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All the main page news is to be archived here.



24th January, 2017
Promotion - Congratulations to Drago (TalkContributions) for his successful promotion to Bureaucrat!
2nd January, 2017
Happy New Year + Featured Art - Happy 2017, everybody! To kick off the new year, Nookipedia will start working with the community to feature fanart on our homepage and social media. We'll be showcasing fanart every 2 weeks.



12th November, 2016
Discord - We now have a Discord server! Learn more here, and come join us to chat about Animal Crossing, our wiki, and more.
2nd November, 2016
Nintendo - An update to Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now available from the Nintendo eShop, which adds amiibo compatibility to the game!


20th October, 2016
Nintendo - Nintendo have announced the successor to the Wii U: the Nintendo Switch!
13th October, 2016
Nintendo - Today, Animal Crossing: Wild World is being released for the Wii U Virtual Console in North America!


21st September, 2016
Wiki Event - This weekend (September 23 - 25) is NIWA's first Cross-Wiki Weekend. Starting Friday, contribute to NIWA wikis that you don't normally contribute to for a chance to win a $20 eShop Gift Card!


30th August, 2016
Policy Change - Per staff consensus, editors must now make 200 mainspace edits before they may apply for a staff position. See here for full details.
10th August, 2016
Nintendo - Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be added to the Nintendo Selects roster in North America starting August 26, 2016, with a new $19.99 MSRP.
1st August, 2016
Promotion - Congratulations to ZCJigglypuff, who has been promoted to Patroller!


20th July, 2016
Game Update - Nintendo have announced an update to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which will introduce amiibo compatibility!


12th May, 2016
Promotion - Please welcome the newest member of our staff team, Pachisu123, who is now a Patroller!


27th April, 2016
New Mobile App - Nintendo has announced an upcoming Animal Crossing mobile app!
17th April, 2016
Anniversary - The Animal Crossing series celebrated its 15th anniversary on April 14th! Nintendo released a Japanese video celebrating the event, viewable here.



31th December, 2015
Happy New Year - It's been a great 2015! A huge thanks to our fans, readers, and editors. We saw a year filled with great contributions and friendships, the release of two new games, and plenty of cute amiibo. Have a great New Year's Eve and an even better 2016!


13th November, 2015
New Game - Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival was released in North America today.


30th September, 2015
Promotion - Heidy Isabel (TalkContributions) has been promoted to Patroller. Congratulations!
18th September, 2015
Nintendo News - Nintendo has recently announced their newest President, Tatsumi Kimishima.


9th August, 2015
Promotion - Congratulations to sunmarsh (TalkContributions) for his successful promotion to Administrator!


12th July, 2015
The president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, has recently passed away due to a bile duct growth. Our hearts and condolences for Nintendo and Iwata's friends and relatives.
11th July, 2015
Summer Celebration - We're kicking off a Summer Celebration! Jake has implemented a brand new blue summer theme, and we're hosting a couple giveaways. View our forum post for more information.
4th July, 2015
NIWA News - Please welcome Inkipedia as the newest member of NIWA!


16th June, 2015
New Game - Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival has been announced for the Wii U!
7th June, 2015
Promotion - Congratulations to Mario (TalkContributions) for his successful promotion to Bureaucrat!
1st June, 2015
Staff - Happy June! Leem01 (TalkContributions) and Miku51 (TalkContributions) have been demoted from staff for inactivity. In the meantime, Mario (TalkContributions) has been nominated for Bureaucrat. Check out the application to comment or vote.


1st April, 2015
New Game - Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer‎ has been announced for the 3DS!


18th January, 2015
Promotion - Red Snapper has been promoted from a Patroller to an Administrator - congrats!



21st December, 2014
Nintendo - Come tomorrow, December 22, Animal Crossing Plaza will no longer be available on the Nintendo eShop; additionally, the Animal Crossing Series Miiverse Community will be closed on January 1. See this post on Miiverse for more information.


22nd October, 2014
Anniversary - Today marks Nookipedia's anniversary! Four years ago, we set out to create the best community-run Animal Crossing resource on the web. A shoutout to all our readers and editors who have supported Nookipedia over the years - thank you!


