeyed goldfish can occasionally pop out! There's nothing wrong, of course, and if you let the fish be, they go back in. Even so, the first time I witnessed it, MY eyes nearly popped out, wot wot!"

In City Folk[edit]

When accepting the fish for the Museum, Blathers will say this:

"Popeyed goldfish look like any other ordinary goldfish whilst still juveniles. As they begin to mature, their eyes bulge outward and gradually assume that distinctive appearance. Imagine how appalled you'd be if you brought one home thinking it was a normal goldfish...".

In New Leaf[edit]

An information board in the aquarium will display this description of the Popeyed Goldfish upon donation:

"They're known for their protruding eyes, as the name indicates, but this feature is actually a detriment. Their vision is quite poor, to the point that they will swim past food and frequently bump into things. They are a type of goldfish and get their distinguishing eye pop about two months after birth."

In New Horizons[edit]

When asked about the fish, Blathers will say the following:

"Pop-eyed goldfish have, as the name suggests, huge round eyes. But as babies they look like other goldfish! As they grow, their eyes begin to pop out and they gain their, hoo, distinct apperance... Imagine the poor fish fancier who unknowingly bought one! Their eyes might as well pop out just as far!"

Encyclopedia information[edit]

Wild World[edit]

File:Pop-Eyed Goldfish WW.png ''Though their eyes are big, their vision is poor."
  • Size- 15 cm
  • Habitat- Rivers
  • Season- All year

City Folk[edit]

File:Pop-Eyed Goldfish (City Folk).png ''Though these have big eyes, their vision is quite poor. They use to look like ordinary goldfish, but as they age, they turn darker and their eyes bug out."
  • Size- About 15 cm
  • Habitat- River
  • Season- All year

Further information[edit]


The Carassius auratus shares its scientific name with all types of Goldfish. The Popeyed Goldfish, or Black Moor Goldfish, is a harmless fish that lives in slow-flowing ponds, ditches, rivers, and lakes. It is a specially bred type of carp with large, protruding eyes, which, to some people's surprise, has poor eyesight as a result of its heavy inbreeding. It is related to other types of telescope fish, Carp and is indirectly related to the Koi. It feeds off of small insects, crustaceans, and plants. In China, it is called the dragon-eye. They are good for people who are just starting their freshwater tank.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Pez telescopio Literally, "telescope fish".
French Cyprin doré Goldfish
Italian Black Moor (from Animal Crossing to Animal Crossing: City Folk)
Pesce telescopio (New Leaf onward)
A Black moor is a black variant of the telescope goldfish.

Pesce telescopio has the same meaning as English and is the common name used to describe telescope eyes goldfish.