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Scientific name Unknown
Location Sea
Rarity Unknown
Main Appearances
Other Appearances
Not to be confused with Whale Shark

The Whale is the name given to the unknown fish portraying a large shadow seen in Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+ on a trip to the island. It is approximately 20 times the length of the average Sea Bass shadow and it cannot be caught. However, if the player uses a glitch to walk on water, they can use the fishing rod to try to catch the whale, but once the whale starts to reel in, the game crashes.[1]

A YouTube video uploaded by user Biological Perfection shows what happens when a player forces the whale to spawn within the town's river in Animal Crossing. When caught, the whale displays as an Arapaima, while the text displayed is dialog from Mabel's greeting when entering Able Sisters.

The resulting Arapaima is exactly the same as any naturally-caught fish of the same kind, and so will function just the same as under normal circumstances.

However, attempting to catch the whale with a full inventory will softlock the game. [2]