28th August, 2014
Nintendo - Nintendo has announced two new DLC Packs for Mario Kart 8, including an Animal Crossing-themed pack to be released May 2015.
7th August, 2014
Promotion - Please give a warm welcome to Nookipedia's newest patroller, sunmarsh!
4th August, 2014
Upgrade - Nookipedia has been updated to the latest version of MediaWiki! To get a summary of new features and to report any bugs that you might find, head over to our thread on the Bulletin Board.
4th August, 2014
Site Survey - The recent site survey has been closed, and the results are being discussed over on the Bulletin Board.
1st August, 2014
Project - Editors are making progress on our coverage of furniture with the revitalization for Project Furniture - check it out and consider contributing!


30th July, 2014
Site Survey - To our readers and editors, please take a few minutes to participate in our site survey to help improve your Nookipedia experience!


20th June, 2014
Template Update - We're adding some more information to the villager infobox, and we could use your help! Check out this forum topic for details.


16th May, 2014
Social Media - We now have an official Nookipedia subreddit! Sub for wiki news, announcements, and Animal Crossing discussions.


24st April, 2014
Promotion - Welcome to Red Snapper, our newest Patroller!
21st April, 2014
Milestone - Our main page has been visited over 2,000,000 times!


17th January, 2014
New NIWA Member - Please welcome the latest member of NIWA, the Hard Drop Tetris Wiki!



26th December, 2013
Happy Holidays / Promotion - Happy holidays to everyone! Just in time for the festivites, Mario has become our newest Administrator - welcome!


6th October, 2013
Facebook and Twitter Brought Back from the Dead - The Facebook and Twitter pages are back to being active after a month of inactivity. mlnintendo97 has also volunteered to help out with keeping the Facebook page active.


14th August, 2013
Server Update - Nookipedia has been moved to a new server, which means quicker loading, and less downtime. Thanks for your patience! Kudos to our server admin, Jake, for his work.
7th August, 2013
Nintendo - During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo announced that Animal Crossing Plaza is coming to Wii U. This application is like Wara Wara Plaza in a way, except it focuses solely on the Animal Crossing series. You can import your screenshots from Animal Crossing: New Leaf and post them to Miiverse, including QR Codes. You can also post about your favorite animal neighbors, who wander the plaza.
6th August, 2013
Nintendo - 3DS owners can now update their systems to use StreetPass Relay Points, allowing them to get others' StreetPass data without being physically near them.
3rd August, 2013
NIWA News - Good news everyone! WiKirby is back online. Click here to enjoy your favorite Kirby Wiki on the internet!
2nd August, 2013
NIWA News - WiKirby is in trouble and needs your help, so go to SmashWiki for more info.


31st July, 2013
Promotion - It's been a while since we've had a new Bureaucrat - we're pleased to announce that Sky has been promoted to our latest one! Congrats!
23rd July, 2013
Promotion - Two more promotions today: please welcome Imjon to the team as our latest Patroller, and XXSuperXXNintendoXx as our latest Administrator.
17th July, 2013
Promotion - Yet another promotion as Grekox joins our Patroller team - welcome!
14th July, 2013
Promotion - Wookiee123 has been promoted to become our latest Administrator!
12th July, 2013
New User Group - We've created a new user group: Trustees. Trusted users may be placed into this group, and will have their edits auto-patrolled.
Records - Yesterday, we beat our record for the most edits in one day. We have now broken all of our previous records within 2013. Huzzah!
8th July, 2013
Nookipedia's homepage just hit 1,000,000 views, in addition to having reached 400+ likes of our Facebook page! We're pleased to announce that we have started activity again on our Twitter - feel free to follow us for site updates, game news, and more.
4th July, 2013
Stats - Our statistics page has been updated - we're pleased to say that we received over 2,400,000 views during the month of June!


22nd June, 2013
Update - Our homepage got a bit of an upgrade today!
21st June, 2013
Promotion - Please welcome Wookiee123 as our newest Patroller!
10th June, 2013
New Leaf - Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out yesterday in the United States with a rumble! Nookipedia received almost 90,000 views in 24 hours, and received a record number of user registrations.


20th May, 2013
New Page - Our Current Events page has been replaced with a new portal - The Community Fountain. Here you will find the latest happenings and things to do.
14th May, 2013
Sweepstake - Editors, check out our New Leaf Editing Sweepstake for a chance to win an Animal Crossing plush doll!
12th May, 2013
New Page - We now have a new statistics page, highlighting various records and statistics regarding the wiki. More data will be added as time passes, so keep an eye out!
11th May, 2013
Promotion - Dorsal Axe has been promoted to our staff as the latest Patroller. Congrats!
10th May, 2013
We apologize for the recent downtime here at Nookipedia. If you experience anything unusual, please let one of the active members of staff know!


26th April, 2013
Promotion - Pleased to announce mlnintendo97 as our latest administrator! Congratulations! Additionally, several inactive staff members have been retired from the team.



15th December, 2012
Promotion - Please welcome SpideyCanThrash as the newest Patroller on our staff team! Additionally, the Lead Editor position has been retired.
5th December, 2012
Promotion - Please welcome Pakkun as the newest Patroller on our staff team!


29th November, 2012
Milestone - We've hit over 1,400 articles on Nookipedia! A huge thank you to all our contributors.
26th November, 2012
Promotion - mlnintendo97 has been promoted to become Nookipedia's latest Patroller! Congrats!
16th November, 2012
New Staff Application - Editors can now apply for staff positions at our new application page!


22nd October, 2012
Anniversary - Two years ago on this day, we started a project to create the best Animal Crossing resource on the internet. Two years later, we celebrate our second anniversary and thank all of our contributors, visitors, and NIWA for helping us get closer to meeting our goal. We couldn't have come as far as we have without you. Here's to another incredible year!
21st October, 2012
Bulletin Board Back! - The Bulletin Board is back! We apologize for the delay.
6th October, 2012
Downtime - We are aware that The Bulletin Board is down at the moment. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
5th October, 2012
New Feature - A new box containing the latest news and information regarding the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Leaf game has been placed on the front page.


20nd August, 2012

Promotion - XXSuperXXNintendoXx‎ has been promoted to our newest patroller. Congrats!

7th August, 2012

Promotion - Please welcome the latest staff member to our staff team, Zharkaer, who is now a Lead Editor!


22nd June, 2012

AC: Jump Out - During last night's Nintendo Direct, gameplay footage of the new Animal Crossing was shown that reveals a wealth of new information. Check out the article for more information and a video translation!

7th June, 2012

E3 2012 - Whilst we were expecting to see Animal Crossing: Jump Out at this year's E3, it has been absent from the press conference and the 3DS software showcase. What this means in terms of release dates and prices is currently unknown.

5nd June, 2012

E3 2012 - At Nintendo's E3 Conference, it has been revealed that Animal Crossing is one of the series featured in the new Wii U game, NintendoLand.


22nd April, 2012

Animal Crossing: Jump Out - Satoru Iwata has announced the Japanese title of AC:3DS to be Animal Crossing: Jump Out. Check out the article for more information.

6th April, 2012

Search Rankings - Before the rankings change, I'd just like to say that at the moment, our AC3DS page is second in a Google search for 'Animal Crossing 3DS' and first on Google UK. When searching for 'Animal Crossing Wiki', we are fifth in Google US and fourth in Google UK.


23th March, 2012

NIWA News - Another week another member, to co-incise with the release of Uprising, welcome Icaruspedia to the NIWA family.

16th March, 2012

NIWA News - It's that time again, we've got a new member of NIWA. Please welcome F-Zero Wiki to the team. FALCON PUNCH!


10th February, 2012

New Mainpage Layout- Nookipedia is pleased to announce a fresh change to the mainpage. A thanks to SuperAlpaca for developing the new design.

2nd February, 2012

Staff Changes- The Nookipedia staff team had some major changes this week in order to better reflect the activity levels of our staff members. We're happy to announce two major promotions: Sky has become the wiki's latest administrator, and SuperHamster has taken the position of Director, replacing SuperAlpaca as he takes a hiatus.



22nd October, 2011

Anniversary- One year ago today we set out to create the best Animal Crossing wiki on the planet. Today, we celebrate the first anniversary of Nookipedia and are pleased to see how far we have come. What we've accomplished in only one year is incredible, and it wouldn't have been possible without NIWA and all of our users. Thanks for everything, and here's to another great year! --Jake


10th September, 2011

Promotion- Please welcome our newest lead editor, Sky! Sky is an amazing wiki contributor, and we couldn't be happier to have him on the team.


30th August, 2011

Affiliation- We are now affiliated with RedPandaGamer and his 365 Days of Animal Crossing: City Folk series!

22nd August, 2011

Promotion- Please welcome our newest wiki administrator, SuperHamster! SuperHamster has been an active editor for quite a while now, and we're thrilled to have him on the team.


20th July, 2011

Main Page- SuperAlpaca is hard at work on the latest version of our main page. Check it out here and leave any suggestions you have for him here.


7th June, 2011

E3 News- The Wii U was shown, along with a Zelda demo to show of its HD graphics.

7th June, 2011

E3 News- A new trailer for Animal Crossing: New Leaf is shown on the Japanese E3 site, along with the Animal Crossing logo being among other 3DS titles coming out soon.


22nd May, 2011

ZW News- ZeldaWiki has revealed their brand new Vector skin. Be sure to check it out when you have the chance!

21st May, 2011

Notice- The experimental 'NookipediaVector' skin will be removed soon. Users who have this skin will be reverted to the default Vector skin.

5th May, 2011

Honored Members- The Nookipedia staff is pleased to introduce a new program available to all members. If you're interested in getting an ad-free account, you'll want to read this page to find out how to get one!


30th April, 2011

New Feature- You can now share your friend codes with selected users through our new Special:FriendCodes page. Try it out, and post feedback and suggestions on Jake's talk page. Enjoy!

28th April, 2011

New NIWA Member- Starfy Wiki joins as the newest addition to the NIWA family. Don't forget to check them out!

20th April, 2011

New NIWA Member- Nookipedia is proud to welcome Fire Emblem Wiki to the NIWA Network. Please be sure to check them out if you're a fan of the Fire Emblem series!


20th March, 2011

Death- Joshua Paul LeJeune, aka Axiomist, has recently passed away. He was an active member of NIWA, being active on mostly Zelda Wiki and Wikirby and he will truly be missed. Nookipedia would not exist in his current form without him.

11th March, 2011

Statistics- In only five short months after becoming independent, Nookipedia is now well over 17,000 edits and 780,000 page views. We'd like to extend a huge thank you to all of our visitors, contributors, team members, and our friends at NIWA. Now let's head for one million page views next!


1st January, 2011

Promotion- SuperHamster and SnorlaxMonster have been promoted to lead editors and Vulpes is now an admin!



30th December, 2010

Promotion- We have a new patroller, Crazyguy20076!

28th December, 2010

NIWA- Metroid Wiki is back online. Our friend in the NIWA network was down for a while. If you like Metroid, check them out here.

10th December, 2010

NIWA- We welcome a new member to the NIWA family today, NintendoWiki!

1st December, 2010

Milestone- The wiki has reached a major milestone: reaching over 1,300 pages.


27rd November, 2010

Promotion- Everyone, please welcome Vulpes and MikuLover to our team of lead editors!

25th November, 2010

The staff of Nookipedia wishes a happy Thanksgiving to all! Please don't eat Franklin!

24th November, 2010

Facebook- Nookipedia has a Facebook page! If you have a Facebook account, why not like us?

23rd November, 2010

Promotion- Everyone, please congratulate SnorlaxMonster for becoming our wiki's newest patroller!

19th November, 2010

NIWA- We are now a full member of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance!

7th November, 2010

Merge- The merge is just about complete! However, there are still a few tasks that need to be done: create missing categories, templates, and pages that were not copied over.

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